Kelly Schaub

Kelly Schaub – Editor

I invest my experience in editing your book and show you how to write tighter while retaining your voice. It’s still your story—only better!


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I edit fiction novels and short stories in adult, NA, YA, and middle grade categories only.

I do not edit children's picture books, poetry, memoir or other nonfiction.


A former zookeeper turned author and freelance editor, I have published four short stories and two novels (as Kelly McCrady), so I too have felt the sting of an editor's red pen. This helps me empathize with your journey as a writer.

I focus on developmental *fiction* editing as well as stylistic edits needed to bring a writer's vision to the attention of agents and publishers. I have shepherded more than 190 novels and short stories to publication as a freelance editor plus 32 titles as a staff line editor for The Wild Rose Press.

I know what to look for in a sagging middle, where a story goes off the rails before the end, and even how to root out where an author inadvertently deflates the tension. Freelance editing allows me to help writers fix problem areas and strengthen their craft techniques.

Here's what I do for every client, whether we do a critique or an edit:

--Analyze plot, character, setting, and writing technique

--Give positive and constructive feedback

My job is to tighten sentences to eliminate junk words, distancing, passive voice, and wordiness. I'll point out areas where the author must fix the following common errors, and show you how to do it:


--white wall syndrome

--talking heads

--body parts moving on their own


--and so much more!

Many of my authors have sold their work to traditional and small press publishers alongside many pioneering self-publishing authors. Let me help your book become part of my brag list!

We're limited to listing 8 genres of interest, but I welcome and have edited manuscripts in the following genres:


















I am usually booked three months in advance, so plan accordingly!

Action & Adventure Contemporary Romance Dystopian Fantasy Middle Grade Fantasy Paranormal Romance Time Travel Romance Young Adult Fantasy
English (US)

Work experience

The Wild Rose Press

Sep, 2007 — Apr, 2012 (over 4 years)

Editor for both the Faery Rose (paranormal romance) and Yellow Rose (contemporary western) lines. Duties included review of submissions, contracting authors with approval from Senior editor, project management from contract to publication, developmental and copy edits for contracted titles, liaison between author and publisher.


May, 2006 — Present

I provided freelance editing services that range from query and synopsis writing or review to manuscript critiques to line edits and heavy developmental edits. I have worked with English Second Language authors from around the globe as well as hundreds of home-grown aspiring authors with an eye on either traditional publishing or self-publishing. While a large portion of my experience lies in the romance genre, I will happily edit any genre of fiction and reading levels from middle grade to adult.


Developmental Editing
Developmental Editing
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Resuming Eden: A Utopian Romance

Brown, M

Developmental Editing
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A World Divided: Monoflufee Book One

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Concordance of Steel

Chesler, Daniel

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Mira's Voice

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Guarding Sarah

Sterago, David

Editorial Assessment
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Into the Black

Work, Brian

Developmental Editing
Made with Reedsy
Mark of the Vasirian (Blackthorn Saga Book 1)

Denne, Stephanie

Developmental Editing
Made with Reedsy
Dare Me (The Man Wars Book 1)

Wilder, Sue

Editorial Assessment
Developmental Editing
Made with Reedsy
Meeting Aggie (Agatha Youngblood)

., Marmelibee

Developmental Editing
Developmental Editing
Made with Reedsy
Beyond the Memory Veil

Shaw, A.L.

Developmental Editing Query Letter Review
Made with Reedsy
Malik: Her Story

Refai, Hend

Developmental Editing
Developmental Editing
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Kelly has 79 reviews





Paula S.

Paula S.

May, 2024

As we're all aware, navigating the intricacies of manuscript creation, especially for novice writers, can be quite the challenge. Thankfully, Kelly, my developmental editor, played a pivotal role in steering me in the right direction, simplifying my journey and making it all the more enjoyable. Kelly possesses a keen eye for detail and an extensive understanding of storytelling mechanics, offer...
Read more
Tobi N.

Tobi N.

Mar, 2024

Kelly was very professional. As a new writer, Kelly's guidance was helpful insight and was instrumental in helping to get the rough draft of my book complete. I enjoyed working with Kelly.
Herb H.

Herb H.

Mar, 2024

Off to hire Kelly again. What more needs to be said.
Robyn J.

Robyn J.

Mar, 2024

Is it possible to leave 6 or 7 Stars? Kelly exceeds expectations and blows them out of the water. She is professional, patient, and is the best editor I have ever worked with.
Troy S.

Troy S.

Feb, 2024

Kelly Schaub provided me with the insight I needed to improve my writing. Her analysis was accurate, direct, and very thorough. I highly recommend her as an Editor.

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