Kathy Haake

Kathy Haake - Editor

Lincoln, NE, USA

Detail-oriented editor with over twenty years of professional experience in fiction and nonfiction editing.

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I am a Chicago Manual of Style expert and am well versed in APA style. My specialty is fiction copyediting, but I also perform line and content edits and proofreading. In addition to books, I have edited journal articles, reports, marketing materials, and other documents and have extensive experience performing editorial evaluations and quality assurance checks. No rabbit hole is off limits when it comes to ensuring details are accurate!

My experience includes editing over forty books for Turner Publishing and many more independently, a wide range of journal articles (from “Reading Ibāḍī Women’s Legacies through Stone Town’s Built Environment” in Islamic Africa to “Child Protection Policies in Mennonite Church USA Congregations” in Journal of Social Service Research), and annual reports and articles for the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.


I have truly never seen a more thorough, professional, and meticulous edit of a manuscript as with your fantastic work on Long Live the Queen. How you managed to independently fact-check every nugget of information in the book—in a few weeks’ time!—is beyond my comprehension. . . . The care and dedication you showed to the material made me feel that you, like me, wanted the best for this project.

—Bryan Kozlowski, Long Live the Queen: 23 Rules for Living from Britain’s Longest-Reigning Monarch

I’d like to start by thanking my amazing editor Kathy. She’s so thorough, she corrected me on how to spell places in my high school hometown.
—Sarah J. Carlson, Everything’s Not Fine

Thanks to . . . Kathy for her thoughtful and thorough editorial insights.

—Amy Tector, The Foulest Things

I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to my editor, Kathy, who had to wade through Gaelic, Navajo, and Irish folklore in addition to my terrible grammar.

—Kathleen Kaufman, Sinder

Katherine, I am awed by your editing prowess. I never knew how much I didn't know about commas.

—Rachel Gladstone, The Weekend Wedding Assistant

English (US)
Coming of Age
Contemporary Fiction
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Mystery & Crime
Thriller & Suspense
Young Adult
Self-Help & Self-Improvement


  • Bachelor of Arts with Distinction, Majoring in English Literature with Minors in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Nebraska
  • Postgrad Book Publishing Institute Certification from New York University

Work experience

Freelance Book Editor

Turner Publishing
May, 2014 – Present (almost 9 years)

• Edit manuscripts to ensure that each book is up to professional standards and in line with the prescribed style
• Review content for errors in logic, grammar, punctuation, and spelling
• Suggest revisions to improve clarity and accuracy

Freelance Editor

September, 2001 – Present (over 21 years)

• Edit and proofread manuscripts
• Conduct editorial evaluations, assessing the editorial quality, marketing potential, and service level of manuscripts
• Perform quality assurance checks on edited manuscripts
• Edit and proof journal articles, reports, marketing materials, thesis and dissertation work, blog posts, and other documents to ensure consistency and accuracy
• Verify and enforce style and formatting consistency using a wide variety of style guides

Proofing and Editing Specialist

September, 1998 – September, 2001 (about 3 years)

• Edited written communications, analytical reports, and presentations intended for internal and external audiences
• Proofread satisfaction research reports to ensure accuracy, consistency, and professional presentation

Small Moving Parts

Jackson, D.B.

That Bright Land

Roberts, Terry

The Hive

Young, Melissa Scholes

No Hiding in Boise

Hooper, Kim


Baguchinsky, Jill

Deadbomb Bingo Ray

Johnson, Jeff

Cities of Men: A Novel

Jensen, William

Everything's Not Fine

Carlson, Sarah

Cherry Blossoms

Hooper, Kim


Hooper, Kim

The Art of Dumpster Diving

Moses, Jennifer Anne

Scripted Unscripted

Miranda, Kristina

Separation of Faith

Laser, Cheri

Root Cause

Laine, Steven

One Stupid Thing

Lewis, Stewart

The Lairdbalor

Kaufman, Kathleen


Rey, Rainer

The Find

Rey, Rainer

The Night Will Find Us

Lyons, Matthew

Glass Bottle Season

Michael, Fletcher

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