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Kate Davis Jones – Ghostwriter

collaborative writer turning great ideas into better manuscripts!


What's stopping you from telling your story?

The time investment? The effort? Have you tried and given up? Is the thought of even starting overwhelming you?

That's where I come in. I'm Kate. I’m a collaborative writer (sometimes called a ghostwriter 👻), and I want to help make your dream a reality.

I work with one-on-one authors at all stages of the writing process. When we work together, you're not hiring a writer. You're starting a partnership.

✨ fiction

I collaborate on commercial and genre fiction, for independent authors as well as those seeking traditional publication.

Sometimes, your book is just step one. If you have an idea that you dream of becoming a TV show or feature film, you need to own the intellectual property to pitch it. We can take your project from "idea" to "proof of concept."

✨ memoir

A memoir is more than a record of your life. It's a deep dive into the wisdom your unique life experience has given you. I collaborate with authors to identify the narrative thread running through their life.

Interviews are the heart of a memoir collaboration! Over a series of deep and wide-ranging conversations, we'll structure your life story into a captivating narrative that reads like a novel. Then, I'll capture your authentic voice on-page.

✨ prescriptive nonfiction

I work with authors who are experts in their fields. A nonfiction book will be an extension of your brand, rooted in your professional expertise. It's a way to elevate your business, reach new audiences, and share your professional insights.

But it's not just your expertise. To connect with audiences, you have to show a little vulnerability, too. Together, we'll fold your personal experiences and voice into the book.

How does it work? It's different every time! Message me and we'll build a collaboration that works for you. Some ways I work with authors:

💡 story development

If you have a manuscript or idea that isn't quite working, we can develop a brand-new outline together. The new outline will act as a roadmap for you to do your own revision or rewrite, for a project fee of $3,800.

💡 collaborative manuscript writing, aka ghostwriting

Have an idea you love? You don't need a single word on the page to begin. I'll work with you to outline, write, and then revise your draft.

Complete commercial fiction manuscripts are $25,000. From the blank page, the full process takes about 4-6 months.

Complete nonfiction (prescriptive or memoir) manuscripts are $40,000, and take around 6-12 months.

Book proposals are $10,000, and the project fee counts as a deposit toward the full manuscript.

💡 book doctoring

Does your project need something between story development and a full draft? Get in touch! Fees vary depending on the scope of work.

Get in touch to learn more, see my portfolio, and book a no-obligations call.

Can't wait to see what we'll create!

Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Finance & Accounting LGBTQ Non-Fiction
Contemporary Fiction Contemporary Romance LGBTQ Fiction New Adult
English (US)

Work experience


Mar, 2015 — Present

Collaborative writer, ghost, and my clients' secret weapon. 👻 I've collaborated on 30 books since 2019. Prior to 2019, I was an independent journalist and essayist.

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Scott R.

Scott R.

Apr, 2024

I loved working with Kate - very helpful
Chase D.

Chase D.

Mar, 2024

What an absolute delight it was to work with Kate. It was such a fun creative/collaborative process and I never would've been able to get that much of my story developed and put together. Thank you so much for helping me get closer to making my dream come true. I will be working with her again on future projects.
Ink S.

Ink S.

Mar, 2024

Kate helped me create an outline for my novel. And I loved working with her! She was super helpful, super patient, and super fun to work with! I love the final product so much. 10/10 would hire again.
Paul G.

Paul G.

Dec, 2023

I thoroughly enjoying collaborating with Kate on this project. She listened to my (random) thoughts and also brainstormed ideas and got to know my writing style, then incorporated this into her work. I found this process very beneficial and would recommend her to anyone. I also look forward to working more with Kate as I take her feedback and finished outline to the next steps. Thank you!
Daniel R.

Daniel R.

Nov, 2023

Kate was incredible from start to finish. She cares about your project and really puts forth solid work and a great attitude. I highly recommend anyone to work with her. You won’t be disappointed.

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