Julia Turner

Julia Turner – Editor

Line and copy editor, with content capabilities. I have the most experience in nonfiction, but my favorite edits are middle grade and YA.


I have eleven years' professional experience line and copy editing historical and academic nonfiction. I also have freelance experience with fiction and content editing. As a bookseller, I skew toward middle grade and young adult buying, and so I am familiar with those genres as well.

Please note my rates range from $40 to $70 depending on the work requested and the level of editing required.

Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Health & Wellbeing History
Historical Fiction Middle Grade Young Adult
English (US)
  • Denver Publishing Institute certificate

Work experience


Mar, 2017 — Present

Copy edit manuscripts from a variety of publishers, primarily university presses (Indiana University Press, University Press of Kentucky), with some trade nonfiction work as well (Hachette, St. Martin's).

Newgen KnowledgeWorks

Jan, 2016 — Dec, 2021 (almost 6 years)

Managed the production process of 16 titles per year for Oxford University Press, including hiring freelancers, coordinating author and freelancer schedule, and generally overseeing the book to press

The History Press

Jan, 2013 — Feb, 2017 (about 4 years)

Managed the production process of two titles per week, including copy editing, author review, and corrections.


A captivating family history that illustrates how small actions can have an outsized political impact.Small acts of courage matter. Sometimes, they change the world. Our history books are filled with the stories of those who fought for democracy and freedom—fo... read more
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The kindergarten--as institution, as educational philosophy, and as social reform movement--is one of Germany's most important contributions to the world. Swiss pedagogue Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi and his German student Friedrich Fröbel, who founded the kinde... read more
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Vermonters love all things local, so it is no surprise that the Green Mountain State has had a thriving craft beer scene for more than twenty years. Early Vermont brewers, though, faced many obstacles in bringing their beer to the thirsty masses, including a s... read more
In Civil War Columbia, South Carolina, no women were more gossiped about than Amelia Feaster and her teenage daughter, Marie Boozer. The Philadelphia-born Feaster, a widow three times before her thirty-first birthday, aided the Union war effort from her home, ... read more
With a dash of humor and a sprinkling of recipes, culinarian Marc Hinton chronicles the bounty of the Pacific Northwest from the mastodon meals of the earliest inhabitants to the gastronomic revolution of today. In this lively narrative, learn how Oregon's and... read more
Throughout the 1800s, explorers braved brutal weather and hostile enemies, trekking through the towering mountains and fertile valleys on the ragged edge of civilization. These early pioneers built stockades, trading posts, military camps and miniature citadel... read more
Every vine has a story, and nearly four hundred years ago, New Mexico's wine journey began when the first Mission grapes were planted in 1629. Taste this rich legacy, the oldest in the United States, in Donna Blake Birchell's account of the turmoil and triumph... read more
In 1871, Henry Probasco donated the Tyler Davidson Fountain to the people of the city of Cincinnati in honor of his brother-in-law. Probasco wanted to leave a practical and artistic gift to the city and its residents that had made both men fabulously wealthy. ... read more

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kenneth R.

kenneth R.

Sep, 2023

I am amazed and extremely impressed with Julia's proofreading services. She was thorough, on point and her feedback was very helpful and insightful. She actually exceeded my expectations. Just wished I had the pleasure of her services earlier. I would certainly use this editor again without any hesitation. If you're looking for a seasoned, highly professional editor, Julia has my highest rec...
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Kimberly R.

Kimberly R.

Nov, 2021

The best editor I've ever worked with.

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