Jonathan Woolgar

Jonathan Woolgar – Editor

I am an exceptional editor with several years' experience in publishing. I have a sharp eye for detail and broad general knowledge.


I take great pride in ensuring a text is exactly as it should be. I am highly sensitive to considerations of audience, register, purpose, concision and accuracy (with regards to grammar, information and style), and I am meticulous in identifying and resolving issues with these things. My excellent general knowledge and endless curiosity come in useful when researching and fact-checking.

I am really good at not only finding and correcting errors but also suggesting improvements or smoother rephrasings of (otherwise grammatically sound) sentences and paragraphs. I do this in a sensitive way and always with good humour. I am always keen and careful to offer such improvements as ideas, not decrees; it's your book and how it's written is ultimately up to you.
Education & Reference
English (UK)

Work experience


Sep, 2021 — Dec, 2022 (about 1 year)

John Catt Educational

Nov, 2017 — Sep, 2021 (almost 4 years)