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Award-winning Children's Book Author and Speaker


I work as a freelance writer for publishers, to create children's books they want -- often as part of a series of non-fiction books for children. I've also created fictional picture books for organizations that help promote a particular topic -- such as several books I published with the American Bar Association to help promote legal literacy, or books to help children in Korea learn English as a second language.

I've published easy readers, picture books and middle grade, but my sweet spot is picture books. I'm proud to have won a Christopher Award for THE HOUSE ON DIRTY-THIRD STREET and a Crystal Kite for ROSA'S BUS: THE RIDE TO CIVIL RIGHTS. In addition to over 30 books, I've also published numerous items in magazines and newspapers. Nature, science, art and social justice are particular areas of interest.

Through Reedsy, I have created picture books for people in Africa, Dubai, Canada and the USA. What a joy to meet people around the world and learn more about other cultures! I created a coloring book, called My Mother is a Plumbing Super Hero, for the IAPMO (The International Association of Plumbers and Mechanical Officials).
What fun!

Children’s Non-Fiction
Picture Books
English (US)
  • Christopher Award, Crystal Kite
  • Social Justice Literacy Award from IRA

Work experience

Scholastic, Peachtree Pubishers, Boyds Mills Press, Tuntun (Korea), LATT Junior (Korea) and others

Mar, 1996 — Present

In addition to publishing my own original stories and nonfiction ideas, I have worked as a freelance author on numerous books for Scholastic and also two Korean publishers (creating picture books used to teach English as a second language). Another project paired me with the American Bar Association publishers with several picture books whose stories introduced concepts of legal literacy.


Like all buses in Montgomery, Alabama in the 1950’s, Bus #2857 was segregated: white passengers sat in the front and black passengers sat in the back—until Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white passenger. Her arrest sparked the Montgomery Bus Boyco... read more
A mother and daughter turn a hopeless old house into a loving family home with faith, hard work, and the support of their community.When a girl and her mother are forced to start over, they find themselves feeling isolated and defeated. Longing for their forme... read more
A young girl contemplates the many things she can be when she grows up, including a truck driver or President.
Describes the composition, formation, appearance, and uses of certain minerals, including some gemstones
South Dakota is perhaps most famous for the towering sculptures on Mount Rushmore, but there is also a lot more to discover about this remarkable state. Readers will see it all for themselves as they explore South Dakotas fascinating history, meet its pe
Located in the heart of the South, Alabama is a land of diverse and beautiful natural scenery. Readers will explore the state as they find out what life is like in Alabama today. They will learn about the states government, find out which plants and animals li... read more
Rookie Readers have provided entertaining, high-quality introductions to reading for more than a generation. Each title features full-color, often hilarious illustrations and engaging stories that always involve a young child figuring out concepts or solving p... read more
In this Greek myth, a goddess curses Heracles and causes him to commit a terrible crime. To make up for it, he must complete twelve dangerous and nearly impossible tasks. But if anyone can succeed, it is the mighty Heracles.
Whales, mice, platypuses, and humans all have something in common: we’re all mammals. This book is full of important facts about different types of mammals, including what their babies are like, where they live, and how they protect themselves.
Even when a beach looks empty, it is always full of life. Find out how the ghost crab got its name, where you should look for sea stars, and much more.
Do you think that all scorpions are monsters? Learn what scorpions are, what they eat, the differences between types, and more in this exciting reader.
Cats are one of the world’s most popular pets, and the many wild species of cats are beautiful and fascinating. Learn about lions, cheetahs, lynxes, and more.
It’s easy to move fast when you have seven hundred legs! This book provides a great introduction to the life cycle and behavior of centipedes and millipedes, small insect-like creatures that can be found all over the world.
This book describes people’s relationship with the sea. It describes everything from the sea’s resources to ocean safety. Other topics include scuba diving, fishing, and sea exploration. What kinds of surprises does the sea hold?

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Yolanda K.

Yolanda K.

Apr, 2024

Jo edited my manuscripts and she did not disappoint! She corrected my errors and gave me suggestions. She worked in a timely manner. I would definitely work with her again.
Jany C.

Jany C.

Feb, 2024

Jo is an excellent writing professional. I highly recommend her to get your manuscript into submission-ready shape.
yann B.

yann B.

Jul, 2023

Very professional and responsive. a pleasure to work with
yann B.

yann B.

May, 2023

Jo was great to work with. Very helpful and inspiring
Jo K.
Thank you Yann, it was my pleasure to work with you!
S W.

S W.

Feb, 2022

Jo was amazing to work with. She was very supportive in the entire process and really brought my ideas to life! She introduced concepts I wouldn't have thought of and gave feedback that was quite beneficial to my project. I am happy to have worked with her and will be doing so again in the future. Thank you Jo!
Jo K.
Thank you Sita! It was a pleasure to work with you! Keep me posted on your progress!

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