Jenn Haskin

Jenn Haskin – Editor

Honest and caring editor. Passionate about helping authors succeed, with eight years in the professional literary world.


Jennifer knows a good book when she sees one. Being an agent taught her to find books with great stories and how to spot one within the first three chapters. She knows how to break up info dumps and fill plot holes. Don’t know if you have these issues? Ask for a developmental edit.

Jennifer was first traditionally published by a small publisher and knows how that works as an author but as Associate Editor at a small publishing house, she understands both sides of the business.

Whether you need editing services or help with perfecting your query submission materials, Jenn’s your go-to. If you are reaching for the Top 5, she can critique your submission materials, and give advice on the best ways to query. There is an art to writing a good query, and synopsis, and you definitely want your sample writing to shine! Send your materials to Jennifer and she will edit and advise.

It’s a big step and you don’t want just anyone “messing with” your book baby. Especially when you get what you pay for. Professionally, she has edited 80+ novels in a variety of genres, but she specializes in YA fantasy (and/or sci-fi) romance, as it is her favorite genre to both read and write.

"Jenn was a dream to work with! Her comments are incisive and helpful. I never felt like she was tearing down; she was always building up. Highly recommend Jenn with your baby!"

~Nancy Nau Sullivan (Author of The Boys of Alpha Block)

"Jenn is very thorough, observant, personable, communicative/responsive, and overall great to work with. She cares about the author and your work — she wants your book to do as well as you do. She works hard, well, and quickly."

~Rachel Passer (Author of The King of Minear’s Son)


Proofreading— $0. 019/per word -- looking deep for typos, formatting issues, spelling errors

Copy or Line editing– $0.025/per word --grammatical mistakes, language mechanics, punctuation, awkward phrasing, technical language, comments on quality and voice

Editorial assessment– $0.022/per page --a look over the “story” as a whole, plot consistency, audience appropriateness, high-quality and engaging content, smooth transitions, readability/flow

Developmental– $0.03/per word -- feedback on writing and storytelling, comments on plot elements/holes, eliminating infodumps, voice, character descriptions, setting, use of imagery

Query submission critique— $150/per submission of query/synopsis/ sample writing. --I will look at your query as an agent who is receiving it from the slush pile. I will show you where/how to grip the agent with your summary, how to write/format your synopsis, and I will give deep feedback on your sample writing.

One-on-one consultation– $100 for one half-hour Zoom conference re: writing, editing, publishing, or marketing

Coming of Age Contemporary Romance Historical Fiction Historical Romance Mystery & Crime Poetry Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction
English (US)
  • Honorable mention 2022 New York Book Festival--scifi
  • Honorable mention 2022 Hollywood Book Festival--scifi
  • Winner 2022 Southern California Book Festival--Young Adult
  • First place Runner Up 2022 Paris Book Festival--Young Adult
  • Frist place Runner Up 2022 New England Book Festival--Scifi

Work experience

TouchPoint Press

Sep, 2019 — May, 2024 (over 4 years)

I have edited various genres for this publisher as a developmental, copy or line editor, and proofreader. My clients feel that I am very helpful with developmental editing. I love helping to tighten up a story and find spots that have been looked over. I can gently polish your book baby with a light but thorough hand.


Sep, 2019 — Present

I edit from the perspective of a literary agent looking for a submission to choose, as a publishing house editor who wants to polish your book before publication, and finally, as a published author who has learned what people are buying.


Misery Rock

Keeter, Reagan

Dead Already

Krentz, Mike

Angels Falling

Krentz, Mike

Sapphire Stars: Poems

Babirad, Christie Leigh

Scarlet Secrets: Poems

Babirad, Christie Leigh

Paraíso Lost

Polo, Jack

Charlotte's Story

Korsmeyer, Carolyn

The Last Season

Judson, Jenny

Copper Divide: a novel

Kirschner, Beth

The Earth Remains: a novel

Burchfield, Shelley

As the Winds Change

Babirad, Christie Leigh

Once in a Lifetime

Mattaboni, Suzanne

Getting to Grace

Barber, Lee

The Boys of Alpha Block

Nau Sullivan, Nancy

Daytime Drama

Bruck, Sarahlyn

First Course

Bouchard, Jenn

Lighthouse on Tortola

Rogers, Dale S.

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Rahelys G.

Rahelys G.

Nov, 2023

I had a very positive experience working with Jenn.
Jenn H.
Thank you, Ellie, for letting me work with you and your story. Good luck with your publishing journey! I enjoyed your poignant stories of the hospice patients at the nursing home from the nurses' p...
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Savannah W.

Savannah W.

Sep, 2023

As a first-time user of Reedsy and a new writer, Jenn has helped me so much. In the future when I have more poetry books that need editing, I would love to use her again. She was thoughtful and genuinely cared about my work.
Jenn H.
Thanks, Savannah! I really enjoyed your work and felt your poetry was relatable and emotional. ~jenn
Teniola S.

Teniola S.

Sep, 2023

Look no further for an editor! The time and attention put into my work was so thoughtful and completely exceeded my expectations, I am forever grateful and will definitely be following up with Jenn again!
Jenn H.
Thank you, Teniola. I enjoyed working with you and getting to know a bit about you through your work! Any time you need me, let me know. I'm happy to help. And I am so thrilled that you were please...
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Satwan J.

Satwan J.

May, 2023

I interviewed at least 10 editors before finding Jenn and she was amazing . Not only did she help me produce a great product, but she was always available to answer questions and was willing to walk me through the publishing process since I was a new author. She was truly invested in my success as an author and was well worth the money. She is extremely knowledgeable and her suggestions were ex...
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Jenn H.
Thank you, Satwan! I enjoyed meeting you. You have a great book that will go very far with the right marketing. And I love that most of your proceeds are going to help victims of trafficking. You a...
Read more
Kayla R.

Kayla R.

May, 2023

I was thoroughly impressed with Jen's feedback and comments provided on my book chapter, I was delighted with her attention to detail and insightful suggestions! Her editing style and engaging banter within the comments truly resonated with me, and I appreciated the time and effort she invested in helping me bring my vision to life. Her descriptive feedback has provided me with invaluable infor...
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Jenn H.
Thanks, Kayla! Any time you need me, feel free to make a request, or just drop me a note if you have questions! I enjoyed working with you!

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