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Jenn Haskin - Editor

Olathe, KS, USA

Passionate about helping authors succeed. Full-range editing services available, testimonials on website. On the lookout for new reviewers.

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Jennifer Haskin has a passion to help other authors with their writing journey, as well as achieving their publishing goals. She spent a few years learning the ropes of the publishing world as a literary agent, and then a publishing consultant, helping authors ready their submission materials to get the best shot at the contract of their dreams. An author herself, she works on marketing her YA fantasy romance trilogy and writing a new series, all while helping authors perfect their books as Associate Editor for Touchpoint Press. She blogs her own journey weekly with writing, editing, publishing and marketing advice. Books are pretty much her thing. She runs a weekly writers' workshop, and is honored to be a new judge for the annual writing contest Ink & Insights in 2020. Come find her on social media and say hi @haskinauthor.
English (US)
Action & Adventure
Coming of Age
Epic Fantasy
Magical Realism
Romantic Suspense
Space Opera
Young Adult Fantasy

Work experience

Associate Editor

TouchPoint Press
September, 2019 – Present (almost 3 years)

When editing, I find it hard not to give each author the full package, whether they choose it or not. No matter which package you choose (below), I will provide my full attention to detail. I look at spelling, grammar, and punctuation of course, but I will also tell you things I might change and comment on issues regarding plausibility and plot holes, voice, flow, pacing, story elements, and anything that comes to mind when reading your work.

I edit from the perspective of an agent looking for a submission to choose, as a publishing house editor who wants to polish your book before publication, and finally, as a published author who has learned what people are buying.

Proofreading = looking deep for typos, formatting issues, spelling errors–basically a comprehensive polishing before you query or self-publish

Copy or Line editing = grammatical mistakes, language mechanics, punctuation, awkward phrasing, technical language, comments on quality and voice–kind of a third or fourth draft edit

Content editing or MS Revision = a look over the “story” as a whole, plot consistency, considers audience appropriateness, makes sure content is high-quality and engaging, and looks at overall effectiveness of writing, check for inaccuracies, looks for smooth transitions, readability/flow, advice on how to strengthen your story—kind of a second draft edit

Developmental editing = feedback on writing and storytelling craft, comments on plot elements/holes, eliminating infodumps, story essentials, storytelling voice and voice overall, character descriptions, setting, and the trajectory of your plot. I will ask bigger questions about character changes, weaving the theme, use of imagery, how to form the first chapter to attract agents—kind of a beginner’s edit, or first draft edit

Query consultation = I will look at your query as an agent who is receiving it from the slush pile. I will show you where/how to grip the agent with your summary, how to write/format your synopsis, and I will give deep feedback on your sample writing.

Senior Editor

September, 2019 – Present (almost 3 years)

The Earth Remains: a novel

Burchfield, Shelley

Lighthouse on Tortola

Rogers, Dale S.

Copper Divide: a novel

Kirschner, Beth

White River Red: A Novel

Marietta, Becky

Angels Falling

Krentz, Mike

First Course

Bouchard, Jenn

Dead Already

Krentz, Mike

The Last Season

Judson, Jenny, Mahfood, Danielle

Daytime Drama

Bruck, Sarahlyn

Once in a Lifetime

Mattaboni, Suzanne

Wolf Catcher

Montgomery, Anne

Charlotte's Story

Korsmeyer, Carolyn

The Angle of the Angels

Howe, David Lee

The Castle: A novel

Montgomery, Anne

My Name is Layla

Marder Gentin, Reyna

The Yuletide Caper

Salter, J.L.

The Ageless Gem

Gillberg, Raeann

Grudge Tiger

Fournie Helms, Judith

Scarlet Secrets: Poems

Babirad, Christie Leigh

The Boys of Alpha Block

Nau Sullivan, Nancy

Misery Rock

Keeter, Reagan

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