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Jeff Scott – Publicist

30+ years book publicity experience. Non-fiction specialist. PPC Campaign of Year Shortlist (x2). Indy & Major publishing clients


I have been a Publicist for 30+ years, working successfully, curiously and creatively with publishers, books & authors of all stripes and flavours. I am a non-fiction specialist and my long-time clients include many independents but also major international publishers Simon & Schuster, Cambridge University Press, Portfolio Penguin and Bloomsbury.

I enjoy campaigning for new, self-published & less established authors as well as successfully breaking into highly competitive areas, as the projects section below demonstrates. Over the years I have gathered a strong base of reliable media contacts and this has helped me to build a significant track record of success with US originated titles in the UK market (to go along with a proven track record of success with UK originated titles in UK market). Of particular note for a book publicity freelancer, my campaigns have been twice short-listed for Publishers Publicity Circle (Non-Fiction: Paperback Original) Campaign of the Year as well as one of my quarterly campaigns once being "commended".

I am also a national award short-listed (self-published) author so I completely understand what authors need and what they will feel throughout the process of publication, not only the need for media recognition or effective coverage and publicity.

Most of all, I have had a lifelong love of books and reading.

**2017 stop press update** campaign for self-published client saw his book be Guardian Best Book of the Year & an extract from his book the most read books article online for the Irish Times
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Work experience


Apr, 2002 — Present

I help authors and publishers of all stripes on a freelance basis. Current and previous clients include Anthem Press, BBC Active, Blackwell, Bloomsbury, Cambridge University Press, Capstone, Clairview Books, Continuum, Coptic Publishing, DisInformation Company, Duncan Baird Publishers, Gibson Square, Imprint Academic, Infinite Ideas, Kogan Page, Miles Kelly, Myrdle Court Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Pearson Education, Policy Press, Portfolio Penguin, Prentice Hall Life, Profile Books, Routledge, Solis Press, Wiley, Work Place Law, as well as my first client, Simon & Schuster


Why You? campaign overview

Why You? 101 Interview Questions You’ll Never Fear Again
James Reed
Portfolio Penguin (published January 5 2015)
Shortlisted for Publishers Publicity Circle Non-Fiction (Paperback Original) Campaign of the Year 2016

My breakout pitches used fact, quotes and humour to halo the ideas and content of the book. This started a media conversation. Why You? became the fastest selling new interview book of all time (in UK)! The publisher has sold translation rights into 10 countries using the publicity coverage gained.

Joel Rickett, Publisher at Viking and Portfolio at Penguin Random House comments on my campaign: “The competitive nature of the ‘job interview’ books space and the fact that it has dominated by a couple of long time bestsellers makes the task of any new entrant difficult. As if that weren’t hard enough, in addition Jeff had been tasked by the author James Reed with making his book #1 in three different Amazon categories. Using the traditional jobs application rush to our advantage (having done careful targeted outreach in the two months prior to publication), Jeff came up with a variety of different/creative pitches to secure a broad range of print, broadcast, online and social media coverage (both nationally; regionally). He also worked extremely well with the author and Portfolio Penguin. Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 was the stand out breakout interview he secured – this turbo charged the book on to number 16 in ALL book sales [two places behind - for example - Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn]. Another broadcast media booking Jeff secured boosted interest yet again with another live interview this time on BBC Radio 2 with Simon Mayo. The wide circulation of a Press Association review was also significant regionally. The book has performed beyond expectations – it spent a lot of time in the Top 50; Top 100 on Amazon, total sales are high five figures; climbing, foreign rights sales have been robust and Amazon customer reviews stand over 100+. It is now considered by the ‘go to’ job interview book. Jeff has shown how creative thoughtful publicity can drive sales and; attention, and can successfully launch a market entrant into an established business publishing space.”

Sunday Times (18th January) – extract
Interviews in:
Economia (12th January) – interview

Reviews in:
Press Association (14th January) – syndicated review
The Sun (23rd January) - review

Articles written by the author:
Daily Mail (15th January) – advice article (not online)
City A.M. (29th January) – advice article
City A.M. (18th February) – Office Politics article
Cosmopolitan (June)
Management Today (September) – My Top Three Reads column

Sunday Brunch, Channel 4 (11th January) – interview
BBC Radio 2, Simon Mayo Drivetime (23rd January) – live interview
CNBC – interview (26th January) – live interview

Working Mums (31st December) – review
BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex (5th January) – interview
Yorkshire Post (1st January) – interview
Sunday Post – interview (11th January)
Sunday Post (25th January) - review
Sunday Guardian India (31st January) – review

Daily Express (2nd January) – tips article
Daily Star (4th January) – job interview blunders
Daily Express (4th January) – job interview disasters
Daily Star (4th January) – tips article
Bookbag (5th January) – review
Scotcampus (6th January) – competition
GoThinkBig (13th January) – interview
Tyson Report (7th February) - podcast

NOT formally part of my remit! However:
Irish Times (7th January) – interview

RTE (24th January) – interview

Jeff has 3 reviews





Bretton P.

Bretton P.

Jun, 2019

Let's just say my expectations were not met and leave it at that.
Jeff S.
Though I both fulfilled and worked well beyond the detailed brief Bretton suggested - that we thoroughly discussed/negotiated before we agreed terms - so we could work collaboratively to try to ge...
Read more
Claudia P.

Claudia P.

Jul, 2018

Having Jeff on my side was a big plus, as he works a lot, fast and in a professional and organized way. But, what was most relevant, is that he obtained some important results I didn't expect. So, if I had another similar task. he would be my first choice.
Chit D.

Chit D.

Apr, 2018

I worked with Jeff for my first self-published book and it was a great experience. He knows book industry very well, has good contacts and good in communication. He replied promptly to all my questions. In the 4 weeks campaign, I was interviewed by BBC London for Asian Network and by Spain based English Radio Network. Also, a UK based book review company interviewed and reviewed my work.

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