Brendan Fredericks

Brendan Fredericks – Publicist

book head. drinker. wrangler & mangler of words. wannabe poet. freelance book publicist. author manager.


Author care, dogged championing & campaigning, solid publicity advice, & top shelf media campaigns
– specialising in touring & festivals – for writers & their books.

I've championed authors and books to media, festival directors, booksellers, and readers, since I landed a job as a book publicist in 2006. I've been all about author care ever since.

I knew I wanted a life with books when the love of reading hit me in my year 7 English class. After studying English literature and Creative Writing at The University of Sydney, I got a job with Angus & Robertson as a bookseller so I could be surrounded by books. I was soon promoted to Events Manager at Angus & Robertson’s flagship store on Pitt St Mall. It was during this time of running events and those legendary long-lined lunchtime book signings, from Steve Waugh to Warrick Capper to Jane Fonda, that I got to know a lot of the book publicists from the major publishers. When a role was advertised for publicist with the Orion division at Hachette Australia, I applied. It was the role I was made for. Publicity gave me the chance to work closely with books and authors and the platform to champion them in my own voice, in my own way.

During my 8-year career as in-house book publicist - 5 years with Hachette as publicist and 3 years with Bloomsbury Australia as Publicity Manager - I worked across the lists, specialising in literary fiction, genre fiction (sci-fi and fantasy), poetry and a broad range of non-fiction titles (music, rock journalism, history, science, politics, art, fashion, philosophy).

My former in-house authors include, Elizabeth Gilbert, Germaine Greer, Robyn Davidson, Richard Ford, A.C. Grayling, Margaret Atwood, Khaled Hosseini, Tim Cope, Paul West, Jeff Lindsay, Charlaine Harris, Mick Wall and Favel Parrett.

During my time at Bloomsbury, I toured marquee authors around Australia to all the major writers festivals, and overseas: Sydney Writers Festival; Sydney Opera House All About Women Festival and Festival of Dangerous Ideas; Melbourne Writers Festival; The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne; Brisbane Writers Festival; Brisbane Powerhouse; Perth Writers Festival; Adelaide Writers Week; Byron Bay Writers Festival; Newcastle Writers Festival; Jaipur Literature Festival 2014, India; Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2014; and Wellington Writers Festival 2013.

Born and raised in Sydney’s Balmain, I still live in, and work out of, Sydney.
Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Music Political Science & Current Affairs
Dystopian Fantasy LGBTQ Fiction Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Science Fiction Short Story
  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature Major (Media & Communications, Philosophy, History, Performance Studies)
  • Honours, Post 1500 English Literature
  • Master of Arts, Creative Writing

Work experience


Oct, 2015 — Present

My clients include:
Sydney Opera House
A Rock and Roll Writers Festival
The Planting Festival
Griffith Review
The Chaser
Inkerman and Blunt
Echo Publishing
Harper Collins
University of Queensland Press
Wild Dingo Press
Margaret River Press

Steve Bisley
Nick Earls
Brentley Frazer
Charles Firth
Cassie Lane
Lee Zachariah

Bloomsbury Publishing Australia

Apr, 2012 — May, 2015 (about 3 years)

Bloomsbury Publishing Australia
Publicity Manager, April 2012 – May 2015

Managed and developed creative and successful publicity campaigns for key titles, securing national media and high profile appearances for marquee, bestselling authors. Acclaimed, bestselling campaigns include:

Australian authors: Tim Cope, On the Trail of Genghis Khan; Germaine Greer, White Beech; Robyn Davidson, Tracks (paperback reissue & film tie-in); Paul West, The River Cottage Australia Cookbook.

International authors: Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All Things; Richard Ford, Canada, Let Me Be Frank With You; Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed; William Dalrymple, Return of a King; Margaret Atwood, MaddAddam, Stone Mattress; A.C. Grayling, The Good Book, The God Argument; Rayya Elias, Harley Loco; Samantha Shannon, The Bone Season, The Mime Order; Jesmyn Ward, Men We Reaped; Simon Singh, The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets; Esther Freud, Mr Mac & Me; Joanna Rakoff, My Salinger Year; Laurie Penny, Unspeakable Things; Porochista Khakpour, The Last Illusion; Mitchell S. Jackson, The Residue Years.

Chef authors: Heston Blumenthal, Heston at Home, Historic Heston; Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Three Good Things, The River Cottage Fish Book, River Cottage Fruit Every Day, River Cottage Light & Easy; Fergus Henderson, The Complete Nose to Tail; Paul Hollywood, How to Bake, Paul Hollywood’s Bread; David Chang, Momofuku; Christina Tosi, Momofuku Milk Bar; Alex Mackay, Everybody Everyday.

High profile national & international tours: Elizabeth Gilbert; Richard Ford; Tim Cope; Robyn Davidson; Germaine Greer; A.C. Grayling; William Dalrymple; Stella Rimington; Carlos Acosta; Anchee Min; Christina Tosi; Samantha Shannon; and Paul West.

Hachette Australia

Oct, 2006 — Apr, 2012 (over 5 years)

Hachette Australia
Orion Publicist, 2006 – 2011
Hodder Headline Publicist, 2011 - 2012

Devised successful publicity campaigns, securing national media and high profile appearances for marquee, bestselling authors:

Orion: Jeff Lindsay, Darkly Dreaming Dexter (TV tie-in), Dearly Devoted Dexter, Dexter in the Dark, Dexter by Design; Favel Parett, Past the Shallows; Arwa el Masri, Tea with Arwa; Fiona O’Loughlin, Me of the Never Never; Mick Wall, When Giants Walked the Earth & Enter Night; Keith Richards, Life.
Hodder: Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson.
Gollancz: Charlaine Harris, Dead Until Dark (TV tie-in), Sookie Stackhouse & Harper Connelly series; Richard Morgan, Black Man, The Steel Remains; Patrick Rothfuss, In the Name of the Wind; Alistair Reynolds, The Prefect, House of Suns, Terminal World; Joe Abercrombie, The Blade Itself series, Best Served Cold, The Heroes; Kristin Cashore, Graceling; Joe Hill, Heart-Shaped Box, Horns.

Angus & Robertson Bookstore

Jan, 2001 — Aug, 2016 (over 15 years)

Angus & Robertson
Events Manager, Imperial Arcade, Pitt St Mall, 2003 - 2006
Store Manager, Town Hall Arcade, 2001 – 2002


Wisdom Tree Novella Project


Ultra-shy INXS front man, Jim Morrison poseur wannabe, chameleon, promiscuous sex god?Who was Michael Hutchence?To mark the twentieth anniversary of his death, music journalist and Rolling Stone Australia’s founding publisher Toby Creswell casts aside the hype... read more
Award-winning writer, Robert Hillman, has collaborated with one of Australia’s best-known youth outreach workers and social campaigners, to bring his story to the public in that wonderful storytelling style that Robert and Les share.Raised in Braybrook in Melb... read more
An extraordinarily powerful and evocative literary novel set in Iran in the period immediately after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Using the lyrical magic realism style of classical Persian storytelling, Azar draws the reader deep into the heart of a family ... read more
A thousand steps from the farm to the blue-black highway. A journey away from a paddock of sticks.In the sequel to his highly acclaimed first memoir Stillways, Steve Bisley lands smack dab in the middle of Sydney. It’s 1967. High-waisted bell-bottom pants, pai... read more
What do you cook for the people you love? Asked this question, 100 of Britain’s food heroes have shared their most beloved recipes to make this extraordinary cookbook. Nigella Lawson divulges how to bake her Chocolate Guinness Cake and Rick Stein fries up Shri... read more
A Chinese Affair

Isabelle Li

Sixteen exquisite stories exploring recent Chinese migration to Australia and elsewhere, exploring intergenerational and interracial relationships, the search for meaning, and the effects of isolation and the inability to express oneself in a second language.B... read more
ing five decades and as many continents, Hippy Days, Arabian Nights is a funny, moving and compelling story of a woman whose extraordinary life will never be summarised by the words ‘could have’, ‘might have’, or ‘should have’. Whether it’s following her dream... read more
'Double Dissolution is a searingly honest, wonderfully funny gonzo cocktail of reportage, analysis and introspection' - Dominic KnightAs the Coalition came to power in 2013, Lee Zachariah married the love of his life. Less than three years later, it had all go... read more
This book is more than just a diet plan or a cookbook – written by the Fat Professor, the Whole-food Dietitian & the Michelin-trained Chef – it’s a new way of eating that will change your life. For good. Low carb healthy fat eating has never been so easy. Welc... read more
Tom Sawyer on acid, a 21st-century On the Road, a Holden Caulfield for punks ... an extraordinary memoir of a wild adolescence, told in a compelling, poetic voice. In Scoundrel Days Brentley Frazer tells the story of his youth; wild, disillusioned, impassioned... read more
Griffith Review 55

Julianne Schultz

Hope is at the heart of South Australia. More than any other state it has shaped its own destiny with large doses of vision and optimism. It has been less frightened of ‘the vision thing’ and demonstrated willingness to challenge prevailing sentiments, experim... read more
You have an idea, you think it might have potential — perhaps people will even spend their hard-earned cash on it ... if you could just get started. In Ready to Soar, much-loved Australian entrepreneur Naomi Simson will show you how to develop your brilliant i... read more
Homemade remedies for everyday ailmentsHealth and wellness is a booming sector in Australia. We eat clean and we detox our pantries. But what about our medicine cabinets and the lotions and potions we use on our skin? Shouldn’t we take as much care with those ... read more
The smart approach to outwitting body issues and achieving sustainable health.Come off the dieting hamster wheel and take a psychologically savvy approach to body image, nutrition, weight loss and wellness* Have you started numerous diet and exercise programs,... read more

Nick Earls

NoHo, is about living in the shadows of the famous. Meet Charlie and his would-be-star sister, Cassie, in Hollywood, discover the Wisdom Tree and family #5. NoHo reveals the devotion of mothers, and sons who overcome monsters. "The standout finale." —The West ... read more

Nick Earls

Wisdom Tree - Five Novellas by best selling author Nick EarlsJuneau: an acutely observed moment in which we see the universe. Set in what was once a Canadian gold-­rush town, it’s about lineage, sons and fathers and great uncles, and how we’re connected throug... read more

Nick Earls

Vancouver is the story Paul would tell if he were living in plague times—a story that comforts, a story that wards of evil. His story is about the giant that influenced his life, it’s about the day the world changed, and it’s about what happens when our giants... read more

Nick Earls

"This floored me. The format is a game changer and the linked novellas combine to create the best book I’ve read in 12 years, since David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. Five complex and distinct stories set in New York, Brisbane, Vancouver, Alaska and L.A. that someh... read more

Nick Earls

Inkerman & Blunt will release one novella at a time, on the first of every month from May to September 2016. The novella is back disturbing the literary waters and Australia is leading the surge and Inkerman & Blunt is stirring the waves with these five pocket... read more

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