James Osborne

James Osborne – Editor

Publisher-in-chief of Broken River Books, and freelance editor of crime, mystery, and horror fiction.


I have worked on over three hundred projects in the past seven years, including over fifty novels released on my small press, Broken River Books. I have also worked with Eraserhead Press, Swallowdown Press, Ladybox Books, King Shot Press, and Rivages Noir.

My goal with my editing is to bring out the best version of your book, and to help aspiring writers on their way to becoming professional, full-time authors. I love this job!

Horror Mystery & Crime Science Fiction
English (US)
  • Wonderland Award for Best Novel 2010
  • Bachelor's Degree (University of Oklahoma)

Work experience


Jan, 2011 — Present

At my small press, I performed all the duties of a functioning publishing house, including copyediting, line editing, developmental meetings with authors, interior layout design, promotion, and growth.


Horror movie starlet Clarissa Lee is beautiful, internationally known, and...completely broke. To cap off years of questionable financial and personal decisions, Clarissa accepts an invitation to participate in a “fully immersive” fan convention. She arrives a... read more
Cloud isn’t just a place to work. It’s a place to live. And when you’re here, you’ll never want to leave. Paxton never thought he’d be working for Cloud, the giant tech company that’s eaten much of the American economy. Much less that he’d be moving into one o... read more
Coyote Songs

Gabino Iglesias

In this mosaic horror/crime novel, ghosts and old gods guide the hands of those caught up in a violent struggle to save the soul of the American southwest. A man tasked with shuttling children over the border believes the Virgin Mary is guiding him towards fin... read more

Brian Allen Carr

A lyrical, apocalyptic debut novel about addiction, friendship, and the struggle for survival at the height of an epidemic.The sickness with a single child and quickly spread: you could get high by drinking your own shadow. Artificial lights were destroyed so ... read more

William Boyle

Ray Boy Calabrese is released from prison 16 years after his actions led to the death of a young man. The victim's brother, Conway D'Innocenzio, is a 29-year-old Brooklynite wasting away at a local Rite Aid, stuck in the past and still howling for Ray Boy's bl... read more
*WINNER OF A 2018 EDGAR AWARD FOR BEST DEBUT NOVEL**WINNER OF AN ALEX AWARD FROM THE ALA* NAMED A BEST BOOK OF 2017 BY St. Louis Post-Dispatch • BooklistA propulsive, gritty novel about a girl marked for death who must fight and steal to stay alive, learning f... read more
Eight stories about broken men making bad decisions. "William Boyle does for the small damaged towns of New York what Nelson Algren did for Chicago: he makes the streets sing with piss-pot poetry and gut-bucket blues. These are edgy stories about people who wo... read more
From the author of Engines of Ruin, comes a dark suspenseful novel for fans of Black Mirror, Edward Lee and cosmic horror.The internet is a scary place. Beneath Facebook and Twitter is another world. One in which anything can be obtained—for a price. A communi... read more
Entropy in Bloom: Stories

Jeremy Robert Johnson

Book Riot Contemporary Horror Top 50 * Barnes & Noble Best of Horror 2017 * MCL Best of 2017 * Undead Airlock Best of 2017 * Dead End Follies Top 10Named one of the most anticipated books of 2017 by LitReactor and Big Other and one of the Science Fiction & Fan... read more
Jungle Horses

Scott Adlerberg

Arthur lives a quiet life in London, wandering from the bar to the racetrack and back again. When his pension check dries up, Arthur decides to win it all back with one last big bet at the bookie. When that falls through, Arthur borrows money and repeats the p... read more
The Blind Alley

Jake Hinkson

“Jake Hinkson is the Roger Ebert of film noir. His stylish prose bristles with memorable insights and the kind of fun only a true movie lover can bring to the table.” —Ed Gorman, co-founder of Mystery Scene and winner of the Anthony Award for Best Critical Wor... read more

Troy James Weaver

A hypnotic descent from childhood to adulthood. A boy sees angels, finds love, loses it, and becomes heartbreakingly aware of the world around him. Using a dreamy prose that calls to mind the films of Harmony Korine, Weaver crafts a deft and disturbing portrai... read more
Long Lost Dog of It

Michael Kazepis

June 5th, 2011. The streets of Athens are draped in a thick fog of tension. Hundreds of thousands of activists line the streets to protest the bankrupt government's austerity measures. Riot police patrol the crowd and set up barricades across key intersections... read more
Black Gum

J David Osborne

After his life spirals out of control, a young man navigates a world of juggalos, transients, and petty criminals with Shane, an enigmatic small-time drug dealer with a penchant for body modification.
The Last Projector

David James Keaton

In this hysterical fever dream of a novel, meet an unhinged paramedic turned porn director uprooted from an ever-shifting '80s fantasy. Discover a crime that circles back through time to a far-reaching cover-up in the back of an ambulance. Reveal a manic tatto... read more
When he's not holding down a dead-end job or lurking in his mother's basement, Tony Anastos spends his time shooting ultra-low-budget horror flicks. After meeting his sexy fame-hungry coworker Anna, he sees an opportunity to launch his career into cult stardom... read more
Standard Loneliness Package

Michael J Seidlinger

A BOOK MADE TO HAUNT ME"Michael J Seidlinger's collection of epistolary poems, Standard Loneliness Package, is a beast! Or rather, a bestiary. Each poem's composed to someone lost to the poet, and as this book accrues, we discover all that the direct address i... read more
Deep below the island, something monstrous lies waiting for Thettie, and it knows her name. "Family and small town desires and secrets simmer in J. S. Breukelaar's melancholy and affecting mix of literary, noir, and horror by the lake. ALETHEIA is a compelling... read more

Rios de la Luz

In her debut novella, Rios de la Luz examines the lives of a small family of water witches living near the US-Mexico border. Exploring issues of race and trauma along with beauty and magic, Itzá is a powerful reclamation of body and identity.
The Snake Handler

Cody Goodfellow

Let he who is without sin… COME GET SOME. All his life, Reverend Clyde Hilburn has fought to protect his downtrodden flock in the tiny town of Palestine, West Virginia from the evils of the modern world. To that end, he has held a monopoly on not only their so... read more
Blood and Water

J David Osborne

After discovering a body in a local fishing hole, two brothers come to terms with their own poverty as they're inescapably drawn into a surreal world of dangerous criminals.Set against a rural Oklahoma backdrop, Blood and Water is a story of family responsibil... read more
Four Days

Iain Ryan

Brisbane, 1984: Jim Harris is a hard-drinking Australian detective on his way to a nervous breakdown. Every day, he works alongside corrupt policeman and dangerous crooks. That is, until a brutal murder case starts to unravel his career, bringing past indiscre... read more
Kind Nepenthe

Matthew V. Brockmeyer

Rebecca thought she’d find a hippie paradise when she moved to the desolate back hills of Humboldt County. A place to commune with nature and teach her five-year-old daughter how to live off the land. Instead she discovered a nightmare. Coyote is a washed-up p... read more
In these four novellas, Nate Southard blurs the line between crime fiction and cosmic horror to create a unique and frightening style that is all his own. "He Stepped Through" – On an overcast day in Compton, a swath of violence hints at a greater, more ancien... read more
Graveyard Love

Scott Adlerberg

Thirty-five-year-old Kurt Morgan lives with his mother across the street from a graveyard. He becomes obsessed with a red-haired woman who visits the graveyard often, watching her through the telescope in his room, wondering whose grave she visits like clockwo... read more
Jack Waters

Scott Adlerberg

The year is 1904, and Jack Waters has been expelled from his native New Orleans for the murder of a man he caught cheating at cards. Waters escapes to the Caribbean, where he becomes embroiled in a revolution against a brutal dictator...though his reason for f... read more
Human Trees

Matthew Revert

ROOTED IN PLACE YOU SEE EVERYTHING AND NOTHING Following news of a mysterious condition threatening to take their parents' lives, two brothers are thrust into one another's reluctant company. Within the disquieting absurdity of Kubler Hospital, time loses mean... read more

Kelby Losack

I have this dream where I’m floating in outer space, sniffing stardust off the rings of Saturn, and Helene—one of Saturn’s sixty-something moons—hangs over my head, its surface cracking in a horizontal line and splitting open like a mouth with sharp rocks for ... read more
Zero Saints

Gabino Iglesias

Repo Shark

Cody Goodfellow


Jedidiah Ayres

Assault, armed robbery, and the occasional blackmail: life is pretty damn good for Terry Hickerson. He's got a dog, a best friend, enough cash to get him drunk, and a teenaged son to carry him home. Sure he's a constant pain in the local law's ass, but Sheriff... read more

James has 78 reviews







May, 2024

This was my umpteenth time using James as an editor. Great as always!
Eugene W.

Eugene W.

Sep, 2023

James was a pleasure to work with. He really helped fine tune my second novel working out some kinks I had in story flow and plot holes as well as catching numerous typos. He spent nearly 45 minutes on the phone with me as well setting things in motion for the eventual book three. Glad to have found James on this site.
Jason F.

Jason F.

Aug, 2023

It was a great experience working with James. He went over and above providing not only a critique of the work but also brainstorming ideas and throwing in some information about the book business. Definitely helped me develop a path forward.
Ari L.

Ari L.

Jul, 2023

I'm very glad to have hired James as copyeditor for my new book, The Stunted Man. He was thorough and engaged, efficient and professional. Best of all, he was encouraging. James and I went deep into the meaning of my story, and he went above and beyond the standard copyedit. Insightful and experienced, James is a five-star editor, with a lot of passion and clarity. Thanks, James!
Harley D.

Harley D.

Jul, 2023

I was very pleased to work with James, he kept in contact with me and when he delivered the final edited version of Inheritance, I was very happy with it. The way he explained the edits, helped because I have ADHD and it's difficult to understand things at times. I would definitely work with James again if I had another piece of writing like Inheritance. The fact he came from the area, the bo...
Read more

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