James Brittain

James Brittain – Editor

Copyeditor and proofreader specialising in literature, history, politics and ELT. I also ghostwrite non-fiction.


I can offer expert guidance on works of literary criticism, 20th century history and politics, and language learning, but have years of experience working on projects across the social sciences. My recent portfolio includes Dr Joe Whelan's insightful monograph 'Welfare, Deservingness, and the Logic of Poverty: Who Deserves?' and Professor Maria Luisa Ardizzone's meticulous study 'The Young Dante: Archetypes of His Early Intellectual Biography.'

While working through your manuscript, I'll not only eliminate all grammatical and syntactical errors, but will also ensure consistency of style, tone, and formatting. As a copyeditor I'm also conscious of when to show restraint; I promise to maintain the integrity and uniqueness of your own authorial voice throughout the editorial process. The final result is a print-ready text of sophisticated, eloquent, and precise prose.

I'm also currently ghostwriting a book in the medical humanities. If you have an idea for a work of non-fiction and would like assistance with the research, writing, and publication of the text then I'd love to hear from you!


"We have had the pleasure of working with James for a number of projects and his attitude, work ethic, and standard of editing have been above reproach. Our authors report him as being friendly, punctual, and always willing to go the extra mile. We look forward to many more years of successful partnership." (Rebecca Gladders, Cambridge Scholars Publishing)

"James' work was excellent. I would certainly recommend his services to anyone looking for a copyeditor and I will undoubtedly be back to myself at some point." (Dr Joe Whelan, Trinity College Dublin)

Art ELT History Nature Philosophy Political Science & Current Affairs
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Feb, 2020 — Present

Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Apr, 2018 — Feb, 2020 (almost 2 years)


This book, by the eminent poetry critic Neil Corcoran, examines the ways in which the work of significant modern Irish, British and American poets interacts with or ‘negotiates’ different contexts – historical, social, political, artistic and aesthetic. In Par... read more
India in a Changing World

Govind Bhattacharjee

During the past few years, India has passed through a tumultuous period, characterised by events, ideas and reforms which are truly transforming the socio-economic landscape of the country. It is an era of great upheaval in the country—socially, economically a... read more
This book is the first definitive publication on Tunde Kelani, and represents a mine of divergent scholarly approaches to understanding his authorial power. A collection of articles on the cinematic oeuvre of one of the important and finest filmmakers in Afric... read more
Who deserves to get what and what should they have to do in order to get it? These are questions that societies have grappled with since antiquity, and they continue to echo today. This book explores questions of social deservingness by tracking how it has bee... read more
This volume provides an account of the surprising ‘in-breaking’ of spiritual life that persists in our culture, despite the best efforts of atheist spokespersons and secular theorists. Spirituality in its varying forms is irrepressible, resisting our attempts ... read more
Multilingualism, including bilingualism, has become internationally important today because of the increasing interdependence between countries, regions and continents, and because of increasing concern with preserving linguistic and cultural diversity. This b... read more
Given the economic, social and historical changes of recent years, education today needs a re-thinking of its methodologies and goals. This book presents an innovative approach to language and culture teaching and learning in a context of full-immersion: EUFIC... read more
This book brings together current perspectives and up-to-date research on vocabulary teaching and the learning of a foreign or second language. It will serve as a basis for academic studies and can be used as a supplementary source for vocabulary courses in En... read more
In the last decade, the Chinese media have imposed themselves in the global arena and have started to become a reference point, in business and cultural terms, for other national media systems. This book explores how the global media landscape was changed by t... read more

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