Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor – Designer

LGBTQIA+ illustrator and comic artist based in San Diego, CA creating impactful and images that tell a story.


Jack grew up in the rural unincorporated east county of San Diego, CA and, after graduating college, moved back to enjoy the serene wilderness of hiking trails and nature preserves. Jack currently works as a full time freelance illustrator.

A former English Major, editor, and copywriter before he was an illustrator, Jack has an eye for story and themes and can easily translate the content of a book to perfectly illustrate your favorite scene and evoke the mood of your work. His style includes crisp line art, vibrant colors, and a strong sense of character and story.

Jack is interested in exploring narratives within his illustrative work- telling a story with an image, or illuminating a history. A queer trans artist, he is especially interested in exploring narratives that discuss loss and impermanence, masculinity, queerness, wonder at the natural world as well as history and our connection to it. When he's not doing freelance illustration work, he can be found working on his comic, playing the piano very badly, and taking long hikes.

Art History LGBTQ Non-Fiction
Comics & Graphic Novels Fantasy LGBTQ Fiction Poetry Science Fiction

Work experience


Jan, 2018 — Present

I have worked for a variety of clients worldwide on commissioned illustrations, book covers, and comics.

Grossmont College

Jun, 2017 — Dec, 2017 (6 months)

Prep work and aid to art and photography teachers and students

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