Manuel Figueiredo

Manuel Figueiredo – Designer

Artist and Illustrator. I aim for a unique art style and I am fascinated with details. Easy-going, but dedicated fully to the end result.


I'm an illustrator from Lisbon, currently based in Cologne (DE). I've completed a degree in Fine Arts (Sculpture), but have also taken many classes in drawing and illustration. My focus has been on the anatomy of the human body and enclosed landscapes. I've taken classes in anatomy and live drawing for this reason.

Recently, I've been trying to expand this into a cartoon(ish) dimension, as it helps me create more varied paintings with a hint of naivety that I like to see in illustration work.

My professional work has been entirely freelance-based, and I take pleasure in working with clients across the world. A recent example of this is the web series "cheeky bites" which I do in collaboration with comedic writer Nicholas Maffe (Los Angeles). Short-sized, food-based webcomics of which you'll find examples on this page. Other clients have included school books, musical imagery, video game art, etc.

In my work, I try to keep a relaxed attitude with those I work with, as I like to involve myself in the projects if there's room for it. Illustration is part of my job, but I have other aptitudes too. For example, I also write, play music, and have worked on small video game projects. That is to say that I like to see projects in their entirety so that the illustrations become a natural part of the whole concept.

I try to be dynamic and my technical skills should allow me to adapt to diverse styles of work. So, whatever your idea, feel free to discuss it with me directly.
Comics & Graphic Novels Fantasy Science Fiction
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

Work experience


Aug, 2017 — Present

I work with clients worldwide with commissioned illustrations. Feel free to contact me with requests.

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Chase J.

Chase J.

Oct, 2023

Manuel is very fun to work with, very talented, has creative suggestions, and doesn't waste any time.
Suzette B.

Suzette B.

Aug, 2023

I hired Manuel to illustrate an entire book, a back-and-forth process that took several months. He was a pleasure to work with. Not only was he friendly, professional, and creative, he took direction from me and contributed many great ideas of his own. In the end, he over-delivered on the illustrations. I am beyond excited about my book. I hired an illustrator and gained a friend. I look forwar...
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luke N.

luke N.

Apr, 2022

Manuel was personable from the get-go with a video conference that allowed us to collaborate on the same page before the work even started. As he sketched his ideas out, he would send them over and ask if the illustration was going in the right direction, and after some discussion would go all-in to each piece at a pace quicker than I expected. I was happily surprised with each illustration he ...
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Gurbinder S.

Gurbinder S.

Nov, 2021

I engaged Manuel to create a series of drawings to get across the message in my book. He read each chapter, understood my message and created illustrations that surpassed my wildest imagination! He not only illustrated my message; he brought it to life. The way that Manuel works and you will see this is his greatest skill; he is very strong in creating illustrations his way. You have to let his...
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Marick P.

Marick P.

Jun, 2021

Manuel is an incredibly talented and thoughtful artist, and a wonderful collaborator! He was extremely professional, considerate, and patient throughout the entire process. More than that, he fully invested in my project, taking the time to learn about the story and its characters, and refining every detail until the illustration was perfect. I highly recommend Manuel, and can't wait to collabo...
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