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Jack B Rochester – Ghostwriter

I'm a professional business book editor and ghostwriter. With two books completed this year, I have an opening for a new project.


I've worked in publishing my entire career as an editor and publisher at three publishing houses, as an author or co-author of 16 business and technology trade books and college textbooks, and as a ghostwriter. I’ve guided 110 books by business professionals and college professors into print.

I work only on business books. Over my 48 years in publishing, I've developed a tiered-process methodology for developing books which has proved not only successful but appreciated by my author-clients. Although discretion doesn't permit mention for whom I've written, my author-clients have uniformly expressed satisfaction with my work. Among my ghostwriting consulting and writing clientele and projects:

· A California banking executive

· A former CIA operative, now head of a security consultancy

· A Toronto real estate developer

· An energy industry consultant

· Several technology, management and strategy experts and consultants

· A change management psychologist

· Several Harvard Business School professors

· A Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business professor

· A Babson College Olin School of Business professor

· A University of Southern California technology professor

· The president of a world leader in furniture

· The president of a world leader in toys

· A British consultant in creativity and innovation

· Several finance and investing consultants

· A business biography for a Boston University executive

· A West Coast interpersonal and nonverbal communication expert

· A Skiing Hall of Fame extreme skier

· The CTO of innovation at a software company, and

o Many business-book literary agents and editors and

o Publishers including Simon & Schuster, William Morrow, Crown, McGraw-Hill, John Wiley and Wadsworth.

My first ghostwriting project was for a business consultant from Southern California. The book was published in 1987 and remained in print for over ten years. Another of my ghosted books reached #1 in its Amazon category and over 12,000 copies in print. I wrote the proposal and sample chapters for a strategy, change and corporate culture book for two authors’ literary agent. The book was published by Plume/New American Library, sold over 100,000 copies in its first edition, and has remained in print for 22 years.

What people have said about me and my work:

Co-author: “I’ve known Jack for over forty years. We’ve written two books together and the experience on both was salutary, both personally and professionally. He bailed me out time and time again. I wouldn’t hesitate to write another book with him. I have also seen his other work, both under his byline and as ghost writer. Or should I say ghost rider? He's that good at what he does.” ¾ John Gantz, co-author and senior vice president, research, International Data Corporation

Book Media Professional: “I can highly recommend Jack as a top ghostwriter and editor. Besides having world class writing skills, he also is an excellent communicator and collaborator - an ideal teammate in developing a book project.” ¾ David Hahn, Senior Partner, Finn Partners

Author-client Business Consultant: "Jack B. guided me step-by-step through the writing process and provided me with invaluable advice, constructive consultation and hours of editing. [This is] a book I am very proud of. Jack is not only a business colleague but someone whom I now call a friend.”

Author-client Business Consultant: “I am eternally grateful to Jack, my teacher, spiritual guide, taskmaster, editor, and good friend, who helped me every step of the way from a nebulous concept to a finished manuscript. Jack, it would never have happened without your persistence, discipline, and enthusiasm.” (This client rehired me to write a second book.)

Author-client Business Professional: “I am indebted to Jack B. for his significant contribution. Without him, this book would not have been written.”

Senior Editor, New York Publishing Company: “ Jack is one of the best ghostwriters I've had the pleasure to work with. He works closely with authors and editors to fully understand their goals as well as the topic itself, transforming manuscripts at any stage into polished, finished products. I highly recommend him.”

Director of Research for a Business Consultancy: “Jack [and his Business Book Ghostwriters team] are seasoned veterans when it comes to ghostwriting business books. In fact, Jack pioneered and refined the best practices that are today acknowledged as essential by authors and editors who are outstanding in this field.”

Author-client Business Professional: “I will certainly be in touch should I decide on another book.”

Author-client Business Professional: “Thank you so much.

I am very pleased with your editing."

I step in when you need someone to do the yeoman’s work of bringing your book from idea to published work. I've worked with over a hundred business professionals and academic authors. I pride myself on my ability to get inside an author’s head and write their book in their own voice. I help my author-clients create content to flesh out their ideas and perform deep developmental editing to assure their form of expression is suited to the target readers.

As an author myself, I've written over 500 magazine and journal articles and research reports and over a dozen business and technology nonfiction books, including the national bestseller The Naked Computer William Morrow, hardcover; Arlington Books, London; Dumont/Taschenbucher, (German translation), and a #1 Book of the Month Club selection:

· “A wry compendium of computer trivia” review in The New York Times, 2/19/84], and

· “Authors expose tantalizing tidbits of computer lore,” in USA Today, 9/27/83.

And also Pirates of the Digital Millennium (Financial Times, 2004) (https://www.amazon.com/Pirates-Digital-Millennium-Intellectual-Property/dp/0137000642); translated into Mandarin and Simplified Chinese):

· “Twenty years after their best-selling collaboration, The Naked Computer, Gantz and Rochester reunite to take the reader through a journey toward a greater understanding of digital piracy, and its impact. . .. For anyone who wishes to gain an introductory understanding of digital piracy, Pirates of the Digital Millennium proves to be an excellent resource.” – Rachel S. Leeds, Suffolk University Law School, The Journal of High Technology Law and

· “A Pirate’s Life,” a review in Pages magazine, March-April, 2005, by Eric Sherman.

In addition to my books, I've written for or been featured in the Boston Globe, BusinessWeek, Computerworld, Fortune, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, OMNI, Pages, USA Today, U.S. News and World Report, and others. I wrote white papers and research reports for IDC (International Data Corporation) for over 12 years.

I earned my master’s degree in English from California State University at Sonoma. I was raised in South Dakota and Wyoming, spent many years in California, and today live with my wife in Lexington, Massachusetts. In my free time, I bicycle and write fiction. No moss grows beneath my feet!

Business & Management
English (US)

Work experience


Apr, 1983 — Present

Services include writing, ghostwriting, education and book publishing.


Computers for People

Jack B. Rochester

This core concepts book covers hardware, information systems and office automation with a strong social orientation.
A guide to communication for managers includes discussions of business letters, reports, memos, public speaking, and telecommunication systems
The book is written with a real world orientation. It describes, applies and relates chapter concepts to what is happening in the world beyond the classroom.
The foundation of the All-Terrain Skiing Guide is built on three concepts: The Four Golden Rules of Change- Skiers need to adapt to change in- Terrain, Speed, Conditions, Situations. The five All-Terrain Elements: Balance, Fluidity, Upper Body, Agility, Power.... read more

Jack B. Rochester

The year is 1969. After an interminable four years under the boot of the US military, twenty-four-year-old Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers is ready for his real life to begin. His plans are straightforward: spend as much time as he can with his girlfriend, Jane, f... read more
Jack B. Rochester has worked in publishing his entire career as an editor, publisher and writer. He's written 11 works of nonfiction, including the national bestseller The Naked Computer, hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, and short stories and poetr... read more
Explaining what PCs are and how they work, this text is aimed at students who are contemplating working with computers in their career.
Over 650 Vietnam War novels have been published, mostly dark tales from the war zone. In Wild Blue Yonder, Airman Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers goes not to Vietnam but Germany, straight into a military Catch-22. His assignment: writing stories for the Stars and ... read more
Digital piracy. It's a global war -- and it's just begun. Pirates of the Digital Millennium chronicles that war. All of it: media conglomerates vs. teenagers, tech companies vs. content providers, artists battling artists, nations vs. nations, law enforcement ... read more
Hardcover; Fine; Dust Jacket - Like New; Fine - appears unread, clean bright, tight. Dust jacket unclipped, tiny bump on top spine an dnow under mylar., 1st edn, includes promotional material.

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