Hayley Moore

Hayley Moore – Designer

Children's Book Illustrator specializing in bold colors, cute fashion, and world-building as diverse as the one we live in!


Hi folks! I'm Hayley and I've been a full time picture book illustrator + character designer since 2018. Nice to meet you :)

I love illustrating character driven stories that are full of heart the most. I'm drawn to stories that showcase a wide variety of kids in the protagonist role, and I strive to show kids how beautiful our differences can be. My strength also lies in taking my client all the way from manuscript to printed book. So whether you're self-publishing or working with an agency, my experience with things like font choice, barcodes and print exports can set me apart from other illustrators! I love collaborating with passionate people, so if that's you then let's chat!

Testimonial by Rousan J. Davidson -
(Author of "GoGo RoRo Finds Her Gifts")

"Hayley and I started working together in December 2018 through June 2019 when I published my first book, 'GoGo RoRo Finds Her gifts'. Hayley made such a lasting impression with me that resulted in securing continual work on future projects. What really impressed me about her work as a freelancer is not only that her style is very colorful and modern but that she is always keeping in mind what it is you envision as the client; with regular check-ins, updates, and to-do lists for the following week. She takes the time to ensure your stamp of approval before moving onto larger tasks. Hayley has a very affordable hourly rate that both worked with my timeline and budget. I highly recommend Hayley as both an illustrator and animator as she illustrated my first book and created the promo video that drove my sales through the roof. Thank you Hayley for making my vision come to life! "

Testimonial by Peace Amadi -
(Co-Author of "Chichi and Didi Love Their Names")

" Hayley has to be one of the most talented, invested, easy-to-work with person I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my life. And I’ve worked with a lot of people. My sister and I were pretty much in tears from the moment we saw the storyboard, knowing we had chosen the right person to bring our vision to life. What a blessing this woman is. Thank you Hayley!! You’re a dream come true."
Action & Adventure Contemporary Romance Middle Grade Picture Books
Children’s Non-Fiction

Work experience


Dec, 2019 — Jun, 2020 (6 months)

I Illustrated the book "The Treehouse Trio" for author Lauren Eresman, which was published in July of 2020.


Nov, 2019 — Sep, 2020 (10 months)

I Illustrated the book "Kyle's Twinventure" for author Demiko Picott, which was published in September of 2020.


Jul, 2019 — Nov, 2019 (4 months)

I Illustrated the book "Chichi and Didi Love Their Names" for authors Peace & Ndidi Amadi, which was published in November of 2019.


Jun, 2019 — Nov, 2019 (5 months)

I Illustrated the book "What Kind of World Would It Be?" for author Angelina Gauthier, which was published in November of 2019.


Jan, 2019 — Jun, 2019 (5 months)

I Illustrated the book "GoGo RoRo Finds Her Gifts" for author Rousan Davidson, which was published in June of 2019.


Dec, 2018 — Mar, 2019 (3 months)

I Illustrated the book "I Love Me, There's No One I'd Rather Be" for author Wynta Milton, which was published in March of 2019.


Sep, 2017 — Present

Since graduating with a degree in animation in 2017, I've been a full time freelancer! I've had the opportunity to illustrate various commissions, pamphlets, and infographics, as well as animate multiple short films for marketing purposes. While these were great projects, my true passion lies in the multiple children's picture books I've been able to create.


Muddy Ballerinas

Freeman, D.

If everyone acted just like me, what kind of world would it be?What Kind of World Would It Be? encourages kindness, cooperation, generosity, and empathy, and will inspire meaningful dialogue about how to make the world a little kinder. This children’s book abo... read more
Chichi and Didi are Nigerian-American sisters with a very loving and proud family. But it's not until Chichi has a problem at school, that she learns from her family how to be proud of herself. A children's book about cultural identity.ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Chiny... read more
Always My Dear

Sinclair, K.

Get ready to meet GoGo RoRo, an inquisitive and determined young girl who does not give up easily! One morning, GoGo RoRo overhears her Abuela Rosa (Grandmother in Spanish Translation) talking about gifts; this leads GoGo RoRo to recruit her little brother Jea... read more

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Debbie H.

Debbie H.

Jun, 2023

I think I will write another book so I can work with Hayley again! Hayley is a breath of fresh air to work with! So sweet, kind, caring, and helpful. Her work is creative and impeccable. With understanding and kindness, she delivered on all my requests and answered all my questions. Whenever I needed to respond to her designs or send her ISBN numbers blurbs, etc she would always tell me to 't...
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Hayley M.
I am so glad you enjoyed this project as much as I did, Debbie! I truly loved getting to work together and help you bring your lovely story to life on the page :) Hopefully this is our first collab...
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TeriLee G.

TeriLee G.

Mar, 2023

Hayley was amazing to work with. Her expertise and advice was right on. I love the collaboration on her adorable artwork. I can’t wait to collaborate on more projects with her!
Hayley M.
Thank you so much TeriLee! You were lovely to work with, and I look so forward to the day we get to collaborate again too!
Nicole S.

Nicole S.

Oct, 2022

Hayley is amazing to work with. Such great talent highly recommended. I can't say enough good things about her and her patient manner. When I write my next book, she will be first on my list.
Marty M.

Marty M.

Jun, 2022

Hayley is absolutely amazing to work with!! Her background illustration's are not only beautiful but filled with details and the characters she brings to life on each page are filled with delightful expressions!! I couldn't be happier with the children's book we created for all to enjoy for many years to come:) xoxo Mimi
Ashley G.

Ashley G.

Mar, 2022

Hayley is amazing and a wonderful illustrator! Her portfolio consists of images for children's books. She is super friendly, sweet, and answers emails quickly. She took time to go back and forth to answer questions, make sure my specific wishes for the book were illustrated perfectly. She took my feedback and made something beautiful. The book isn't done yet, but we both know it will be am...
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