Natalia Larguier

Natalia Larguier – Designer

I am a children’s book Illustrator who thrives on bringing ideas to life through captivating visuals.


Hello, I’m Natalia, a children’s book illustrator based in France with over 4 years of experience in book illustration, character design, and book layout.

Throughout my career, I have worked as a freelancer for self-published authors, publishing houses, and various game startups.

I enjoy illustrating various themes including friendship, school, diversity, architecture, love, and many others for my valued clients. I'm here to bring your wonderful story to life.

I primarily work with digital media, using programs such as Procreate and Photoshop. However, if you require traditional media such as watercolor or pencil, I am adept at those mediums as well.

My style is characterized by cuteness, vibrant colors, and intricate background details. I particularly love designing characters that appeal to young readers. You can see examples of my work for yourself!

As a professional illustrator, I can assist you in various ways, from sketching out the layout of your future book for better visualization to making corrections in the final stages. Additionally, I will send you all the steps of each drawing for your approval.

Let’s collaborate on creating your book!

Children’s Non-Fiction
Picture Books

Work experience


Jun, 2021 — Present

Since 2021, I have worked on several projects, including illustrating five books that have been published and another one that will be published soon. Additionally, I've worked on game art, created mascots, and even developed movie style guide.


Cover Design Illustration Typography Book Interior Design
Cover Design Illustration Book Interior Design
Angry Markers

Topia, Speech

Cover Design Illustration
The Sugar Cookie

Topia, Speech

Cover Design Illustration
Cover Design Illustration Typography Book Interior Design
Cover Design Illustration

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Martine B.

Martine B.

Jun, 2024

Very easy to work with. Enthusiastic. Flexible. Talented.
Natalia L.
Thank you so much Martine! I’m happy to work with you !

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