Harrold-Vincent Villanueva

Harrold-Vincent Villanueva – Designer

I'm an LGBTQ+ illustrator, creating visuals driven by emotion of everyday life and vibrant colours inspired by painting and pastel! No AI.


I'm an LGBTQ+ illustrator, creating visuals driven by emotion of everyday life and vibrant colours inspired by traditional medium such as painting and pastel!

My graphic style is suitable for projects for teenager, young adults about LGBTQ+ topics, but also for children's books. I work mainly in the MM category including : Gay romance, Boy's Love, erotic gay stories, etc.

I like to create images that transport the viewer into his or her memories or into a warm and gentle feeling. In my work, I try to touch the viewer's deepest feelings by creating scenes that capture the emotion of the moment! That's why my style is perfectly suited to slice of life, romance and comedy, but also to children's stories!


As an illustrator and graphic designer, we can work together to create the cover and illustrations for your project to create the book of your dreams! on If you are enchanted by my style, how will we work together?

➤ First of all, we will discuss the graphic needs of your project: how many illustrations do you want? What moods do you want? What do you want to emphasize the most? This step will allow us to better understand what is important and may even give you some ideas.

• After this first step, I will send you a quote and if you validate the project, I will send you by e-mail a copyright transfer contract. This contract is important for me as well as for you because it will allow you to use the images of our collaboration legally and will define their conditions of use for your book (very important if you wish to be published by a publishing house.)

• You can pay 50% of the amount to start the work or pay it all at once (We can think about a payment in several times for big amounts)

➤ And if you validate the project and the quote, the work takes place in 3 stages:

• THE SKETCH: I will submit the sketches to you in order to validate with you the global composition. You can ask for modifications as long as the sketch is not validated

• COLOURING: Once the sketch is validated, I will start colouring in order to give you a global ambiance of your project. You can still ask to change small details in the sketch as well as in the colours.

• FINALIZATION: I will submit the almost finished work to you. You will be able to ask for colour adjustments as well as to change small details.

I hope that our collaboration will be successful and interesting for both of us!

Art Inspirational LGBTQ Non-Fiction Sex & Relationships
LGBTQ Fiction Romantic Comedy Short Story Young Adult
  • DMA (eq : licentiate) Stained glass
  • DMA (eq : licentiate) Wall Decoration
  • DSAA (eq : master's degree) arts & crafts

Work experience


Apr, 2021 — Present

Realization of :
- Book cover and page layout
- Logo, logotype and typography
- Book illustrations
- Website illustrations

for various clients such as state institutions, associations, professional or private individuals

Graphiplus (Paris)

Nov, 2021 — Present

I work as a calligrapher and craftsman (gilder, engraver, painter) for various luxury brands such as :

- Dior
- Louis Vuitton
- Fendi
- Lancôme
- Yves Saint-Laurent
- Van Cleef


Dec, 2017 — Present

writing and illustrating books on various LGBTQ+ themes such as :

- Romance stories
- Erotic stories
- Personal and Relational development
- Discovery and Sexual development in the couple

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Cassiopeia C.

Cassiopeia C.

Apr, 2024

Working with Harold-Vincent was such a pleasure. He was extremely responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. He truly made my vision come to life and was happy to make tweaks where I requested. He explained parts of the process to me when I unsure, and provided great feedback and ideas! I plan to work with him again in the future.
Harrold-Vincent V.
I had a lot of fun with Callie Drew's project because there was a wonderful energy. As a French person, I was also able to learn and discover things about American culture. And as an artist, I was ...
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Q. I.

Q. I.

Apr, 2024

Harrold was amazing to work with. His attention to detail, his creativity and precision to what I was looking for helped made this process smooth and efficient. I love my cover! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a stand-out cover.
Harrold-Vincent V.
Thank you for this wonderful collaboration. Working with you has been a great pleasure and I've really appreciated the creative freedom you've given me for your project. I hope to work with you aga...
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Estelle G.

Estelle G.

Mar, 2024

Working with Harrold again was a treat. He always brings my characters to life and gives very good artistic feedback.
Harrold-Vincent V.
Once again, Estelle was a real pleasure to work with. She knew how to give enough creative freedom while knowing what she wanted. Our very sympathetic and professional exchange enabled her second p...
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Andrew C.

Andrew C.

Oct, 2023

I have really enjoyed working with Harrold-Vincent. What I appreciate most are: his use of beautiful saturated colour and his gorgeous graphic style; his attention to detail; his willingness to share his own ideas for the project; his understanding of what I want to get across in the design; the way that his ideas have fed into the words I have chosen to use, even resulting in a small edit to t...
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Harrold-Vincent V.
Working with Andrew was a very pleasant experience! I really appreciated our collaboration, not only from a professional point of view, but also from a human one: he was very concerned about my wel...
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Violet M.

Violet M.

Aug, 2023

Thoroghly enjoyed working with Harrold! He took my basic ideas for characters and turned them in to something beyiond my imagination. He suggested pose ideas for my characters and took my revision requests well. He was quick to respond and was professional the whole time. His art syle is unmatched and the coloring was just the cherry on top. I would work with him again!
Harrold-Vincent V.
As well as appreciating Violet for her involvement in our collaboration and her efficiency, it was also her passion for her world that I liked the most! She knew how to guide me in what she wanted ...
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