Hanna Sandvig

Hanna Sandvig – Designer

I'm an illustrator who specialises in whimsical maps for all genres and book covers for Cozy Mysteries, RomComs, and Chicklit


Hi, I'm Hanna! I'm an illustrator with over 6 years of experience working with authors to make their books beautiful. I love to draw maps. I'm happiest, if I can spend my day drawing tiny castles and trees. I've drawn maps for fantasy novels, of course, but also contemporary romances and cozy mysteries. I love a good map challenge, so if you have an idea for a map, send it my way!

I also illustrate custom book covers, I have a style that's perfect for sassy cozy mysteries and the kind of Rom Com covers that are currently sweeping the publishing world. My work is light and fun, and appeals most to women and teen girls.

I believe in building relationships with my clients based on clear communication and a collaborative approach to my work. I'd love to talk to you about your illustration needs!

“Hanna was great to work with. She kept me in the loop as she designed the maps and wanted my feedback at each stage. She has a gift of capturing not only the place but also the flavor and atmosphere of the location. I want my readers to imagine a cozy English village and that’s exactly what her map evokes.” – Sara Rosett

“Let’s be honest, maps are terrifying beasts that make zero sense even to the people who are writing the book. Hanna made this SO EASY FOR ME. I basically made the roughest outline possible, and she helped me figure out not only how the map should look, the actual science behind it, and honestly made the book better with a few of her little notes. She took all the stress out of a process that is entirely magic to me.” – Emma Hamm

“My favorite thing about the map design process was just how seamless it was. Hanna asked all the questions and was communicating with me throughout the whole process. I never had to wonder if we were on the same page.” – Valia Lind

“The whole process was pretty great. I liked seeing how things were going along the way. I didn’t even think about doing other structures other than the one, main castle. But adding in the other structures really made the map more personalized to my world. I’m glad you prodded me along on those. Thank you! You were just really fun to work with all around!!” – Kristin J Dawson

Chick Lit Contemporary Romance Cozy Mysteries Fantasy Middle Grade Fantasy Romantic Comedy Young Adult Fantasy

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Jan, 2013 — Present

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Rachel R.

Rachel R.

Apr, 2023

Hanna was wonderful to work with. Kind and understanding and wanting to give you the best value and the best illustration possible. I will say there were a lot of steps I was unprepared for but that was my problem not hers.
K R.

K R.

Aug, 2020

Hanna was a dream to work with in creating a map for my book. She was always quick to respond throughout our project, and she went to great lengths to ensure that every detail was to my liking. I couldn't be happier with how the final product came out; she simply delivered on all levels. If ever I'm in need of a new illustration I won't hesitate to reach back—Hanna rocks!
Sue A.

Sue A.

Apr, 2020

Hannah did a great job understanding the scope of the project, and easily visualized the world set in fantasy. I'm very happy with the final map!

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