Gabriel Sorondo

Gabriel Sorondo – Designer

I'm an illustrator and designer from Miami, Fl. Children's book illustrations with a fantastical twist and a traditional look are my thing.


I'm in illustrator in Miami, Fl specializing in children's book illustrations with a fantastical twist or just a simple wholesome one. If it has a monster in it or some sort of creature even better! But drawing kids and animals is fun too! Ultimately I love to explore the unknown through my illustrations. They have a graphite or charcoal aesthetic colored with a limited color palette to make em pop and harmonize.

I enjoy designing characters and things with teeth. Weird, I know, there's just something about drawing teeth.

I also have a secondary style which is much more graphic and bold. It's all flat solid colors and more vector-like. This is good to have in my back pocket, so to speak, in case a project calls for it.

I've self-published two children's books through KDP; a short book about the pandemic from the perspective of a 3 year old and the other a cookbook for children complete with recipes, illustrations of food and every step involved. It was a great opportunity to really explore the characters and really understand the scope of work that is involved in creating such projects. These 2 were done traditionally (and colored digitally). It is where my digital style comes from; the use of charcoal on textured paper.

In working relationships I love nothing more than to be 100% transparent about everything. It is THE best way to work in order to ensure a solid understanding of what both parties are looking to accomplish and to build a strong and enjoyable experience collaborating.

Additionally, I earned a BFA in Illustration from Ringling College of Art+Design and was a toy designer for 9 years.

Hope to hear from you soon!(who ever you are :))
Children’s Non-Fiction Music Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Magical Realism Middle Grade Middle Grade Fantasy Picture Books

Work experience


Mar, 2021 — Present

Creating illustrations for children's books, marketing material for beer brands, sticker designs, t-shirt graphics, and logos.

Premium Toys

May, 2013 — Mar, 2022 (almost 9 years)

Provide graphic material for promotional toys as well as retail items such as logo design, catalog design, package design, promotional showroom material, control drawings, digital presentations, character illustrations, storyboards, voice-overs, video editing, and styleguide elements. This role also requires working closely with staff in China to ensure quality and accuracy with each product development to meet multiple deadlines. Collaborated on licensed property development projects with licensors such as: Universal Studios, Disney Chile, EONE Ent., Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Hasbro. In addition, management of the LAS (Licensing Approval Sites) is also a requirement in order to go through the necessary steps for each licensorʼs
unique projectʼs approval process.

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Larry O.

Larry O.

Feb, 2023

Just placing a review for Gabriel S., the Artist that designed the cover for my new book, "In our camper and trailer we traveled the states." He was professional in his work and pleasant to work with. He handled my vague descriptions of what I wanted and was delighted when he supplied me with his creative designs. When I described the refinements to his drawing he listened and made the corr...
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Christine H.

Christine H.

Dec, 2022

Working with Gabriel was a pleasure. Star ratings were not given lightly, and I will be glad to work with Gabriel again if and when the need arises. His work (cover art and interior map for an animal fantasy novel) will definitely increase marketability and reader satisfaction.
Daniel A.

Daniel A.

Sep, 2022

Gabriel is great to work with. High quality drawings. Responsive, polite, easy to work with. And great drawings that we can use! Thank you Gabriel!

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