Guido Lenz

Guido Lenz – Translator

I have fun fooling around with languages and words. This is the best way to reach your German audience.


My name is Guido. I have been a translator and copywriter by heart and soul for over 30 years—first for the fun of it, then I made it my profession.

When you entrust me with your book translation or editing, I will give it my all. I am a creative word smith, but will follow your lead in what I do. While you expect a result being true to the source, I will also point out any issues the German audience might have and suggest options to circumvent this. Should I spot issues in your original work, I will let you know. Remember that six-fingered alien in book one? Why does it suddenly wear a three-fingered glove? I will spot that.

Of course, I will also check, double-check, and even triple-check my translation before sending it to you. As an additional safety net, I can offer an external proof-reading phase.

Together, we can make your book as pleasing to the German readers as it is to your English audience.

Computers & Internet Technology
Fantasy Science Fiction
English to German

Work experience


Jan, 1993 — Present

From early childhood, I have been an avid reader. Learning English opened a whole new world of books and authors for me. Around 1989, I tried myself at transcreating Beatles song texts and Tolkien for fun. So it is no wonder that I started my translation business while training to be a qualified surveyor.

I have worked for German and British companies both in my learned profession and as an applications engineer for GPS technology, as an executive assistant, in technical support, in sales and procurement, in product development, as a speechwriter, in preparing training materials, as a trainer and in marketing.

Your satisfaction is my top priority—because only your success is my success!


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