Greg Coulton

Greg Coulton – Designer

Professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer, specialising in ornate typography (modern and vintage), iconography and visual story telling.


I am an Illustrator, Designer & Typographer, with over 20 years experience in the creative industry. I've had the great fortune of working with some fantastic brands and publications. Working with David Copperfield on his History of Magic book was a real pleasure, whilst being invited to create cover art for the classic Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde was a great honour.

My process begins by reviewing a brief with the client, really getting to understand what they want to achieve, and adding my thoughts and creative advice where appropriate. From here I begin a period of research into the genre and any style references provided by the client.

This is followed by a number of concept sketches, subsequently presented to the client. Together we would discuss the different creative routes, and filter the work down to one composition that achieves all the success criteria outlined at the start. A happy client is my number 1 objective!

I would then move forward to creating final art - be it hand-drawn or vector graphics, ultimately supplying the client with print-ready artwork and source files.

My creative process is one of open collaboration. I strive to make my clients feel we've created the artwork together, and the finished product is something we will both feel proud to shout about!

Biographies & Memoirs History
Mystery & Crime

Work experience


Dec, 2012 — Present

I'm a professional Illustrator & Graphic Designer, with over 20 years industry experience. In that time I've been lucky enough to work with some exceptional clients, be it start ups or major international brands. I can help you create pretty much anything you require, from concept stage and brief refinement, right through to 'ready-to-go' artwork. My services include: Logo Design, Branding, Label & Packaging Design, Key Visuals for Advertising (small and large scale), Bespoke Typography, Portraits, Hand Drawn Illustrations, Art and Creative Direction.

Various London-based design/advertising agencies

May, 2001 — Present


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