Geoffrey Stone

Geoffrey Stone – Editor

20 years experience editing nonfiction books for publishers (Thomas Nelson and Running Press). I love helping authors tell their story.


A nonfiction book editor with nearly twenty years publishing experience, I have worked in major publishing houses and have extensive experience evaluating projects for marketability as well as copyediting genres such as memoirs, biographies, business, cooking, sports, Christian living, and history.

I will make your book ready for publication. With some fiction editing experience, I can point out plot holes, dragging story lines, and help spruce up dialogue. I'm well versed with the Chicago Manual of Style and use Merriam-Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary.

Whether you need a light copyedit, a heavy edit with fact checking, an extensive endnote cleanup, or want a manuscript evaluation, I am at your service.
Biographies & Memoirs Christian Non-Fiction Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Political Science & Current Affairs Religion & Spirituality Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Christian Fiction Historical Fiction
English (US)

Work experience

Running Press

Aug, 2008 — Oct, 2013 (about 5 years)

Cookbook, sports, and history editor. Proposal evaluation and content editing.


Jun, 2008 — Present

Mange the sales and marketing and oversee the editorial work of multiple and diverse projects.

Thomas Nelson Publishers

Jan, 2000 — Jun, 2008 (over 8 years)

Ran the general trade division handling title management, acquisitions, and editorial. Published about 30 books a year in all sorts of genres, from history to cooking and humor to sports.


Named by Forbes Inc. as one of the Top Ten business books of 2018. Scott McKain, award-winning speaker and author, explains how to move beyond being distinctive and to take your brand and business to the next level, to become iconic by knowing your customer an... read more
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Cooking has always followed the seasons in the South. This has led to so many longstanding food traditions: strawberry jam in spring, apple cobbler in fall, fried green tomatoes in summer, pickled beets in winter, and the list goes on. With more than 800 delic... read more
As equally matched in skill as they were opposite in personality, the brash Union Gen. Joseph Hooker boasted of a sure defeat of the reserved Gen. Robert E. Lee. "I've got Robert E. Lee right where I want him, and even God Himself cannot stop me from destroyin... read more
Gentleman and Soldier is the first biography in more than 50 years of Wade Hampton III, a Confederate general whose remarkable life provides a unique sweeping insight into the entire history of the Civil War in the South. Hampton was a leading citizen of South... read more
2014 James Beard Foundation Book Award -- Single Subject category As an affordable, delicious, and nutritious protein, poultry is a staple of a modern global diet that transcends continents and cultures. Chicken Noodle Soup, Buffalo Wings, Duck à l'Orange, and... read more
Asa Andrew says there is only one step necessary to revitalize your life and regain your personal health: Change your health by changing your choices.Andrew has learned that most people "lifestyle themselves into sickness" and can, with determination, "lifesty... read more
Still wondering who to vote for?Well, wonder no more. In Rick & Bubba for President you'll discover that the two self-proclaimed "Sexiest Fat Men Alive" are exactly what Washington needs. From global warming ("We'd get involved, but it's just been so doggone h... read more
William T. Sherman's burning of Atlanta helped reelect Abraham Lincoln. In contrast, if Confederate President Jefferson Davis had left Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, one of its most effective generals,in command of Atlanta's defenses, the city might have been preser... read more
How does someone recover from the worst school shooting in U.S. history? On April 20, 1999, Kristen Long Krueger survived the Columbine High School shooting, which took the lives of thirteen people plus the two teenaged shooters. For the next five years, Krist... read more
“There’s an ancient Chinese belief that women possess two hearts; an upper heart associated with the standard Western heart, and a lower heart tied to the uterus. They say that women hold dreams of infants, lost children, and babies never-meant-to-be in their ... read more
Stuart Fuhlendorf was a Wall Street whiz kid, taking three companies public on the Nasdaq by his early forties. On paper he was worth millions. Then his world fell apart and was transformed in a way that he could have never imagined. In Wall Street to the Well... read more
“This book needs to be in the hands of every millennial and Bible-believing pastor in America.” --Dr. Alan Keyes--Frustrated at the direction your country is headed? --Ready to fight for a cause and change the world? --Do you believe God has called Christians ... read more
Without Apology

Jr Stephen M. Jones

SEXUAL HARASSMENT CASE I guess some people, and certainly the Washington hypocrisy, can't understand why the Jones Lawsuit won't go away. It affected many people's lives whether they liked it, or not. It forced them to look at their own morality. Maybe people ... read more
Behind every successful party is a gracious, confident hostess. Ngoc Nguyen Lay is just such a woman, and this book sets out to relay the secrets of her success. Inspired Celebrations: Easy Entertaining Ideas and Healthy Recipes for Everyday Life is brimming w... read more
Toxic Fat: When Good Fat Turns Bad, provides a revolutionary new understanding of our current obesity epidemic by showing that it can be viewed as a form of cancer to be treated using the clinically proven pathway to change the expression of your genes using f... read more
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Here's Johnny!

Ed McMahon

Ed McMahon was Johnny Carson's sidekick for almost 40 years and his friend for over 50. Here he shares his memories of the man, the shows, the humor and the truth behind the legend. Here's Johnny is like sitting with Ed and Johnny over lunch.
In thisbehind-the-scenes look at sports broadcasting Eli Gold tells how a kid from Brooklyn, New York, went from selling peanuts at Madison Square Garden tobeing one of the most recognizable voices in all of radio sports broadcasting.From Peanuts to the Pressb... read more
You think you know Hillary and Bill Clinton pretty well. After all, they have been in the public eye—from Arkansas to the White House and beyond—for over forty years.Dolly Kyle met former president Clinton (Billy as she calls him) on a Hot Springs golf course ... read more
The Republican "civil war" is currently raging between the ruling establishment and defiant conservatives. Thus far, the greatest battle of this conflict occurred in Mississippi 2014 in a fight over a US Senate seat between the incumbent establishment stalwart... read more
Tired of wasting nine out of ten cold calls because prospects are "happy" with their current situation?Does the fear of constant rejection keep you awake at night?Do you ever consider leaving your profession because you hate the stress of high pressure sales?I... read more
This book will provide all sales people, from the novice to the seasoned professional, with tools to maximize sales efforts and bring success to new heights. Learn the four buying styles, learn to apply principals that draw buyers in, learn to relate to person... read more
Where do you turn when you need God’s thoughts on life? The Bible Promise Book, now in a brand-new Spiritual Refreshment for Women edition. Barbour’s Bible Promise Books are perennial bestsellers, with millions of copies in print, and this unique edition featu... read more
Born into slavery in Missouri near the end of the Civil War, baby George Carver was kidnapped by bushwhackers. Ransomed and freed by his owner he later traveled to Kansas at age 12. For the next 14 years he drifted the Kansas plains alone, but always curious, ... read more
When the Watergate scandal broke and Dent was accused, his efforts at propagating American freedom seemed wasted. But found more of an innocent victim than the perpetrator, Dent could not deny God's grace. His daughter Ginny writes how he eventually embraced t... read more
Let's Go!

Warren W. Wiersbe

Is the book of Hebrews daunting to you? Let Warren Wiersbe unfold principles which can turn quitters into conquerors and produce a vibrant faith. You will grow in your walk with the Lord, mature in your faith and discover the calling He has for you. Get ready ... read more
From simple tactics on a budget to beautiful custom built-ins, gain inspiration for both short-term and long-term storage and organization solutions in your home. This book is filled with inspirational photos and concise, practical information on how to achiev... read more
Inglenook cookbooks have been feeding people since 1901. This one continues that tradition for the next generations, with more than 400 tried-and-true recipes from breakfasts and breads to main dishes and desserts. It comes from a people who believe that livin... read more
Forty years have passed since the so-called women's movement claimed to liberate women from preconceived notions of what it means to be female - and the results are in. The latest statistics show that as women have gained more freedom, more education, and more... read more
Description: God can transform us, the way we parent, and the atmosphere of our home--even one with a defiant teen. Parents who are satisfied with God's glory first will be able to glorify God in their interaction with an angry teen. Get Offa My Case! will hel... read more
Fatal Incident

Jim Proebstle

Minnesotan Nick Morgan overcomes the hardships of life during the Depression with the thrill of flying. The rush he shares with his soon-to-be wife, Martha, as they barnstorm small Midwestern towns offering plane rides for a dollar, forges a love for each othe... read more
Behind every successful party is a gracious, confident hostess. Ngoc Nguyen Lay is just such a woman, and this book sets out to relay the secrets of her success. Inspired Celebrations: Easy Entertaining Ideas and Healthy Recipes for Everyday Life is brimming w... read more
The American dream unfolds before your eyes as you read this compelling saga of a bright, young black man who left the hills of West Virginia because he dreamed of a better life. In Wheeling, West Virginia, Bill Burrus knew that racism and discrimination would... read more
Shari Howerton is the author of Breaking the Chains, which explores her life in a cultish church as well as the process of breaking away and overcoming years of spiritual abuse. At the age of sixteen, Shari also became the victim of an abusive husband. In Thro... read more
Shari Howerton was born and raised in Southern California. Her worldview was formed inside a tightly knit religious community, by the one pastor she had known from birth. In 1993, she and hundreds of others sold their homes in California and followed their pas... read more

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Igor F.

Igor F.

Feb, 2024

I hired Geoffrey for proofreading and light copyediting my nonfiction book called The Principles of Scientific Democracy. The manuscript was quite long and hard to read but Geoffrey made it. He reviewed every single sentence thoroughly and patiently, commented every grammar mistake and gave useful advice on improving some sentences. Geoffrey was very professional, punctual, and accurate. It was...
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Tina G.

Tina G.

Jan, 2024

I am grateful for Geoffrey's efforts on my behalf and for the time he took in reading my manuscript and offering his wisdom and insights. Geoffrey is polite, responsive, and helpful all the way through the process.
Jack P.

Jack P.

Dec, 2023

Geoffrey went above what I expected. He got into the flow of what I was writing and enhanced it. Recommend for sure.
David P.

David P.

Oct, 2023

It has been a pleasure to work with Geoffrey. As a first-time author he guided me through the process with expertise, clarity, and patience. I recommend him without reservation.
Clement K.

Clement K.

Aug, 2023

Geoffrey took on my work with a very very tight deadline. Initially I was sceptical whether there was any value in using another person to undertake copyediting as the developmental editor had completely transformed my manuscript. However, Geoffrey added some real diamond nuggets that made me glad I decided to use him. He basically made my manuscript even better! The only thing I will say is; I...
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