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Ian Fitzgerald – Editor

Editor, writer and published author specializing in Art, Music, Movies, Literature and History. Pop culture, high culture - it's all me!


I'm an accomplished and creative multi-channel editor, content creator and copywriter. I develop products too. I've edited books about, amongst other things, Michelangelo and American Art, and project managed titles on rock music, popular science, movies, and history. Lots and lots of history. I have also branched out recently into literature and philosophy, expanding my mind as well as my product portfolio!

I can manage your project for you, from start to finish, or just look after the parts you think need my expertise the most. Whatever the job, you'll benefit from my more than 20 years' publishing experience.
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Work experience


Sep, 2017 — Present

Since returning to freelancing again in September 2017 I've been fortunate enough to work with a great range of publishing houses across a broad spectrum of themes. I've edited sports books for Biteback, an illustrated history of the world for Arcturus, encyclopedias of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome for Amber Books and quite a bit more besides. I've even proofed new translations of works by Friedrich Nietzsche and Jules Verne, and advised on product development (and marketing) for global publishers Hachette and DeAgostini and publishing and marketing agents 50 Watt Consulting.

Atlas Editions

Apr, 2007 — Sep, 2017 (over 10 years)

Atlas Editions was the direct-to-consumer arm of global publishing group DeAgostini. As Head of Editorial and Product Development I created more than 50 highly successful products for the UK and overseas. Some of these were self-generated in areas such as military history and family reference, others were licensed products, working with brands and icons such as Harry Potter, James Bond, Star Wars, Thunderbirds, Dinky Toys, Disney and the BBC.

I edited every word of copy we produced, wrote some it - and even contributed a fair amount of the marketing material too.


Sep, 1992 — Mar, 2007 (over 14 years)

I began my editorial career subbing and writing for the UK magazine History Today. From there, I moved into book publishing, including Guinness World Records, art publisher Phaidon's Michelangelo biography and their American Art Book. I edited many titles for entertainment heavyweights John Blake Books, then it was off to continuity specialists IMP, developing international series covering computing, natural history, classical music and pop music. After leaving IMP I freelanced as a writer and editor in music, history, general interest, art, science, humour, sport and biography.


"This compelling story of the writing and recording of Led Zeppelin IV is full of passionate insights into the mayhem, madness, and creative processes behind one of the most influential albums of all time. This book explains how Led Zeppelin, recognized as the... read more
Rome may have fallen in the late fifth century CE, but more than 1,500 years later its mark on Europe and around the Mediterranean is still evident. It's not just in the roads, aqueducts and settlements, though, that Rome's immense legacy can be found. Or even... read more
From the Battle of Marathon to the Minotaur, from the Acropolis to Aristotle, from Theseus to the Theban hegemony, from slavery to Sparta, The Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece is a fascinating fully illustrated reference work, spanning both political history, so... read more
With the emergence of the internet new forms of crime became possible. From harassment and grooming to fraud and identity theft the anonymity provided by the internet has created a new world of crime of which we all must be aware. The threat of hackers reaches... read more
Think of the Renaissance and you might only picture the work of fine artists such as Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Van Eyck. Or architecture could spring to mind and you might think of St Peter's in Rome and the Doge's Palace in Venice. Or you might cons... read more
If you don't know your Baroque from your Rococo, or the difference between Art Nouveau and Art Deco, or where Modernism ends and Postmodernism begins, then don't fear, you're not alone. Understanding Architecture will reveal all. From the ancient world to the ... read more
The Great Sphinx of Giza, painted friezes in pyramid chambers, and symbolic paintings of the eye of Horus are familiar and breathtaking works of art. Yet behind them lies a deep cosmological tapestry in which the origins of the Earth and riches brought by the ... read more
Most books about the Beatles reveal the big picture first and ask questions afterward. This book reverses that approach. Revolution takes a fresh and often funny look at the magnificent and sometimes idiotic career path of the Beatles through the prism of one ... read more
Nowhere to Hide

John McShane

The revolutionary techniques of 'genetic fingerprinting' has meant convictions, long after they committed their crimes, for the evil men who mistakenly thought they had escaped detection. This book highlights and explains the future that lies ahead for DNA res... read more
Diana's Dreams

Joan Hanger

Pick any page, and get your history fix!Leave it to Uncle John to find a new way to make history fun and exciting! This quirky collection of lists is the latest volume in the Bathroom Reader’s best-selling history series. These 508 pages will breathe life into... read more
History repeats itself as Uncle John once again takes the plunge into the past! For our big number-two, we dug ever deeper into our bottomless vaults to bring you more of history’s most colorful characters, cultural milestones, funniest mishaps, and earth-shat... read more
This text gives an overview of the most influential American artists and their works. Covering three centuries, it sets out to encourage readers to contemplate the connections between art, American history, and popular culture. Each artist is represented by a ... read more
The Follow up to his debut 'UnLearn', Humble The Poet takes both himself and the ideas he discusses to deeper levels.
Ecce Homo

Frederich Nietzsche

'What could have happened to me?... How did I soar to such heights, above the rabble sitting by the well?'Ecce Homo is Nietzsche's compelling autobiography, written in 1888, just weeks before he succumbed to madness.Nietzsche's last great work, a fascinating a... read more
For millennia, the silk roads have been the arteries of international trade. Today, these ancient routes still play a key role. Over the ages, the passages across the region have shifted and evolved due to changing political circumstances, environmental forces... read more
Beginning with the first "talkie", "The Jazz Singer" (1927), this book covers the 1000 best movies of this century. Each film is defined by a series of quick reference icons, with star profiles for each year featuring best actor and actress, birth and, where a... read more
A rebellious youth who chose a career as an artist against his father's wishes, Michelangelo (1475-1564) went on to be recognized as one of the outstanding talents of his age. Such was the degree of fame and wealth that he acquired that he became a legend with... read more
The Movie Book

Editors of Phaidon Press

Following the same successful formula as The Art Book, The Photography Book and The Fashion Book, The Movie Book is an A-Z guide to 500 celebrated individuals who have made a landmark contribution to the medium of film. The entire industry is represented - fro... read more

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Shanali P.

Shanali P.

Dec, 2020

Its been such an amazing journey working on the book with Ian. He really supported me and helped me to expand on my writing. This is my first attempt at a book and it was amazing to have Ian, as part of my team to show me the ropes as well as do a super fantastic job at editing the book. He has been very approachable and accomodating, from the start. Making this book has been such a fun and rew...
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Ian F.
Thank you for the great feedback Shanali. You made it easy though. It was a pleasure working on this book, especially as it's one that will hopefully raise awareness of a condition not that's not w...
Read more
Richard T.

Richard T.

Mar, 2020

Ian is a great editor to collaborate with, especially for a first-time author like myself who is looking for value-for-money. Within a relatively tight timeframe he helped to elevate my book (13 chapters, over 110,000 words about the 40 year career of the rock band U2) to a professional literary standard, while also posing interesting questions and challenges in relation to the over-arching nar...
Read more
Ian F.
Thanks Richard. Really enjoyed working with you on this project. You had a strong vision for how you wanted it to be, and hopefully I helped you achieve that. Best of luck with the book. It's a gr...
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Jim R.

Jim R.

May, 2019

I have found the process of working with Ian very powerful and collaborative. From the initial decision to work with Ian right through to the conclusion of my book project Vicious Cycle he has been professional and helped me navigate the flow and structure of the book. He has been flexible in being able to get back to me in a timely manner on any questions which has helped me keep in flow and w...
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Ian F.
Thanks Jim - and the feeling's mutual. I've really enjoyed working with you. It's been inspiring and productive, and I've learned a lot, too. It has been a great reminder of why I do this type of w...
Read more

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