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Last updated May 24th, 2023

How is my project protected on Reedsy?

Your work is protected with the Reedsy contract πŸ“‘

We know how important your work is to you, and its safety is our top priority.

At Reedsy, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service. Every transaction in compliance with our Terms of Use is covered by our Project Protection policy. That means that if you’re not happy with your collaboration, we’ll act as a mediator and help you come to a resolution. Please note that Reedsy is not a party to the contract, but rather a mediating outside entity. In some cases, we will proceed with a partial or full refund.

Is my work secure on Reedsy and with your professionals?

The good news is that the copyright on your book exists the moment you write the first word, and you are its owner by nature. All of our professionals have agreed to Reedsy's Terms of Use and are legally bound to respect the copyright of your work. Furthermore, only you can see your manuscript in the Reedsy Book Editor, so your work is safe while you’re writing and formatting it with us.

If you are keen to register the copyright to your book, this comprehensive guide will help you to do it.