Erin Kelley

Erin Kelley – Editor

Proofreader and copyeditor of romance and speculative fiction novels and business self-help books with over 12 years of experience.


I have 12+ years’ experience in proofreading and copyediting, and 16 years in Quality Assurance. I am familiar with manuscripts, printers’ proofs, digital content, and hard-copy markups. I love the back and forth of revision! For the last 6 years I have been a freelance proofreader for a ghost-writing company and for some aspiring novelists. My favorite genre novels to proof are romance and fantasy (and when you combine them for paranormal romance...swoon).

Drop me a line and let's talk about where you're at in your process and how we can make your words shine. First, we'll talk about what type of proofreading or editing you think you might need. Then, we can discuss the size of your project and how long it will take me to finish. While I've got your project, we can check in at regular intervals (determined by the scope of your project) to clear up any questions. When I'm finished, I will send you back the annotated project. If you would like more than one round of proofreading or copyediting, we can set that up in the initial contract or add it on later.

I look forward to working with you!

Business & Management Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Fantasy Romance
English (UK) English (US)
  • High-level Proofreading Pro

Work experience


Oct, 2016 — Present

I provide proofreading and copyediting services for novels—two of which were 2018 and 2019 Daphne du Maurier Award finalists—non-fiction books, non-profit marketing materials, and social media posts for various clients. I also proofread and copyedit B2C campaign materials including: healthcare guides, PowerPoint decks, interactive magazines and booklets, and various legal notices.

Willis Towers Watson

May, 2012 — Jul, 2016 (about 4 years)

As part of client project teams, I proofread and copyedited PowerPoint decks, project management documents, guide books, legal notices, newsletters, graphics, interactive media, and all other elements of the campaign. I have excellent working knowledge of the revision process from first draft to printers’ proofs. As the resident Word Nerd, I also proofread internal communications for colleagues and client billing information for anyone who asked.


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Frederick W.

Frederick W.

Jun, 2024

I am incredibly grateful that I contacted Erin for help with my book. Without Erin's assistance, I would have overlooked numerous elements that needed correction, from grammar edits to thoughts that didn't quite make sense. Erin's keen eye for detail and expert editing skills were invaluable. I can't thank you enough for your help editing my book; I will forever be grateful.
Erin K.
Thank you so much for your review! I always enjoy working with clients who understand and appreciate the editorial process from the get-go! You were a great client!
Adel H.

Adel H.

Dec, 2023

Erin has done a great job making the manuscript look more professional while keeping the language simple. She's very knowledgeable of the different styles. She's explained why she made specific changes. Working with her was a pleasant experience and educational for me as a first-time author. I'll for sure come back to her again for my next book.
Jeff C.

Jeff C.

Dec, 2023

Erin was great to work with. She is an excellent copyeditor and proofreader. I write scifi/fantasy novels, which entail a lot of archaic and uncommon word usage, and she handled it all with delightful professionalism. She provided invaluable guidance throughout the process and always delivered as promised and on time. Thanks Erin!
Erin K.
Thanks Jeff! I enjoyed working with you and look forward to seeing your books out in the wild!

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