Jessie Campbell

Jessie Campbell – Editor

Freelance editor offering top-notch manuscript editing with a backlist of bestselling authors who repeatedly choose me for every new release


UPDATE DECEMBER 2021: I'm currently closed to developmental editing submissions but do have availability for copyediting and proofreading!

I’m passionate about making every manuscript the best it can be. By choosing me, you’ll benefit from my personal acumen and I’ll always be your editor. Plus, you get to meet my cute dog.

When I learn more about you and your vision, I’ll present a detailed plan of exactly how I will partner with you to give your manuscript the best possible service. No surprises and open communication, always. And I promise not to overpromise.

My client list includes multiple USA Today bestselling authors. Author testimonials are available upon request. Many happy clients can confirm the quality of my work.

In the pre-COVID world, I frequently attended writing and book conferences like AWP and BookExpo, and I was often invited to lead editing panels at indie-publishing-focused conferences like UTOPiA and Diamonds in the Desert. (Post-COVID, I'm still attending virtual cons like Social Distance Book Fest, YALLSTAYHOME, Everywhere Book Fest, WriteOnCon, and more.) I invest in professional development and stay on the cutting edge of the book world so my clients benefit from strategic branding insight based on current industry trends.

I’m dedicated to centering marginalized voices in every way I can and promoting diversity and inclusion in everything I do.

Every potential client receives a free sample edit and consultation video chat before committing. That’s because I want you to feel confident you’ve picked the right editor for you.

Oh, and did I mention the dog? Seriously, her cuteness can’t be overstated.
Contemporary Romance Dystopian Epic Fantasy Historical Fiction LGBTQ Fiction Paranormal Romance Women's Fiction Young Adult
English (US)
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Work experience


Jan, 2015 — Present

Previously a freelance editor, I launched a full-service editing services company and lead a team of diverse, talented developmental editors, copyeditors, and proofreaders to serve my rapidly growing client list. We’re a small but dedicated team with combined editing experience across nearly all genres of both fiction and nonfiction, as well as web content editing and book blurb writing from roles at publishing houses as well as BookBub (though our clients do not receive special treatment regarding BookBub services). I am passionate about what I do, and my industry know-how goes far beyond grammar.

A burgeoning South African independent book publisher partnered with me in early 2016, and I edit new releases by indie powerhouses Adrienne Woods and Kristin Ping, as well as other authors at that house like Isabella White, Melissa Kate, and more. Our relationship is long-standing, constant, and built on trust and excellence. It’s far from transactional.

One of my proudest achievements is a client who found me after having published more than ten books. Despite paying hard-earned money to an editor, the author was plagued by nasty reviews on Goodreads and Amazon—which was especially confounding given that her series had developed a fiercely loyal fan base. She’ll tell anyone who asks her that the trolls shut up when she decided to find a new editor… and we started working together. She’s gone on to publish several USA Today bestsellers that I had the honor of editing. We work together to this day.

BookBub and Chirp

Jan, 2016 — Present

I work with BookBub and Chirp book data, build deal emails, manage content for audiobooks venture, proofread book blurbs, assemble emails to millions of members, proof partner and reader blogs, and much more. BookBub is considered the gold standard in ebook marketing and my wealth of knowledge from years of working on the front lines of their product extends beyond simple email marketing. I have natural expertise in publisher descriptions, genre audience expectations, cover trends, and much more. Also, audiobooks are exploding right now, and my back-end presence on the Chirp team from day one has given me unparalleled insight into that world.

Pelican Publishing Company

Sep, 2015 — Nov, 2015 (2 months)

I worked as an intern in the largest independent book published in the US South. Because it is a small organization, I saw the full scope of editorial duties, including acquisitions.

- Edited full book manuscripts—both copyediting and developmental editing.
- Provided substantive edits on full books to be released in the coming season, including two adult nonfiction books and several children’s picture books.
- Proofread typeset copy and edited book projects.
- Evaluated manuscripts under consideration before they went to the editorial board.
- Sat in on, and sometimes led, talent management meetings to help guide authors through the editorial process.
- Reviewed rough and final art for accuracy, consistency, and style.
- Proofread typeset books for missed errors at a late stage.


Jan, 2008 — Present

I have edited hundreds of manuscripts through my writing groups. My first short story publication (of many) was in 2008. I've been a panelist and insider at UTOPiAcon since its inception in 2012. I wrote and shelved two novels—epic fantasy followed by historical fiction—so I have an intimate understanding of the grueling process you just went through writing your book as well as the ins and outs of world-building and intricate research (and the perils of the dreaded info-dump).


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Now that Mary van Amsterdam is dead, she can finally live.The Amsterdam Afterlife empowered Mary, in a way she’d only dreamed of in the living realm. She's devoted herself to the Tragically Dead in Recovery—quirky dead animals, struggling to come to terms with... read more
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Robert Perlow

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Chastity Blake discovered the hard way what she was: a modern-day Sandman. But things aren't looking up for Chastity. She is guarding a secret deep within her — her dark sand, or what Reverians call her Shadow. Shadow Casters are known for their dark dreams, t... read more

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Vanessa T.

Vanessa T.

Mar, 2023

This has been my third collaboration with Jessie and her team and I plan to keep coming back. They are so helpful in finding the weak places in my stories and providing ways to improve.
alex R.

alex R.

Apr, 2022

Jessie and Rita did a great job on cleaning up my writing with some key notes to make the manuscript better.
Vanessa T.

Vanessa T.

Mar, 2022

This is my second project with Jessie and her team. Their feedback has been instrumental in helping me actually learn how to write and craft a great story.
Jeremy P.

Jeremy P.

Jan, 2022

Working with Jessie and her team was the best decision I've made so far in this process of writing my first book. I initially thought I needed only final editing, but after her first assessment she helped me understand the need for developmental editing and explained what that would actually involve. They were punctual with their timelines, flexible in letting me push it back the second round ...
Read more
Christopher M.

Christopher M.

Jul, 2021

Jessie and her team provided a competent, hands-on editing service. She was flexible, adapting her approach to the needs of my draft and meticulous in sorting through the rather complex story structure she was given. I will use Jessie's services again.

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