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Ghostwrite/Editor specializing in financial, tech, memoir, biography, etc. Published by Doubleday, Oxford University Press, others.



I'm a 42 year publishing industry veteran having held executive posts at Macmillan (7 years as Director of Computer Publishing Programs) and several other large houses. I've also written more than 20 nonfiction books published by such imprints as Doubleday, Oxford University Press, Crown, Basic, and Chicago Review Press.

My expertise lies in the areas of finance, tech, memoir, bio, and general adult non-fiction. I've as well written a number of biographical/historical books for adolescent readers, these published by Chelsea House.

My books have been reviewed favorably in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Esquire, KIRKUS, and other major media, and I myself have written book reviews for The Wall Street Journal and the San Francisco Chronicle.

My consulting/ghostwriting clients include the Publications Division of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) as well as the Ruth Mott Foundation of Michigan.

USHMM's Mel Hecker comments: "I could not have asked for a more cooperative and skilled writer/contractor to help us with a difficult project. Ed is what I would call a value-added provider, doing his work diligently while adding worthwhile suggestions to the mix and going the extra mile to make the project a success. The authors and I greatly appreciated Ed's fine ability to turn a phrase and make a dry historic account into a very good read."

Another client, Raquel Thueme, President of the Ruth Mott Foundation, has said: "I worked with Ed as the author of THE LIFE OF CHARLES STEWART MOTT: INDUSTRIALIST, PHILANTHROPIST, MR. FLINT. In addition to crafting a well-researched biography and all around ‘great read’, Ed was enthusiastic, responsive and creative in all elements of the book’s development and promotion. His publishing and communications background is a bonus to his skill and style as an author. I highly recommend him!"

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Jul, 1980 — Present

From 1980 to 1994, I served in various positions at Wiley, St. Martin's Press, Marcel Dekker, and Churchill-Livingstone, then spent seven years as Director of Computer Publishing Programs for Macmillan/Newbridge. Since 1994 I've written/packaged more than 20 nonfiction books for such firms as Doubleday, Simon and Schuster, Oxford University Press, Crown, Chicago Review Press, Basic, Springer-Verlag, and Osborne/McGraw Hill. Since 2010, I've continued to consult while also managing my own (very) small publishing start-up, New Street Communications, LLC. My son is now taking the helm at New Street, and I will be focusing on ghost work and my own writing. I am based eight nautical miles from Newport, RI. Readily available for Zoom meetings wherever you are.


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"Excellent, a truly enjoyable and informative read." - STEVE BUSCEMI, actor/director"Edward Renehan does a great job of shining a light into this dark episode of American history." - BILLY BRAGG"Fascinating, surprising, moving, inspiring." - ARTHUR GOLDWAG, a... read more
Pope John Paul II led the Catholic Church during a time of great upheaval. During his pontificate (1978-2005), the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall collapsed, and great strides were made for freedom worldwide. This biography follows the arch of the pontiff's l... read more
In The Lion's Pride, Edward J. Renehan, Jr. vividly portrays the grand idealism, heroic bravery, and reckless abandon that Theodore Roosevelt both embodied and bequeathed to his children and the tragic fulfillment of that legacy on the battlefields of World Wa... read more
"John is so calm, so poised, so much at home with himself, so much a familiar spirit of the forests, " wrote Walt Whitman of his friend, the naturalist and writer John Burroughs. "He is a child of the woods, fields, hills - native to them in a rare sense (in a... read more
Windcheck Magazine (Nov/Dec 2016): Absorbing and insightful ... utterly unforgettable. Practical Sailor (Jan 2017): [DESPERATE VOYAGE] adds a new depth of storytelling to a tale of madness that many sailors are familiar with. Points East Magazine (July 2017): ... read more
The Kennedys at War: 1937-1945

Edward J. Renehan Jr.

A dramatic, fascinating–and revisionist–narrative detailing how America’s first family was changed utterly during World War II. First-rate history grounded in scholarship and brought to life by a critically acclaimed author.From breathless hagiographies to sca... read more
Though reviled for more than a century as Wall Street's greatest villain, Jay Gould was in fact its most original creative genius. Gould was the robber baron's robber baron, the most astute financial and business strategist of his time and also the most widely... read more

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