Edmund Pickett

Edmund Pickett – Editor

I'm from the Rocky Mountain west. I've edited ten best selling thrillers, all for the same author. Now I'd like to help you.


I'm a novelist who got into editing accidentally and discovered that I liked it. I enjoyed the first two Mark Dawson thrillers I read but the next one seemed to have editing problems so I wrote him a long email. Instead of ignoring me, he offered me a job. That was about ten books ago. Besides writing my own thrillers and editing Mark's, I read a ton of thrillers by other authors (thank you, BookBub!) so I know the market and I know all the errors that can rob your plot of suspense and your prose of polish. I love sentences that flow and characters who are unpredictable. I can offer developmental editing in the early drafts, and copy editing for the final manuscript. I have non-literary experience that comes in handy in the thriller world also. I was born and raised in Wyoming and worked outdoors in Alaska for many years, so I know horses, trucks, firearms and explosives. My own writing is available on Amazon. Currently I divide my time between the Andes mountains of Argentina and the highlands of Mexico.
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Dec, 2013 — Present

As an editor I have had only one client, Mark Dawson. I have found that I enjoy editing. It's a good change of pace from my own writing and I always learn something. Since Mark writes thrillers and so do I, that is my area of concentration. Since I began to work for Mark I've found that I now think like an editor when writing my own books and also when reading other writers. I also keep in touch with the market by reading any new thriller author I can find. Best sellers, indies, newbies and wannabes, I read them all, so I can help you avoid the usual errors.
My focus in developmental editing is plot, characters, setting, continuity and pacing. I won't let you pad a chapter to make your daily word count. In copy editing, I'm hell on confusing fight scenes, mixed metaphors, unclear pronoun antecedents, and revolvers with safeties. I can help to make your action scenes addictive and your characters memorable. Note: Time passes and I've now worked with almost a hundred authors through Reedsy. Fifty-two of them have left reviews of me and you can read them by scrolling down. NOTE--there are several genres that I do not edit: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, supernatural, zombie, vampire or serial killer novels. I don't read those genres for pleasure so I don't think I would be the best choice to edit them. I also do not work on novels written in the present tense.


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William C.

William C.

Apr, 2023

I was looking for an editor to review a novel that I thought was largely done. Edmund proved to be exactly what I was looking for. He has a keen ear for what works and doesn't work, as well as an exceptional eye for typos and minor grammatical improvements, which he threw in for free! He cautioned me upfront that he could be harsh, but I would say that he was a little overboard in that self-des...
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corry P.

corry P.

Apr, 2023

Edmund has edited two novels for me. He is excellent. Both books benefited tremendously from his developmental editing. Will work with him on all of my books going forward.
Lanny B.

Lanny B.

Feb, 2023

I've worked with Edmund on eight books. I knew nothing about publishing when I began, and he led me all the way through. It has been a pleasure to work with him in every way. At times he was the drill sergeant, which he needed to be.
Joseph W.

Joseph W.

Jan, 2023

Edmund is everything you look for in an editor. He's easy to work with and his comments are always valid. I plan on continuing to work with him for all of my subsequent novels.
Steve H.

Steve H.

Jan, 2023

For a first time author, Edmund was amazing. He did an amazing job of keeping me on "task". As a developmental editor he made me look at each character individually, think about how they should behave and then made sure I kept to that decision throughout the book. He was amazing at seeing the "tiny details" that I otherwise missed. As much as I hated to see "Not sure this is right...." Every...
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