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Sophia Dembling – Editor

I've edited professional authors with St. Martin's Press and Kensington and first-time, self-published authors. Everyone gets the same TLC.


A good editor doesn’t just make sure your commas are properly placed. That’s only where the job begins.

A good editor makes sure your vision for your book comes through as clearly and elegantly as possible. That your paragraphs flow like a stream tumbling over rocks. That your sentences are crystal clear and the words within them sparkle with just the right meaning. That the structure of your plot is solid and your characters move through space in ways that the laws of physics support. That your historical references are accurate, and celebrities’ names are spelled correctly. A good editor gets to know the characters in your book well enough to recognize and flag when they stray out of character or behave in ways counter to human nature. A good editor does all this and more without interfering with your voice as a writer​, and has a good ear for when to follow the rules and when to break them.

In my years of working with St. Martin's Press, I have edited everything from memoir to sci fi, and I love working with first-time and self-published authors. With many years experience as an editor and an author myself, I can help make your good work even better.


I had the pleasure of working with Sophia , an experience I wholeheartedly endorse and would recommend to other people.

My publisher, St. Martin’s Press, assigned Sophia to be the copy editor of Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk, and Sophia could not have been better suited to the job. Her corrections, suggestions, questions and feedback were clearly articulated, extremely thorough, and thoughtfully delivered. Her careful attention to the book helped to make my writing as clean and felicitous as it could possibly be, and I am grateful to have gotten the opportunity to work with her.

---Kathleen Rooney, author, Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk

I can recommend Sophia as a copyeditor unreservedly and without hesitation. Her work is meticulous and thoughtful with a keen sense of narrative voice. Her queries to authors are always reasonable and unfailingly polite.

She is a pleasure to work with and a great favorite with many of my authors.
--- Meryl Gross, Managing Editor, St. Martin's Press
Biographies & Memoirs Health & Wellbeing Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Contemporary Fiction Psychological Thriller Romance Women's Fiction
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Work experience


Jan, 2011 — Present

After a stint as a staff writer at a newspaper and many years freelancing as a writer for newspapers, magazines, and websites, I took a turn to freelance editing, which I find infinitely satisfying and pleasurable. I love working on novels, but I have edited everything from white papers to website copy to promotional materials. I love words.


Jan, 1995 — Jan, 2018 (about 23 years)

I wrote for newspapers, magazines, and websites--from the LA Times to Sierra magazine to PreservationNation--on travel, health, psychology, and more. I continue to blog about introversion for the Psychology Today website, and have published two books about introversion with Perigee Press (a division of Penguin), along with several other books. Today I continue writing but focus on fiction. I am represented by Sharon Pelletier.

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Jan, 2024

Sophia met all expectations. I was stuck in writing in writing a genre outside my comfort zone. I am now unstuck. Her professional commentary and edits hit the mark to help me bring my writing to the next level.
Sophia D.
Thanks, MJ! I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and wish you the best in your revisions!
Abbas T.

Abbas T.

May, 2023

Thank you, Sophia, for being on-time and very professional! I found your suggestions very helpful!
Sophia D.
Very happy to help and excited to see where you go with it!
Michael W.

Michael W.

Feb, 2023

It was great working with Sophia. I look forward to getting her help again in the future.
Sophia D.
It was a pleasure, Michael. Look forward to the next one!


Dec, 2022

Sophia is a pleasure to wrk with. She is kind, sensitive, has great insights and suggestions, and really cares about the author.
Sophia D.
I definitely care! Especially with such a complicated and sensitive topic. It was a pleasure working with you.
Sarah -.

Sarah -.

Jun, 2022

It is safe to say that I now know how authors feel after having their work edited. Having your work critiqued and plot holes (several for me) pointed out may not be the most comforting thing, but it certainly is for the best. I appreciate Sophia's immense effort in editing my rather long book and having me go back and fix a number of things that, until she pointed them out, I had not seen as pr...
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Sophia D.
I am SO glad I was able to provide a better experience for you! I enjoyed working on your books and still think about it.

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