Dan Crissman

Dan Crissman – Editor

Professional editor with over a decade of experience at W. W. Norton, FSG, and top-tier indies.


I'm a professional editor specializing in history, popular science, memoir, how-to, and travel books. I've worked at major publishing houses—including HarperCollins, Macmillan, and W. W. Norton—for over a decade, editing books as varied as a sweeping history of African Americans (CHILDREN OF FIRE by Thomas C. Holt) to a mystery series set in 1930s New York (Peter Quinn's Fintan Dunne novels) to a coffee table book about beer label design (OH BEAUTIFUL BEER by Harvey Shepard). I've also written two books: BREWING EVERYTHING (Norton, 2018) and CLEVELAND IN 50 MAPS (Belt, 2019).

For the past several years, I've been working with self-published authors on a freelance basis and have found it extremely rewarding. Whether it's an in-depth edit or just a finishing touch, I love helping authors who might not fit the traditional publishing model realize their vision and get their work out into the world.
Business & Management Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits History Nature Political Science & Current Affairs Travel
Comics & Graphic Novels Historical Fiction
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience

Indiana University Press

Nov, 2021 — Present

Acquires trade and regional titles and directs scholarly editorial strategy for a list of 75+ new titles per year

Belt Publishing

Sep, 2017 — Oct, 2021 (about 4 years)

Acquires and edits for an independent press based in the Rust Belt.


Jan, 2017 — Present

Works with agents, publishers, and authors across a variety of genres.

W. W. Norton & Company

Oct, 2014 — Jan, 2017 (about 2 years)

Acquired and edited roughly 30 titles per year for the Countryman Press imprint.

The Overlook Press

Aug, 2011 — Oct, 2014 (about 3 years)

Acquired and edited an eclectic list of history, popular science, memoir, and fiction of all stripes. Worked with authors such as Charles Portis, Milton Glaser, and Elizabeth Drew.

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Mar, 2009 — Jul, 2011 (over 2 years)

Edited scholarly and crossover trade history for the Hill & Wang imprint. Worked with authors such as Elie Wiesel, Eric Foner, and the late Harvey Pekar.


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David B.

David B.

Sep, 2022

Dan was highly competent and very patient with the beginning stages of my project. He thoroughly reviewed the narrative as expressed by the illustrations, offering encouragement to the good and a keen insight to potential issues. I most highly recommend and plan to use him in the future.
Ly K.

Ly K.

Jan, 2022

I found most of Dan's suggestions helpful and provocative. I am re-writing using many of his suggestions. I am hoping to get a better, more publishable book from this experience. Dan and I were hoping to leave the collaboration open...
Avalon R.

Avalon R.

Nov, 2020

Dan was an absolute breeze to work with as a publisher: he was very communicative and detail oriented, and he stuck to his deadlines perfectly. His work is very thorough and brings the manuscript up to the level of professionalism we'd like to see for all manuscripts. We look forward to working with Dan again!
Travis A.

Travis A.

Nov, 2020

Dan was great to work with throughout the entire process. With it being my first book, I had a lot of questions and many of them weren't part of editing but he was always more than willing to assist throughout the entire process. Dan was very timely and informative and did a tremendous job on the editing and production of the book. I would highly recommend Dan as he was very good and most impo...
Read more
Irma S.

Irma S.

May, 2020

Mr. Crissman was very professional. His edits were ready when he said. He had some great suggestions and was easy to talk to. I highly recommend him.

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