Edward Cyzewski

Edward Cyzewski – Editor

Experienced editor of nonfiction books (esp. spirituality/self-help). Development and copy edits draw on my work as an author and MDiv.


With over a dozen years of experience in book publishing, development editing, and evaluating nonfiction book proposals, I am passionate about helping authors refine and clarify their ideas. I have extensively worked with religious publishers and have a Master of Divinity degree, although my editorial work covers a wide range of nonfiction topics such as business and self-help.

My role as an editor is to simultaneously represent the concerns of the author and the audience so that the author's message intersects with the needs and expectations of the audience.


A great nonfiction book should pitch itself as an urgent need for readers. The reader should feel an aching need for the book, and then it's up to the author to deliver a clear, organized, accessible message in as few words as possible to alleviate the ache.

Failing to help readers feel an aching need for their book means no one will read it.

Failing to help readers recover from the aching need means bad reviews.

My job is to ask the tough questions of a manuscript or proposal while advocating for the talents and insights of my clients. I see myself as an author’s best defense against a negative review or a critical tweet. Having been on both sides of the editing process, I am uniquely positioned to communicate editorial suggestions, sometimes for major changes, in a compassionate and constructive manner.


My experience in book publishing and editing includes writing for commercial publishers since 2007 and development editing and book proposal evaluations for authors and publishers since 2010. My editing clients include contract work with publishers and authors working with publishers.

I have worked with Barbour Publishing, NavPress, Wesleyan Publishing, Malcolm Down Publishing, CLC Publishing, Cascade Books, Herald Press, and Kregel Publications.

Many of my bestselling clients, such as Austin Channing Brown and Sarah Bessey, have sent their ideas, proposals, or manuscripts to me for development edits prior to submitting their books to publishers.

“Every time someone asks me for direction with a book proposal or even publishing as a whole, I always send them to Ed. I have found him to be wise, insightful, knowledgeable, and empowering."
- Sarah Bessey, Jesus Feminist

"Ed is a pro, and he knows so darn much about publishing and the proposal process... He made specific, actionable suggestions on what needed improvement, and bolstered my confidence by pointing out what I’d actually done well."
- Anne Bogel, What Should I Read Next

“Ed has been an incredible help and encouragement to me in my writing life. He offered a number of resources as I pondered self-publishing and answered many questions I had about expanding my writing beyond my blog. Having Ed in my corner helped me get out of my head, and move forward my writing life with confidence.”
- Austin Channing Brown, I'm Still Here (A New York Times bestseller)

Business & Management Christian Non-Fiction Inspirational Self-Help & Self-Improvement Writing & Publishing
English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 2007 — Present

With over a dozen years of experience in nonfiction book publishing, development editing, and evaluating nonfiction book proposals, I am available for long and short-term freelance book editing and book writing work.

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Davis M.

Davis M.

Mar, 2023

Ed was awesome to work with! His communication was on time, his work thorough. I feel like my book is ready to go after working with him.
Mike C.

Mike C.

Sep, 2022

Very professional
Ian R.

Ian R.

Aug, 2022

Ed is extremely professional is an outstanding editor. As a first time author, he did an exceptional job in making recommendations and coaching me along the process. When comparing my initial non-fiction manuscript to the edited version, the readability, clarity and focus exponentially increased. Ed is easy to get in contact with, friendly and tolerated all of my questions throughout the pro...
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Ann T.

Ann T.

Jun, 2022

Edward C. very professional and supportive while working on my text. His remarks helped me understand the position of a reader and corriger when necessary. Also he gave me good advice on how to continue. His work was done fast and correctly. I appreciate his work a lot.

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