Carol Reed

Carol Reed – Editor

Three decades as a top US nonfiction copy/line editor on business, management, tech, biographies and memoirs at HarperCollins and more.


I'm a skilled, seasoned New York-area line editor, copy editor, proofreader and journalist with substantial experience. The mission: Get readers into your text quickly and keep them reading with compelling words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters that sing. They'll come back for more and that's good for you. For websites, I can handle any part of the writing or editing you require. Fluent in editing with InDesign.


I've edited best-selling nonfiction books for HarperCollins, Intellectual Ventures and other major publishing houses on themes as diverse as business, technology, biographies, memoirs, environment, travel, food and art. In the realm of websites, I've edited, written and produced style guides for top New York-based consumer websites.

I'm there for you to polish language, banish wordiness, restructure text, change spellings and idioms from British to US style, check facts, or cast a fine-tooth look at style, tone, pace, grammar, punctuation and all the other little details of elegant prose. My services include: developmental editing, editorial assessments, copyediting and proofreading. I also handle rewriting and line editing, which is in-depth editing that involves, if need be, restructuring sentences and paragraphs.


1. DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING (See the Reedsy definition here:

2. EDITORIAL ASSESSMENT (See the Reedsy definition here:

3. COPYEDITING (See the Reedsy definition of US copyediting here: The UK definition varies from the US, where copyediting is the highly detailed intermediary step between broad-brush developmental editing and speedier proofreading. Copyediting is not the same as proofreading.

4. PROOFREADING (See the Reedsy definition of US proofreading here: Proofreading is not the same as copyediting, which is much more detailed and time-consuming. To be clear, proofreading is a final, detailed read to make sure nothing was missed during copyediting.


Any writing and/or editing services required, including checking HTML coding.

Architecture Art Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Design Technology
English (US)
  • B.A in French Literature
  • M.A. in International Journalism, specialty in urban planning and architectural history
  • Certificate in French culinary technique, French Culinary Institute, NYC
  • Diplôme, Cours de civilisation française de la Sorbonne (CCFS), Paris


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Dalmo C.

Dalmo C.

Jun, 2023

Carol brings decades of experience to the table and is thorough in all steps of the process. Her contributions had a positive impact in the quality of the book.
Shireen S.

Shireen S.

Jul, 2022

Carol did an excellent job reviewing the manuscript I had written for a course. She not only gave detailed comments about each module, but also edited 3 of them to demonstrate how much more work was needed. I appreciated her direct no nonsense feedback, which I’ve been able to use to create a much better manuscript. Carol gave so much more than I’d expected. For example, she wrote an entire sec...
Read more
Carol R.
Thank you for your kind review, Shireen. I appreciate it. Best of luck to you. Carol
Mark H.

Mark H.

Feb, 2020

After hiring a bad editor through another service my manuscript behind schedule and not yet ready for proofreading. In a bind, I found Carol on Reedsy. She was wonderful to work with! Under a tight deadline Carol was able to turnaround work quickly and was a pleasure to work with (unlike other editors I encountered). She did a fantastic job editing and helped me understand along the way (e.g. ...
Read more
Jeff R.

Jeff R.

Feb, 2020

Carol did an excellent job in her assessment of my book "The Playmaker Mindset". Her insights made me aware of multiple opportunities for improvement. Although she stated that this genre was not necessarily her strongest area of expertise, you would never have known it from her feedback. The notes were concise and direct which I appreciated. She also referenced multiple books in the genre where...
Read more
Virgil K.

Virgil K.

Jan, 2020

She did a great job. I have now sent her a second book to edit as well.

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