Doreen Martens

Doreen Martens – Editor

Meticulous, experienced editor specializing in historical/period fiction, fantasy, YA, sci-fi, nature and memoirs.


With more than 30 years' experience editing, at newspapers in the US and Canada and as a freelance book editor, I specialize in substantive and copy editing and have worked in a wide variety of genres, including historical fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventure, memoir, romance, travel, nature books and YA novels. I have degrees in English lit and journalism, as well as university-level credentials in publishing, with an emphasis on developmental, line and copy editing. Known as a "grammar guru" to the young writers I coached in my journalism career, I can ensure perfect copy editing that helps your writing sing! My goal is to be your most honest but encouraging critic; I truly enjoy the collaborative process of helping writers make their work the very best it can be. Let's chat about your project!
Biographies & Memoirs Christian Non-Fiction Nature Travel
Fantasy Historical Fiction Science Fiction Women's Fiction
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Work experience


Jul, 2016 — Present

Since returning to my first love, books, full time, I've edited a wide variety of popular novels (historical fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventure, YA and more) and nonfiction, including memoirs, nature, and travel books. I enjoy collaborating with independent authors but have also worked with a number of small publishers such as Hancock House, Contento de Semrik and Integrative Ink.

Toronto Star

Jul, 1999 — Sep, 2016 (about 17 years)

Supervised writers from interns to pros, worked with them on developing story ideas and refining their writing, ensured stories were free of mechanical errors and legal issues.

Orange County Register

Oct, 1990 — Jul, 1999 (over 8 years)


A religious cult, militia conspirators, and an FBI standoff. Can a nine-year-old girl survive them all? Sophia's mom has been promised Zion after meeting and marrying a fanatic religious cult member. Sophia is left to protect her younger sister while facing se... read more
Red Bishop

Yuan, R.

She’s been raised to be a slave, sold to the highest bidder. He’s been raised to be a soldier in a military experiment. Now a world unknown to them awaits, but can this new world handle them?Georgia and Kyle are both Unwanteds — children born outside of a fede... read more
The Black Staff

Skinner, D.

Heritage Churches of the Indigenous Peoples of British Columbia - chronicles existing church structures that dot the Indigenous landscape across what was once, a wild frontier and a thriving fur-trading empire. A beautifully illustrated work, with over three h... read more
“Therefore I did obey the voice of the Spirit, and took Laban by the hair of the head, and I smote off his head with his own sword.” (1 Nephi 4: 18)A murder without a suspect...... a country on the brink of war.Will the search for Laban’s killer bring justice,... read more
How far must a man go to outrun the sins of war?The year is 2062. Somewhere between Earth and Mars, the deep-space freighter Odysseus travels toward the asteroid belt on a routine cargo haul. Paul Owens—formerly one of the military’s most elite augmented soldi... read more
EDEN QUEST, Before the Beginning:Lucifer’s rebellion has cast the entire universe into chaos.Millions of innocent lives have been subjected to futility, corruption, and slavery. Lucifer's failed attempt to overthrow Elohim, the Creator, has left him bitter enr... read more
Henry was the first Newfoundland dog I adopted from rescue. Then there was Georgie, Charlie, Kiki and now Buddy.With Henry’s passing, Kiki and Buddy are a new generation of adopted Newfoundland dogs sharing my home. Ten years of rescued dogs, who have actually... read more
A candid memoir of an introvert's international search for his faith, family, and belongingBeing given away for adoption just days after being born left a mystery around Scott Sullivan's life that tugged at his analytical mind, fueling a sense of self-doubt th... read more
What happens when the world's most beloved holiday falls into the hands of communists? Life in the North Pole isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. Ever since Santa and his toy sweatshop moved into town, it’s been nothing but back-breaking labor for the nati... read more
★★★★★ 'An OMG, Freaking-Fantastic, Unputdownable, Unmissable, Unforgettable, Running-Out-Of-Superlatives, One-Click Thriller'★★★★★ 'Hands down, the best thriller of the year'What if the lone-wolf terror attacks around the world weren't random?Terror attacks ar... read more
Are you living your dream life? CBAR is a handbook for people looking to imagine and fulfill their life dreams. Learn and understand... ▪️Your life purpose ▪️The power of your mind, paradigms and the ego ▪️The seven universal laws including the Law of Attracti... read more
Spend less on what you don’t care about and more on what you do.Ready to make peace with your budget? You can save and still enjoy your best life! This quick read is packed with simple ways to carve more out of your budget for the things you love. Easy to unde... read more
The Indigenous peoples who once inhabited New England as long as 10,000 years ago left behind many artifacts that are of particular interest to the archaeologist studying early Indigenous culture. A careful examination of the remnants that have been excavated ... read more
Why would a Colorado rancher sell the home place—the ranch his family had owned and operated for four generations—and move the entire operation to a remote 300,000-acre spread in British Columbia, Canada? For the adventure! And adventure is what Tom and Connie... read more
Being part of the Midwest Pack isn’t easy—especially now.Sky’s life has never been simple—and it only gets more complicated. The Alphas, Ethan, and several key players in the otherworld go missing, thrusting Sky into the position of Elite Alpha and tasking her... read more
BETH AND MEGHAN PETERSEN HAVE NEVER LOST A CASE. THERE'S ALWAYS A FIRST TIME, THOUGHIt starts off with the twins protecting Angie Konstantin and investigating who's behind the attempts on the her life.Hiram Konstantin, her father, billionaire, has no lack of e... read more
Through simple words and illustrations, this book presents a powerful, practical and visionary model for community healing. It outlines a healing process for individuals and communities that is universal and goes to the core of what it means to be a member of ... read more
The Cooper's Hawk presents the general reader and professional biologists interested in birds and nature, with an authoritative account of the breeding biology of the what is perhaps the most abundant, backyard breeding raptor in North America. This urban stat... read more
A TERRORIST INTENT ON DESTRUCTION. HIS TARGET, NEW YORK'S G20 SUMMIT. HIS WEAPON, FIREWhen an assassin burns innocents in New York, Zeb Carter knows they aren't the acts of a random killer.That close to the biggest event in the city, the G20 Summit, they are t... read more
The thrilling conclusion to the Advent Trilogy from Terry Schott!It began in the Ward and continued in the Source. Now see how it all ends in the Exception.Will Alex and Gudrun succeed, or has centuries of planning, scheming and manipulation been for nothing?
From the author of the Game is Life series, comes a brand new Trilogy that begins in the Wardand continues here, in the Source...Visit the Source world and see how the story began ...
What's your blood worth? In a world with skyrocketing inflation and unemployment, blood has become a new commodity and the rarer your blood type, the more it's worth. After losing her job at WNN followed by months of unemployment, Liri is persuaded to sell her... read more
The Nine Bishops

Jonathan A.

On the verge of 18, Mika is preparing, with the help of her kindly uncle Sam, to run away from the circus where she toils as a member of the despised, magic-less class known as the Filth. Then a terrible accident unleashes powerful magic Mika had no idea she p... read more
Alex WolfsonLegendary titan of business and industry around the globe.Said to possess a net worth greater than the twenty wealthiest countries in the world.It is rumoured that his control over world leaders and governments is absolute.An icon of his age, a nam... read more
ASSASSINATING THE PALESTINIAN NEGOTIATORS WAS THE BEGINNING. NOTHING WOULD BE THE SAME AGAIN'You know what's happened?' Avichai Levin, Director of Mossad, was grim.Zeb Carter nodded. Mossad was accused of assassinating Palestinian negotiators.'You've seen the ... read more
A humorous and pithy guide to the craft of writing a screenplay and the business of being a screenwriter.Seeing your name on the silver screen beneath the words "Written By" is a moment most writers only dream of. But for those daring and talented few, brave e... read more
HUMANITY NEEDS A HERO. IT GETS A THIEFYear 5050.Earth is a radioactive wasteland. The few million humans who survived, escaped to Calara, a planet in the Icarus Galaxy.Life on the new planet hasn't turned out the way they hoped.Their President, a sentient AI, ... read more
THERE'S NO MANUAL TO SAVING THE UNIVERSEWhen the Dracons show up, the Neathans have no choice but to fight back. There's is a losing war however. The invaders are the most advanced species in the universe, their weapons systems and technology is ahead of that ... read more
THE WILDERNESS ISN'T READY FOR ZEB CARTERThe remote wilderness of Idaho has become home to Namir, the most wanted terrorist in the world, who is planning a vicious attack on America.Zeb Carter is in the same jungle. He has to protect an innocent, stop Namir, a... read more
Beta Testing Continues...With Fen as his guide, Isaac enters Blades VR, hoping to find Sebastian and fix the game before it crashes.Seabastian and his friends discover that NPCs are suddenly driven to kill every player they meet.And a godling stands in front o... read more
Why do only a small percentage of people rise to the very top of their fields while the majority barely cope with their stress? Why do some entrepreneurs remain optimistic and filled with boundless energy, while most become exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned o... read more
If you dream of packing up your four-wheeler, your snow boots and camera, and setting off to explore the wilderness, A Lap Around Alaska will give you a rare glimpse into the Land of the Midnight Sun, of moose, bear, and bald eagles, of monumental glaciers and... read more
The players gather...They crave adventure, but what kind?The game's creator continues to search for his missing partner who may be the only person capable of stopping the digital world from crumbling around those immersed in it.And what about the Scouts?Who ar... read more
In this hilarious sequel to A Graves Undertaking, Londoner Benjamin “Bennie” Graves, having adjusted to the unique ways of Vaca Seca, the tiny northern New Mexico town where he now runs the Dos Abuelas cafe, faces two new challenges: an egotistic Hollywood pro... read more
Mоѕt ѕuссеѕѕful еntrерrеnеurѕ ѕееm tо hаvе paved their wау to ѕuссеѕѕ bу unlосking ѕоmе special secret. Oftеn, it iѕ a wоndеr hоw these еntrерrеnеurѕ were able to visualize new соnсерts and consistently climb thе ladder to ѕuссеѕѕ. The key lies in recognizing ... read more
This guide provides insights for how business managers measure and monitor the financial health of their businesses. Managers will understand that neglecting to take control of their business’ revenue, risks and returns are sure recipes for mediocre performanc... read more
All Michael Hollister wanted was death.What he got was time travel.Convicted of murder, and with nothing left to live for, Michael commits suicide in his jail cell in 1977, then opens his eyes in 1966, in his eight year old body, all memories of his previous l... read more
Betrayed by Akem and ambushed by his army of monsters in the deadly jungle, I allow the vampire horde to capture me so my mate can escape. The consequences are direr than I thought. Determined to make me hers, the vampire princess pumps half of her black blood... read more

Tami L.

A story of homesickness, surprise friendships, and learning that your place in this world is often more important than you thought.Eleven-year-old Ardith is forced to leave her homeland of Sweden when her father is stationed as king over conquered Estonia. At ... read more
Scott Massey shares his story in the hopes that others who have experienced bullying and addiction may benefit.
A cursed daughter. A stolen son. Time is running out. When her brother is kidnapped, Cassie Goodlight is determined to save him--even if it means learning the magic that nearly destroyed her mother. But how can she beat a shape-shifting sea goblin that taunts ... read more
Have you ever wanted to quit your job, jump in the car with the person you love the most, and see what's around the next bend in the road? I did. My wife and I were crazy enough to quit good jobs, pack our suitcases and head for the open road. We took two mont... read more

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Flore B.

Flore B.

Jun, 2023

Doreen was affordable and easy to work with. She respected my writing style while editing which I appreciate. I will reach out again for my next project!
Suzanne G.

Suzanne G.

May, 2023

Doreen did a great job on my novel MAPLE AVENUE. She took her time, addressed all the timeline and other concerns while also making made it shorter, stronger and better. Great job Doreen! Thanks for all your thoughtful and detailed help. Suzanne
Marianne J.

Marianne J.

Apr, 2023

Five stars plus five more!! Working with Doreen has been an absolute joy. She was ahead of schedule and went above and beyond every step of the way. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has helped turn my mediocre manuscript into a strong and wonderful fun fact book. Doreen is kind, helpful, friendly, very knowledgeable, professional and a delight to work with. She has been so gre...
Read more
Doreen M.
Thanks so much for your kind words, Marianne. I enjoyed working on your book and wish you all the best with it!
Angela P.

Angela P.

Mar, 2023

Always love working with Doreen.
Elizabeth H.

Elizabeth H.

Feb, 2023

Working with Doreen was a wonderful experience from start to finish. I would highly recommend her to any author.
Doreen M.
Thanks, Elizabeth! It was a delight to work on your book!