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David Prendergast – Designer

Abstract cover design for contemporary/literary fiction, historical, thriller, education, self-help, biography. 23+ years experience.


Book and cover designer available to take bookings for any new design commissions. I have worked for various publishers including Secant Publisher, Maverick Press, Poolbeg Press and Gill & MacMillan as well as many self-published authors around the world. My aim is to produce a unique product with my own stamp that stands out. For me simplicity is genius. I have vast experience and knowledge of book cover design, book design for print and ebook formatting in various genres from fiction to non-fiction, including historical fiction, thrillers, educational projects, cookbooks and biographies. If you are looking for a professional book cover or interior design for print and ebook format you have come to the right place!!! I also like to think of myself as very approachable, patient, flexible, open-minded and enjoy working on challenging projects that yield perfect results.
Business & Management Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits History
Contemporary Fiction Historical Fiction Mystery & Crime Romance Thriller & Suspense
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Aug, 2013 — Present


The Emerald Spy

Cassidy, Nicola

The Sleeper Lies

Mara, Andrea

"A mysterious Gothic chiller of wolves and stars" "A creepy, delicious tale of wolves and darkness in wartime"Cuan wakes from her sleep. She has claws like daggers and glowing amber eyes. Her dress is made from the petals of black roses and she wears a necklac... read more
The year is 1848. It is a time when magic and ghosts exist.Four Magnificent Children are captured by Badblood’s Circus.Theo can look into your eyes and reveal your secret thoughts, which come out of his mouth like a swarm of bees.Ginny has a bird called Blue l... read more
As a pioneering foreign correspondent, Conor O’Clery has been witness to some of the major world events of the past thirty years, including the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, the Iran–Iraq war, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Clinton years in the White... read more
It’s not easy being a businesswoman in 1960s Manchester, but Tara Fitzgerald has done very well for herself. She runs her own hotel and a boarding house and has been offered an interesting investment opportunity. But Tara can’t let go of Ballygrace Manor back ... read more
A Letter From America

Geraldine O'Neill

It is the late 60’s in Tullamore, County Offaly, and life is full of exciting possibilities for Fiona Tracey, as she prepares to leave Ireland to work for a wealthy family in New York. Fiona’s parents have the local shop and bar, and her younger sisters are al... read more
Liam Dee’s world is turned upside down when a young foreign groom is murdered at Bailey McFarlane’s stables on the Curragh. Liam, a champion steeplechase jockey, is initially both witness and suspect. However, shrewd police detective Diarmuid Yeats takes a gam... read more
In Life is a Funny Business Alan Shatter revisits his early life experiences and explores how he was shaped and influenced by them.For the first time he describes the tragedy and comedy in his family history and background, depicted through the lens of an Iris... read more
White Ghost Ridge

Carol Coffey

When ex-trooper, Lee Carter, is arrested for the brutal murder of Archaeology Professor Alec Colton, Detective Sergeant Locklear knows the odds are stacked against proving that his friend is innocent. He finds himself suspended from duty and knows his only hop... read more
This box set includes Through Streets Broad and Narrow, Ha’Penny Chance and The Ha’Penny Place from the Ivy Rose Series.On New Year’s Day 1925 Ivy Rose Murphy awakes to find her world changed forever. Her irresponsible Da is dead. She is grief-stricken and alo... read more
Lia needs to find out why her father jumped from the cliff onto the Devil’s Teeth rocks below. The only way to understand what happened is to go to the isolated weather-beaten island herself.However, there’s more to the island than cliffs and storms and histor... read more
The Emerald Dress

Vivienne Kearns

PRESENT DAY DUBLINLucy Young travels to Dublin to search for her ancestor Hugh Gavin who emigrated from Dublin to Boston in 1720. She brings with her a 300- year-old diary written by the Duchess of Alden of Boden Castle, Dublin. When Lucy contacts Professor Pa... read more
Kilbride House

Sheila Forsey

A STORY OF ENDURING LOVE, SIBLING LOYALTY AND A SECRET PACT THAT LASTS A LIFETIME Kilbride House is set on the mystical Dingle Peninsula. Victoria Goulding, a Protestant, falls in love with Canice Meagher, born on the Blasket Islands and a Roman Catholic. To b... read more
Wanted, a respectable woman to care for a motherless child.When William D. Thomas’s wife dies in childbirth, he places an advertisement in his local newspaper seeking a nanny for his newborn child.He is thankful when an experienced nanny arrives at 43 Laurence... read more
Hearts Anonymous

Jonathan Dunne

Jack shares his fiancée Jeanie's heart in more ways than he would care to admit…Weeks following a horrific accident, Jack wakes on a hospital bed with his bride-to-be’s heart pumping in his chest.In death, Jeanie has saved Jack’s life…What at first seems to be... read more
The adventure begins at sunrise when a wide-awake Charles suggests to sleepy older brother Max: breakfast at their grandparents' house might be a great fill-up. It's only a dash away through the pony pasture. The spinning dish whirls, filled with breakfast goo... read more
Saturday, November 10, 1984. Max and Charles are off on a “guys’ getaway” with their stepfather, Fred. The trip takes them to Kent and Queen Anne’s counties, located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It’s Veterans Day Weekend, and Fred has planned this trip ar... read more
The Footman

A. O'Connor

From the country mansions of 1930s Ireland, to the decadence of 1940s wartime Paris to the courtrooms of London in modern times.What the Footman saw . . .In 1930s Ireland, Joe Grady becomes the footman at the stately home Cliffenden, owned by the glamorous Ful... read more
In 1861 nineteen-year-old Bertie, Prince of Wales, began an affair with the Irish actress Nellie Cliffden. By Royal Appointment is a fictionalised account of their story, based on true events.In the years following the Great Famine of the 1840’s, Queen Victori... read more
When Sylvia looks out her bedroom window at night and sees a child face down in the pond next door, she races into her neighbour's garden. But the pond is empty, and no-one is answering the door.Wondering if night feeds and sleep deprivation are getting to her... read more
Home To Cavendish

Antoinette Tyrrell

The Irish Civil War is raging across County Cork, and sixteen-year-old Edith Cavendish, bored within the confines of her privileged life, embarks on a forbidden love affair with local rebel Tadgh Carey. But Edith is unaware of the dark secrets surrounding her,... read more
47 Seconds

Jane Ryan

I HEREBY SOLEMNLY AND SINCERELY DECLARE BEFORE GOD THAT I WILL FAITHFULLY DISCHARGE THE DUTIES OF A MEMBER OF THE GARDA SÍOCHÁNA . . .Detective Garda Bridget Harney’s obsession with Séan Flannery began when he claimed his assault on an underage victim was cons... read more
1821: After the landlord of Lugdale Estate in Kerry is assassinated, young Art O’Neill’s innocent father is hanged and Art is deported to the cane fields of Jamaica as an indentured servant. On Mangrove Plantation he gradually acclimatises to the exotic countr... read more
Still You

Claire Allan

When those unforgettable memories slip beyond your reach, you are still you – always you. When summer arrives to Temple Muse in 1963, the big house Áine Quigley shares with her mother is brought to life with the arrival of her sister Charlotte, home from Italy... read more
Dark Wood Dark Water

Tina Callaghan

Something is wrong with the town of Bailey. Something dark, something dangerous. Something evil.Josh's brother has just drowned. He meets Kate and Gabe, who also have lost family to the river. When they seek the help of a local historian, Naylor, he tells them... read more
Eat The Moon

Breda Joy

When Kieran O’Mahony rides away to the hunt on a powerful black horse, his mother is gripped by a sense of foreboding. He is a rising hurling star, with the world at his feet and one spirited local girl in his heart. His grandmother, however, has read a fright... read more
Secret Genocide

Daniel Pedersen

Gripping and honest, Secret Genocide gives a voice to a people the world has forgotten. It shows the Karen don't want charity from the Western World; they are simply fighting for the right to live their lives - in peace and without fear.Journalist and author D... read more
It is 1973 and Connie Devine prepares to leave County Offaly to study medicine in Manchester. Her mother Kate, however, had her heart set on Connie going to university in Dublin and is bitterly disappointed not to get her wish. She fears that her daughter will... read more
1869 – When Milandra Carter arrives to live on Sackville Street as a young widow, she becomes the talk of Dublin. Firstly, she scandalises society by refusing to wear the mandatory widow’s weeds. She then sets her sights on marrying Nicholas Fontenoy. But Nich... read more
Saskia watches the lives of others from her eyrie in Lavender Square with a lonely fascination. While the teacher, the recluse, the advertising whizz-kid and the African woman and her young son run, rush, dart and dash, she knows for sure that she will never h... read more
In 1920’s inner-city Dublin tenements, Ivy Rose Murphy struggles to survive and thrive in the harsh poverty-stricken environment she was born into. She is trying to adapt to her new role as a married woman. There are those jealous of the improvements she has m... read more

J.S. Devey

The world is braced for war. Then comes the flood: Creatures made of water inundate the streets of Seattle, decimating the city, killing thousands. Dr. Kristen Combs makes a critical discovery about the Aquatic invaders, drawing the attention of the U.S. milit... read more
Scott makes enemies everywhere. Powerful people want him dead. He’s coming back to Ireland to finish what he started. But first, he must make it out of Marrakech alive. Jen knows Scott will come back. Every day, she waits. He almost killed her last time and, f... read more

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Christopher B.

Christopher B.

Nov, 2023

David is a true professional. His work on cover design and text formatting is exceptional. I couldn't be more pleased with the work he did for me. But beyond that, he is an incredibly good communicator who listens carefully and responds quickly. He is undoubtedly the best professional I have worked with on Reedsy. I certainly plan to work with him again, and would recommend him to others withou...
Read more
Sweta P.

Sweta P.

Nov, 2023

David was able to take the heart of our book and turn it into the perfect cover image. His attention to detail is remarkable-from color to shadows to overall nailing the mood of the scene. He was patient with this first-time author and was timely in answering questions and integrating our feedback. We absolutely love the formatting of the book as well. Again, his eye for detail shines through w...
Read more
Almudena K.

Almudena K.

Nov, 2023

Working with David has been an incredibly positive experience. He has exceptional design skills. Besides his creativity as a designer, he also provides a wealth of knowledge in the publishing industry. As a first time author, I learned a lot from him. His designs are amazing. His book formatting is flawless and full of character. Thank you David. You will be my designer forever. I love my book ...
Read more
Eric L.

Eric L.

Oct, 2023

David was easy to work with, responsive, and detail-oriented. I would be very happy to work with him again.
Eric C.

Eric C.

Oct, 2023

David is the best. He created the best book cover on the planet. He then created my logo and hit it out of the park again. If you want the best artwork hire David P. I guarantee you will love his artwork.

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