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35 yrs editing nonfiction books—self-help, how-to, career guides, memoirs. Copyediting. Caring and friendly—new authors welcome!

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I've been a freelance nonfiction book editor since 1985, located first in Hollywood and then the New York City metro area. I am also a twice-published nonfiction author, wrote a historical fantasy novella that garnered three awards, and am a scenic photographer. I enjoy editing books in creative, inspirational/self-help, instructional and entrepreneurial categories.

Scheduling Note: Normally, as described in the following paragraphs, I offer developmental and content editing, copyediting, and editorial assessment services. Between July and September 2021, I will be taking time off to relocate cross-country. After I am settled in my new location, I will again accept developmental editing, content editing and editorial assessment assignments in addition to copyediting, and will note that here in my profile. Please read on to learn about my editing experience and the full range of my editing services!

My book credits include titles in film, music, and vocal instruction; artistic and athletic self-improvement and inspiration; entertainer and celebrity memoirs; personal advice and self-help; and nutrition and alternative healthcare (see Portfolio below). Several of my projects were wonderful stories of how someone skilled in their field--a celebrity, artist, health investigator, entrepreneur or teacher--came to develop their own new approach, method or technique that led to rewarding success and a notable advance in their field or profession.

I call my editorial approach “comprehensive" editing (also known as content editing) because I strive to tailor my work to your individual needs and help improve many aspects of the manuscript. Every manuscript requires somewhat different attention, so I try to understand the author’s vision and purpose, recognize the manuscript’s current condition, see what can be improved, and communicate and implement the solutions.

This means that as your content or developmental editor, I look out for many aspects of your work in addition to grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. Are the style and tone appropriate for the book's purpose and intended readers? Are there any gaps or errors in logic, research or presentation that make your discussion hard to follow? Do paragraphs and chapters flow smoothly from one to the next and are each of the book’s parts in the best sequence? Even if I am doing copyediting for you, I still won't ignore any larger problems of meaning or structure that I see, but will bring these to your attention.

When performing developmental editing, my overall aim is to help you organize and craft your book into both the type of book you want it to be, and the best book it can be. I do this in part by noticing things that might take your manuscript away from that purpose and working with you to fix them. Preserving your personal style and voice is vital, as well as helping you tell your story with the right kind of impact. I like to say that writing is both an art and a craft, and written words, like musical notes, must be arranged in a correct and harmonious way to really sing!

I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your objectives and dreams as an author! See below for some reviews and comments from authors.

++About FRAME BY FRAME, a Handbook for Creative Filmmaking, by Eric Sherman:

“Should be the Bible for aspiring and professional filmmakers.” ‑Samuel Fuller, director

“The clearest vision of the craft of cinema that I have ever encountered.” ‑Gary Essert, founder FILMEX


“Music Book of the Year.” ‑Pacific Coast Review

“A college within a book.” ‑Musician Magazine

++About THE ARTISTS’ MANIFESTO, by Thomas Lane:

“No artist should begin his or her career without first reading this book. Lane speaks of one of the most important aspects of any artist's career—taking responsibility for your own art.” ‑-Rich Esra, former V.P., Arista Records; educator, Univ. of California at Los Angeles

“This is a very timely book. The Artists’ Manifesto champions artists in all fields who are working to surmount the greed and selfishness in the world today.” ‑-Len Forman, former V.P. Marketing, Simon & Schuster


“Our best vocal book.”

--Hal Leonard, publisher, The Professional Singer’s Handbook by Gloria Rusch

“You did a beautiful job on this, from title to word‑by‑word work.”

--Tony Cohan, Acrobat Books, publisher, Frame by Frame by Eric Sherman

“You are a great editor and fun to work with.”

--Thomas Lane, author, The Artists’ Manifesto

“Special thanks...your superb editing helped transform my raw manuscript into a concise and flowing communication.”

--John Novello, author, The Contemporary Keyboardist

English (US)
Biographies & Memoirs
Career Guides
Health & Wellbeing
Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Sports & Outdoors


  • Finalist in Visionary Fiction, USA Bests Books 2011
  • Silver Medal Finalist Novella, 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
  • Finalist in Cross-Genre Fiction, 2012 National Indie Excellence Awards

Work experience

Comprehensive Nonfiction Content and Copy Editor, Developmental Editor

July, 2001 – Present (almost 21 years)

As described above in this profile.

Curriculum Content Editor for Corporate Online Universities

January, 2000 – June, 2001 (over 1 year)

I worked with curriculum writers and experts to edit courses for the online universities of corporate clients including Barnes and Noble, Visa and Dell. Responsible for ensuring the overall quality of interactive courses through developmental and copy editing. Revised, restructured and rewrote course lesson text, sidebars, quizzes and assignments. Course subjects included retirement planning, investing, online commerce, fine art appreciation, family savings planning, college admission, consumer investing and finance, investment risk and reward, and others.

Nonfiction Developmental and Copy Editor

May, 1985 – January, 2000 (over 14 years)

My editorial services are described above in the Overview.

Portfolio (13 selected works)

The 24 Hour Diet

Prof. Brian S. Peskin, Stephen Cavallino, M.D.

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