Clelia Lewis

Clelia Lewis - Editor

Prescott, AZ, USA

I specialize in copy editing and indexing works of dharma and spiritual teachings, self-development, memoir and poetry.

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With over thirty years of spiritual practice in an eclectic yet traditional lineage, I have developed an understanding of many spiritual traditions and teachings as well as psychology and human development. This depth of experience combined with exceptional writing and editing skills, allows me to help you separate the essential from the nonessential so that the heart of your communication shines through.

What you need:
Your voice is unique, you need someone who can hear it and empower it. You need clarity and precision from a trustworthy perspective.

What I provide:
Thorough and passionate about the power of language, I work in partnership with you so that your words are fresh and alive as well as elegant and consistent in style.

"Dear Clelia, I would like to thank you for the fine work you are doing on the new book! You certainly have the feel for it. For me it’s not only the ‘message’ that’s important, but the music as well. And yours is such a fine accompaniment…Your suggestions and reformulations are always for the better—I really appreciate working with you. My fondest thoughts, Philippe." Philippe Reiryu Coupey, Zen teacher in the Soto line of Taisen Deshimaru.

Here is an outline of how the editing process works, so you know what to expect:

1. You send me a description of your manuscript (word count/pages, any background you feel is important, your intentions for publication, and your timing) along with a sample of it and what level of editing you are looking for.

2. I edit the sample and send it back along with an offer and estimated timeline.

3. If we are a good fit, you accept the offer, send the full manuscript, and I begin the editing process.

4. I work in Word with Track Changes. This allows you to see and easily accept or reject changes. I can ask questions for clarification or make suggestions in the Comments, and you can respond there as well. Once I am done I will send you two copies of the fully edited manuscript: one with all the mark-up, and one in which the edits have been integrated so you can see them side by side.

5. You incorporate the edits, accepting or rejecting changes, considering my suggestions and questions and rewording anything you see fit. You can ask me questions at any time (I will get back to you within one business day) and we can go back and forth in the process as many times as needed up to the completion date we have agreed to.

If this sounds good to you, give me a shout and let's get to work!

"Clelia Lewis is an outstanding editor. A significant work I recently published was enhanced by her clarity, precision, and discernment. Clelia was respectful of my purpose for writing and of my intention, even for sometimes idiosyncratic word choices. At the same time, when she thought I might possibly be off my own mark she did not hesitate to question me, which I appreciated. She was already very familiar with the subject area of my work, and still, on her own, occasionally researched less familiar specifics. I greatly enjoyed Clelia’s flexible, cheerful, thorough, and highly intelligent contribution to my book, and our warm and stimulating collaborative working relationship." - Barbara Du Bois, Buddhist teacher, disciple of H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche and H.H. Garchen Rinpoche.


Services explained:


This is the lightest edit, the last stage before publishing. Proof-reading is the final sweep at the end of your process, catching missed details and typos. If your manuscript has already been edited for clarity and style, this may be all you need. This is always included as the final step of any edit I do.

Copy editing:

More thorough than proof-reading, copy editing applies to a manuscript that still needs final technical refinements relating to grammar, typos, punctuation, missing words, incorrect words, misspellings, minor clarity issues, and technical consistency.

Line Editing:

Line editing includes but goes beyond basic copy editing, taking a deeper look at the line and paragraph level regarding tone, flow, structure and meaning of the manuscript, and making suggestions or asking questions that bring the writing to its cleanest, clearest form.

Issues that line editing addresses include: awkward sentence construction, wordiness, lack of clarity, vagueness, jargon, crutch words, redundancies, minor fact checking, and consistency of spelling, punctuation style, numbers, names and facts.


Indexing involves a deep read of the text to find the themes, ideas, and vocabulary relevant to anyone reading the book, then organizing them into a thorough, coherent list for reference.

English (US)
Biographies & Memoirs
Religion & Spirituality
Self-Help & Self-Improvement

Work experience

Associate Editor

Hohm Press
February, 2016 – Present (over 6 years)

I provide copy editing and indexing services , as well as other assistance to Regina Sara Ryan, Managing Editor at Hohm Press.

Freelance Editor

January, 2016 – Present (over 6 years)

Developmental Editing, Copy Editing, Indexing

Portfolio (6 selected works)

The Art of Contemplation

Young, Mary Angelon

Brave, Generous & Undefended: Heart Teachings on the 37 Bodhisattva Practices

Du Bois Barbara, Rinpoche, His Eminence Garchen Triptrul

Pay Attention and Remember: Early Teachings

Lozowick, Lee, Fedorschak, VJ (Vijaya), Fedorschak, Karuna

Clelia has 9 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Sara Quintanilla
I want to express my sincere gratitude to Clelia for her outstanding contribution to my project. Clelia is talented, caring, knowledgeable, and she puts a lot of love and dedication into her work. She naturally made the process easy and enjoyable for me. I would love to work with Clelia again.

Sara Quintanilla, July 2022

Angie Harris
Anyone who gets to work with Clelia will be blessed with wisdom and guidance on their journey. I could not have picked a better person to edit my book and help bring it to life. It is almost as if she was an extension of the book as it was written and meant to be aligned with its work. If you are looking for an editor and feel lead to use her, you will NOT be disappointed. She is marvelous! I ...
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Angie Harris, May 2022

Clelia Lewis
Thank you so much for this wonderful review, Angie! I am so pleased to have gotten to work with you on your book, which inspires and encourages me as well!

Reply from Clelia Lewis

Ray Catania
Working with Clelia was a pleasure, from the first day. She understood exactly what I needed and delivered ahead of schedule. Her work was exemplary. Detailed descriptions, citations, and fact finding were perfectly on point. Communication along the way was also exceptionally good and this was important to me as well.

Ray Catania, May 2022

Clelia Lewis
Thanks Ray! It has been a real pleasure working with you as well!

Reply from Clelia Lewis

Fauve Honoré
From the very beginning Clelia offered validation, respect, and passion for the project. She understood what I was trying to convey in my writing and was very generous in being ready to discuss it with sincere interest. Our exchanges opened me up to the way forward through the areas where I was confused. There was a collaborative spirit with someone who not only clearly has the writing skills b...
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Fauve Honoré, April 2022

Pamela Thindwa
Working with Clelia revitalized my enthusiasm for writing. She is an outstanding editor and engages with the work in a genuine and professional manner. Clelia is amazing at communicating and meets deadlines without compromising quality.

Pamela Thindwa, April 2022

Clelia Lewis
Thanks Pamela!

Reply from Clelia Lewis

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