Maria D'Marco

Maria D'Marco – Editor

Empathetic Developmental Editor specializing in YA, Historical fiction, Series/Trilogies, and Self-Help for 25+ years. Customized services.


I am a professional book editor specializing in Developmental & Line edits for nearly three decades. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges of developmental editing and delight in working with authors with a raw first draft, a manuscript with feedback from beta readers and/or has faced writing group 'skirmishes'. Some have been retrieved from the depths of a desk drawer. Others seem complete, yet there is the nagging feeling that something is 'missing'.

From 1st-book authors to published pros, I provide insightful support and work to reveal, explain, and promote the foundational actions their book needs to succeed. My author cohorts and I search for the best possible iteration of their story, often broadening the reach of the message and sharpening cliff edges and conflicts. Creating the smooth, unfettered pathway from mind to 'page' demands courage, a confident pen, and the trust in one's ability to craft a story with clarity. I strive to be the net beneath every author who walks the high wire of balancing vision and action to keep moving forward.

Editing is my profession but writing is my passion, and I hold the belief that having the soul of a writer allows me to envision and experience each author's story through the passion they have poured into it. I view every author and their manuscript as unique. This view demands that I recommend editing services unique to each manuscript with benefits tailored to the specific needs or specific stage of the manuscript.

I am a firm believer that story construction, character evolution, productive scenes, sterling dialogue, and dynamic conflict, operating within an engrossing environment, are all necessary for great story-telling. And even a rough draft, with all these elements yet bereft of perfect grammar, will deeply engage any reader.

As a progressive editor who has observed the rapidly mutating world of publishing for years, I regularly check the pulse of current writer/author conundrums (including the latest scams), acquire new agent listings, keep up with contemporary publishing standards and trends, as well as follow and comment on top-ranked writing blogs.

I have enjoyed many wonderful editing experiences on Reedsy supporting first-book and previously published authors. Whatever author situation, my approach and intent is honesty, kindness, and bringing the material to a greater iteration of the original by enlightening author perceptions and abilities to communicate their story.

My edit interactions with authors do not stop at the completion of an edit or assessment. I remain available for gratis consults to clarify my notes , as I believe an author cannot best utilize my guidance if they are unsure of my meaning. Ours is a shared creative experience, so we will work through any concerns or questions. I'm here for you.

As an extension of every author's journey to publication, I can review book queries and proposals, synopses and cover blurbs.

Want to be certain of your story and your concept? Reach out and we'll cross the bridges together.
Dystopian Historical Fiction Psychological Thriller Young Adult
Self-Help & Self-Improvement
English (UK) English (US)
  • Copy Editing I, II (EFA)
  • Master Writers I & II (John Yeoman)

Work experience


Jan, 1993 — Present

Perform all levels of manuscript edits, from in-depth developmental edits and comprehensive line edits to insightful, illuminating manuscript assessments.

Establish collaborative partnerships with authors, tailoring editing to their needs in order to produce the highest iteration of their book within their budget parameters.

Coach authors through all developmental levels of their books, from initial concepts to world-building to developing character profiles to blocking out a first draft, and beyond.

Ghost-editing support from rough draft through final polish.


Tell Me The Truth


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Holly M.

Holly M.

Aug, 2023

Maria is a wonderful editor. She has been incredibly helpful with all of my questions. She is very approachable, kind and polite. Her process is clearly thorough, and I've found her notes easy to understand. I would highly recommend her.
Maria D.
Holly was a delight to work with, having a poignant and intense story and premise to tell and present. Her book offers some tremendous insights, given honestly and with tremendous insights. I wis...
Read more
Pamela S.

Pamela S.

Aug, 2023

Maria's input is turning my disjointed thoughts into a cohesive whole that I believe will make an excellent non-fiction book. Her comments are straight forward, easy to understand, and get right to the heart of the matter. I'm so grateful for her insights, expertise, and professionalism. I have more books to come and look forward to collaborating with her again.
Maria D.
Pamela has written a unique book in a field littered with like-kind books -- yet her voice and vision rise above the ordinary. This is a self-help genre book that manages to avoid any hint of victi...
Read more
Debra F.

Debra F.

Feb, 2023

This was my first experience with Reedsy and I am thrilled with the results! Maria far exceeded my expectations. She understood my vision and her guidance has been invaluable. I had planned to consider other editors for my next novel, but I won't be doing that. I'll be using Mariafor as long as she is willing to work with me.
Maria D.
Debra has been a lovely author to work with, confident (though she would likely refuse that description) and prepared to take action and apply guidance given, her drive to produce finely curated ma...
Read more
Gerald B.

Gerald B.

Jan, 2023

I had an extremely positive experience working with Maria. She responded to my messages quickly and offered thorough and insightful feedback on my questions and throughout the manuscript. I would definitely work with Maria again and I feel like my book will truly be a stronger piece of literature because of her direction. Thanks so much, Maria!
Felicia H.

Felicia H.

Jan, 2023

Maria’s feedback has been immensely helpful and guiding. She always responded right away and strove to suggest ways how I could make my book stronger and better. One of the reasons I chose her, was because she went above and beyond to make an effort to understand what I was trying to say with my book, instead of forcing her own ideas on me. I very much enjoyed our collaboration and am extremel...
Read more
Maria D.
Felicia is a imaginative, resourceful, and passionate author who was a delight to work with...being both receptive to guidance and assertive in her application of it. I enjoyed our collaborative e...
Read more

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