Danielle Higley

Danielle Higley – Editor

Freelance editor with a passion for young adult and middle grade literature.


I got my start in children's lit six years ago and have been passionate about the genre ever since. My experience lies largely in middle grade fiction, though I've been fortunate to take on some YA and middle grade nonfiction as well. As I've grown my client base, I've developed a passion for all parts of the editing process, from the first developmental edit to the final proofread.

When completing a developmental edit, I give a lot of comments, and I ask a lot of questions. Not every author has the same vision for their project, and it's my job to assist in the creative process so the author's intentions can be brought to life. My goal is to collaborate on the work, not to trample all over the author's creativity or voice. In all editing stages—including proofreading and copy editing—my style is gentle but thorough. I prefer to edit using track changes, because I don't want any surprises, and I'll typically explain my thought process on areas with larger edits.

Preference-wise, I love stories with strong, believable plots; a good balance of dialogue and description; and intriguing characters that compel me to care about their wellbeing. I like girl and boy protagonists equally, but I prefer strong girls who defy gender norms, and boy characters who do the same (I've yet to edit a book with a non-binary protag, but I look forward to that day!). In stories where characters are LGBTQ or racially diverse (bring on the diverse books!), I lean toward the idea that an "own voices" author is probably most qualified to write that character. If you don't know what that means, give it a Google. There's a wide range of opinions on this topic, from very favorable to vehement disagreement. My opinion errs on the side of, it's necessary and it's wanted.

I look forward to meeting you and reading your book.
Children’s Non-Fiction
LGBTQ Fiction Middle Grade Mystery & Crime Romance Young Adult
English (US)
  • Poynter News University Certificate in Copyediting
  • ACES Certificate in Editing
  • Bachelor's in English Literature from The College of Idaho
  • Certificate in Business Administration from the Foster School of Business at UW

Work experience


Aug, 2017 — Present

My job is to help authors put the final spit and polish on their book, prior to self-publishing or submitting to a traditional publisher or agent. I provide everything from developmental editing services to proofreading.

The Newsletter Pro

Mar, 2014 — Nov, 2016 (over 2 years)

I was The Newsletter Pro's lead editor, managing a team of five copy editors and proofreaders and completing edits for over 200 B2C and B2B clients. Our goal was to help every client (from dentists to funeral directors) create a high-quality monthly newsletter, postcard, and/or flier to facilitate optimum retention and referrals. In this position, I created the company's marketing style guide (still in use today) and developed systems for minimizing errors.

Chronicle Books

May, 2013 — Nov, 2013 (6 months)

My job was to assist all of Chronicle's children's editors. My duties included writing flap copy for their award-winning picture books, doing market research for acquisitions, reading unsolicited manuscripts, writing the text for three finger-puppet board books, and creating mock-ups for games.

Charlesbridge Publishing

Jun, 2012 — Sep, 2012 (3 months)

I assisted all the editors in this internship for Charlesbridge Publishing. My main prerogatives were to sort through and read unsolicited manuscripts, write declines, and assist with researching historical facts and information for books in the revision process.


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