Corryn Webb

Corryn Webb - Designer

Colwyn Bay, UK

With her vivid imagination and eye for detail, Corryn has been lauded for her award winning pieces bursting to the rim with creativity.

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I am a Welsh freelance illustrator and designer based in the rugged mountains beside the North Wales coast in the UK, living with my husband, children and rescue dogs.

I have a vivid imagination and eye for detail, which I channel into creating beautiful (and occasionally award-winning) pieces bursting to the rim with creativity. I am fascinated by the beauty, magic, and mythology of the natural landscape of Wales, which regularly inspires my art.

I am neurodivergent and presently undergoing a diagnosis for ADHD and Autism. I am also a member of the LGBTQ community. Representing both communities through my work and platforms is very important to me. When I'm not working, you can find me tending my indoor jungle, reading or wandering Wales.

I am incredibly passionate about creating unique and eye-catching illustrations for children's books. Creating new characters, embarking on adventures with old friends, exploring magical kingdoms and sparking the imagination of small and big humans are my raison d'etre. As an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, I have to date illustrated over 20 children's books.

Children’s Non-Fiction
Middle Grade Fantasy
Picture Books

Work experience

Head honcho

March, 2017 – Present (about 6 years)

Started off as just little old me working as a freelance children's book illustrator. I was working with mainly self-publishing authors and due to my skill set and experience able to offer a full package of book design and formatting alongside full illustrations for books. As my client list grew and grew my husband would work alongside me, an experienced designer of 10 years himself we make a formidable and skilled team. We now work full-time together and offer a one-stop shop for children's book creation!


September, 2022 – January, 2023 (4 months)

I worked on every step of this book from character design, storyboarding and all the illustrations including the cover.

Parkers Markers

September, 2022 – January, 2023 (4 months)

I created all the storyboard and illustrations, including the cover, for this imaginative picture book. For the character design, I based the main character on the author's niece and the dog on the author's dog.

Into Justins World

March, 2022 – September, 2022 (6 months)

All the characters were based on the author's family, including the pets. I designed all the characters, storyboarded the book and created all the illustrations including the cover. This picture book was a lot of fun to work on and is based on a true story and location. I based all the animals met in the story on the animals at that location, the Boise River. I also created a companion colouring book to accompany this, all the colouring pages from the original artwork and the cover. I included some of the author's son's drawings in the illustrations, and as our profile pictures for the bios, I also took them and created a repeat pattern for the end pages.

The windcatcher

January, 2022 – April, 2022 (3 months)

I designed the characters, storyboarded and created all the illustrations including the cover for this picture book. I really loved planning out all the little details of this book like the costumes, companion animals and even the colours of the different scents of winds. Such a charming book. The silver foiling on the cover really finishes it all off perfectly!

Ally the Great Confidence is My Superpower

January, 2022 – April, 2022 (3 months)

I worked on this chapter book, the cover and all the internal illustrations. This story is a really empowering young reader chapter book and I was honoured to be part of it.

The Misadventures of MaryJane Lost in the Magical Forest

November, 2021 – March, 2022 (4 months)

I worked on the character design for this chapter book, all the internal illustrations including pagination illustrations and the chapter header and cover design. This fun and magical early reader chapter book is based on a trust story when the author's dog went missing. All the character designs (except the fairies ;) ) are based on real people.

Even If

August, 2021 – December, 2021 (4 months)

This picture book was an honour to work on. I designed these characters based on the author's family. I storyboarded the book and created all the illustrations including the cover. This book was in memory of the author's husband who suddenly passed away and holds a beautiful message.

Scarlet Lends a Helping Hoof

July, 2021 – December, 2021 (5 months)

I was lucky enough to work on this wonderful book with the young author and her Mum. I designed the characters, created the illustrations, storyboarded and the cover. I enjoyed working on the extra activity sheets that they created to go along with the book and all the silly little easter eggs hidden like the unicorn eating "Hay Hoops". The fun is always in the details!

Purrrfect Colouring

June, 2021 – November, 2021 (5 months)

I created the cover, the internal illustrations and the text boxes. This was one of my own projects and each character has a small little back story written up in the colouring book to give the colourer a tour of the magical cat kingdom.

The Mindset School series

April, 2021 – Present (almost 2 years)

We started on book one of this delightful picture book series in 2021 with Jake the Ape Makes A Lot of Mistakes, book 2 was launched in 2022, Freddy the Fox Will Not Share His Thoughts and we are just starting book 3 in the series this April. I design all the characters, illustrations and covers for these wonderful books. Each book also has a companion activity book where I created illustrations based on the main picture books in the series.

Mysterious Cat

March, 2021 – September, 2021 (6 months)

This was a charming poem to work on and made a wonderful picture book. I storyboarded the poem, designed the characters and completed the whole book and cover. The typeface was hand-drawn.

The Blomes and the Smooms and the Impossible Bridge

February, 2021 – June, 2021 (4 months)

Designing these characters were one of my absolute favourites, such a charming book. I worked on all the characters, storyboarding, internal illustrations and cover of this picture book.

Waverly the Witch series

August, 2020 – November, 2021 (over 1 year)

Waverly the Witch picture book series is a set of 4 picture books. I had the honour to work on all the character designs, storyboarding, internal illustrations and cover designs for these books.

Inara the Woodland Wisp

July, 2020 – January, 2021 (6 months)

I designed the characters based on the author's granddaughters for this picture book. I storyboarded and created all the extras, internal illustrations and cover for this beautiful book.

A Time For Us

July, 2020 – November, 2020 (4 months)

This was a different picture book and a joy to work on. I designed all the illustrations, character design and cover.

Below the Green series

August, 2019 – December, 2021 (over 2 years)

I worked on the middle-grade chapter book series, of 5 books. This included designing the logo, the book covers and all the internal illustrations including the chapter headings and pagination illustrations.

Senior Designer & Illustrator

Gecko Clothing
June, 2012 – October, 2016 (over 4 years)

As well as taking the lead on all web graphics, branding, exhibition graphics, signage, and stationery, my main role was designing and illustrating the artwork prints for the clothing.

Portfolio (23 selected works)

A Time For Us

Reilly, Liz, Webb, Corryn

The Windcatcher

Palmer, Caitlyn, Webb, Corryn, Garrard, Vicky

Ally The Great: Confidence is my Superpower

Jones, Janelle, Jones, Janelle, Webb, Corryn

Even If ...

Grenville, Alyce, Webb, Corryn

Waverly the Witch: A Valentine's Day Mishap

Lindsey, Angela, Webb, Corryn

Into Justin's World

Davis, Heather Lyn, Webb, Corryn

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