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Making email fun for over a decade.

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Writing a book is hard (I know–I've been working on my first book for almost a year).

But all that work means nothing if you can't get people to read it. What you need are fans. People who love your work, and will share it at every opportunity. What you need is a way to attract more fans, and build a community around your work.

Email marketing doesn't have to be a chore. It can feel effortless.

Good marketing sells a product. Great marketing tells a story, one that you want to be a part of. Apple doesn't just sell electronics. It's an identity. Nike doesn't sell shoes. They make a statement. The best brands create a culture that invites you to participate and share.

Email marketing helps you connect.

I may be new to publishing, but I've been a marketer for over a decade, and I know how to create organic and sustainable growth. Email is still personal, and because of that, it feels like a conversation. Create a relationship with your readers, and they will come back for more, and bring their friends with them.

I can help you decide on an email provider and build the systems you'll need to keep the conversation going with your fans. Contact me today for an estimate!

Email marketing platforms I know (but I'm open to others):
• Aweber
• Constant Contact
• ConvertKit
• Drip
• Hubspot
• Infusionsoft
• MailChimp
• MailerLite
• SendinBlue
• Zoho

What email marketing can do:
• Help you make the most of your website traffic.
• Create a marketing channel independent of social media.
• Grow a personal relationship with your readers.
• Create long-term growth and sales.

What email marketing can't do:
• Market your book for you. In fact, you have to market your email list, just like your book.
• Save you money on advertising. You still have to pay to advertise your book.
• Save you time. You have to commit to list building activities.

English (US)
Biographies & Memoirs
Business & Management
Health & wellbeing
New Age
Parenting & Families
Religion & Spirituality
Self-help & Self-improvement
Sex & Relationships

Work experience

Freelance writer/marketer/editor/doer-of-many-things

January, 2008 – Present (almost 11 years)

Writer and baker and candlestick maker (still working on that last bit).

• Generally organized, mostly efficient expert-generalist.
• Computer and software skills you can shake a stick at.
• Group moderation/membership programs (up to 300,000 people).
• Herder of cats.
• Email marketing campaigns that grew to more than 50,000 people.
• Advanced SEO skills.
• Deep understanding of the role analytics and split testing play in implementing a successful marketing plan.
• High-level developmental editing and proofreading skills.
• Designed successful five-figure launches for both products and services.
• Created content for a variety of topical websites (including HuffPo, Lifehacker, Gawker, and others).


Email sales funnel for SaaS product

Created sales funnel and accompanying opt-ins and informational product for net sales of $26,000 and list growth of 43,000 people over 6 months.

Product creation for parenting coach

Created webinars and classes to teach parents how to communicate with their children. Net profit for the first launch at $16,000. Added 8,000 new subscribers over 3 months.

Marketing strategy for unreleased spirituality book

Design and implementation of a strategy, to include lead magnet, paid advertisements, and product discounts. Book due to be released 03/19.

Longform content creation for a SaaS publication

Longform content creation and guest posting for a SaaS publication that grew list size by 29,000 people in 6 months.

Content marketing and product creation for a health and wellness teacher

Longform content creation for blog and guest posting. Increased list size by 11,000 in 3 months.

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