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Robert Boyd – Editor

Robert Boyd has been a freelance writer since 1988 and an editor since 1989.


I was a full-time editor for 15 years and have been a freelance writer since 1988. I studied art and art history at Rice University. (I also have an MBA.) I have worked as an editor at several comic publishers, including Fantagraphics, Dark Horse Comics, and Kitchen Sink Press. For those publishers, I worked with cartoonists, writers of articles (long form and short form), interviewers, and critics. I have also written extensively about contemporary art, both as a critic and as a journalist.

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Business & Management
English (US)

Work experience

Houston Symphony

Nov, 2018 — Jun, 2020 (over 1 year)

I created the annual budget for the Symphony, as well as creating scenarios for future programs, monthly margin reports, and revising the budget forecast as needed. I used Financial Edge and Financial Edge NXT software for budgeting and reporting. I also created budgets for grant proposals for particular symphony programs. These proposals would go to foundations and government agencies.

Southwestern Energy

Mar, 2012 — Jun, 2016 (over 4 years)

I reported to the director of SWN Well Services LLC, a subsidiary of Southwestern Energy. My job was to determine the cost of running the business in terms of materials costs, staff costs, capital costs, and all other expenses and expenditures. I made forecasts of these costs every year to write the budget, and then monitored them on a monthly basis to compare performance to budget. I also compared cost-benefit analyses of hiring outside firms to do the work that SWN Well Services was doing. I did extensive scenario testing--for instance, what would happen in case of large changes in commodity prices or the number of drilling rigs in operation. In addition, I designed a database tool to track spending and revenue on a day-to-day basis for our division. This division had an annual budget of between $75 and $90 million each year I worked for it.

Southwestern Energy

May, 2008 — Mar, 2012 (almost 4 years)

I was primarily involved in doing "buy or build" analysis for services used in the production of natural gas. These included sand mining, casing running tools and pressure pumping. I also did procurement and contract negotiations for chemicals, directional drilling and water purification. I developed numerous models and cost-benefit analyses to evaluate the advantages of purchasing an existing pressure pumping company, joining a pressure pumping joint venture, and building a pressure pumping operation from scratch. In the end, Southwestern Energy decided to invest $95 million in pressure pumping equipment and hire 120 employees based on my analysis. Despite the drastic drop in natural gas prices in 2012, the creation of SWN Well Services LLC was a profitable investment for Southwestern Energy.

ADV Films

Dec, 2003 — Jun, 2004 (6 months)

Marketing Manager in charge of marketing for ADV Manga, the book publishing arm of ADV Films. We published 90 books per year. I found and developed markets for book line in book trade and in libraries, increasing sales 200% in 2004 over 2003. I created in-store merchandising for Waldenbooks and Barnes & Noble, increasing in-store sales. I managed all media buys and advertising, expanding visibility of the line in various media. I developed media relationships, leading to extensive coverage of the imprint.

CrossGen Entertainment

Nov, 2002 — Nov, 2003 (about 1 year)

I was responsible for all sales of trade books and educational materials, including B2B marketing. Developed educational market and educational product line, including sales to schools, school districts and educational wholesalers. I increased sales of all book products in book stores, comic stores, and libraries. I arranged in-store merchandising with major retailers, causing substantial sales spikes. I spearheaded new formats and price points, based on competition research and focus groups, to improve market penetration and sales. Sales and marketing for more than 60 books a year. I wrote catalog copy, sell sheets, ads in trade magazines, and power-points for sales reps.

LPC Group

Oct, 1999 — Jul, 2002 (over 2 years)

I supervised graphic novel product line. I greatly expanded the number of clients, and was in charge of relations with two largest clients. I managed Firebrand Press, a publishing house acquired by LPC, and did editorial work for Olmstead Press, an LPC-owned line. I worked with trade publications and major retailers to establish graphic novel category of books. I created combined marketing materials for distributors, wholesalers and retailers, resulting in increased visibility for the graphic novel book category.


Jun, 1997 — Jun, 2001 (about 4 years)

I owned and ran a book publishing and distribution business. I imported books from seven countries for the U.S. market, introducing several key artists and writers to the U.S. readership. I published trade books and comic books, achieving sales penetration in book and comic stores. I was responsible for importation, marketing, sales, acquisition of new titles, all editorial duties, and all production duties. I hired writers, artists, designers, printers, service bureaus, and shippers, ranging from individual contractors to multinational corporations.

Kitchen Sink Press

Feb, 1996 — Oct, 1998 (over 2 years)

I managed the schedules of two other editors and the production department, as well as editing numerous books. I was the editor on a variety of top-selling products, including trading cards, comic books, art books, magazines, graphic novels, and anthologies. I created budgets and P&Ls, developed story concepts, hired artists and writers, edited scripts and artwork, worked with designers and the production department, and wrote sales copy.

Concorde-New Horizons

Mar, 1994 — Nov, 1995 (over 1 year)

I developed and edited an entire of comics imprint called Roger Corman's Cosmic Comics—a total of five critically-acclaimed monthly titles. I selected, hired and supervised the writers, artists, letterers, colorists, and designers. I generated story ideas, edited scripts and artwork, put together text features and letters columns, and created book-maps. I worked with distributors, printers, service bureaus and other suppliers of publishing services. I created schedules, created budgets, wrote ad and sales copy, and all other publishing activities.

Dark Horse Comics

Mar, 1993 — Jul, 1994 (over 1 year)

I was responsible for an average of four comic books per month. My duties included coordinating the creators, copy-editing scripts, editing artwork, writing solicitation copy, and overseeing the creative aspects of each project. I took over drastically late titles and put them back on a timely schedule.

Fantagraphics Books

Jan, 1989 — Feb, 1993 (about 4 years)

I edited a variety of book and comic book projects. I edited several issues of The Comics Journal and created its first media kit, leading to increased ad revenue. I co-curated Misfit Lit, a large show of comic art, which was exhibited in five galleries in two countries, and was reviewed in major art magazines.

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