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England, United Kingdom

More than 24 years' experience on fiction and non-fiction titles as an editor, developer, writer and proofer – eBooks, online and in print.

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Kind words from clients and colleagues, past and present:

Andrew Costello
A Knight on the Ropes
Having lead an interesting life and being a passionate reader I decided to write my autobiography. I did my homework and approached Ben because his work is excellent, his reviews are great and his rates are very reasonable. I don’t think I could have made a better choice. He liaised with me constantly and put his heart and soul into the job – while staying true to my voice and story he took it to a level I can only aspire to.

I cannot recommend Ben Way highly enough.

Roy Bright
Author, Judas: The Relic (via
I used Ben on my second novel, Judas: The Relic, for his copy editor service and I couldn’t have been happier with the results.

Ben was extremely professional in every aspect of the process, from providing a sample of his services to his transparency with the pricing.

Ben’s attention to detail is second to none, and he made me rethink some areas of my work that I just would not have if it had not been for him.

His edits were exceptional and as a result, my work has benefited from it to the highest degree. I would not hesitate in recommending Ben to anyone and I will certainly be utilising his service again in the future.

Preston Eagan
Author, New Boy (via
It’s easy to say that Ben Way is a great editor. He notices everything. I live an ocean away and somehow he managed to know more about the setting of my novel, which is based on a place I live close to, than I did. I am so much more confident in my work because Ben edited it. His greatest attribute as an editor is his speed. I don’t know how he makes so many edits in such little time. It’s impressive.

Charles Puccia
Author, Baseball Man (via
I hired Ben for a content and copy edit. He completed both fast, too fast for me to keep up. I appreciated his attention to detail, and he queried every little fact—so annoying when he was right. Don’t you hate that!

Trust me. Ben is what I needed: patient, responsive, reliable, and a detail addict. He straightened my skewed storyline like a grammatical Jedi. Misspelled words, foreign and English? No problemo. His comments filled my Word document. I responded and he answered, and so forth and so on.

I could not be more pleased and hope to hire Ben again if he doesn’t enter an Editor’s Protection Program from dangling-participle novelists. A great guy and above board. Or is it above deck?

Mark Haddon
Producer, Discovery Education
Ben has been a superb editor for us, working on both large and smaller digital projects. His work has been completed to an excellent standard and his thoroughness on tasks has been a real benefit to us. He is diligent and adaptable, editing a variety of assets from digital guides to transcripts, and has used a range of different delivery methods. I would not hesitate to recommend Ben’s services to other organisations.

Paweł Łyczkowski
Author, Ashima: The Land of Mists (via
Ben was the most responsive editor from the ones I contacted on Reedsy, which is important for me. He answered my questions extensively. To my text he added just the right amount of comments - enough to keep me busy, and not so much that I would be discouraged. He doesn't shy away from work - he did an additional full pass over the text of his own accord, which proved to be very fruitful. Recommended.

Lee Jackson
Author, Cold War Rising series (via
I am very happy to recommend Ben Way as an editor par excellence. His background speaks for itself: having been Managing Editor for Guinness World Records and having edited several NYT Best Sellers. He edited three excerpts of my most recent book and did such an outstanding job that I engaged him, and in retrospect I am very glad I did. By the time he saw it, the book had already been through two other very good editors and 15 excellent beta readers. Nevertheless, he found elements of inconsistency and story structure not previously identified and brought them to my attention in a supportive way that was easy to accept. He kept me informed of progress as he made two passes through the book, and was stickler for meeting his own self-imposed schedule – the latter factor having been very much appreciated as opposed to having waited on other editors for weeks with no information about why a delay. I am thoroughly happy with Ben, appreciated very much the professional relationship we developed, and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Craig Glenday
Editor-in-Chief, Guinness World Records
Ben is a fast, accurate editor, passionate about good copy; he has a keen eye for design and is very flexible, turning his hand to design and copywriting across the business when required. He also has a solid background in digital publishing that proved invaluable in the creation of GWR’s debut iPad app. On a personal level, he’s also fun to have around. The amount of time in my career that I’ve sat next to Ben – I’ve spent more time with him than I have my own family – is testament to how much I trust him and his abilities as an editor, and I look forward to the day when we can work together again.

David Ellis
Author, The Knowing (via
Placing months of work in the hands of a total stranger is daunting for even the most experienced author. But one big advantage of Ben Way’s copy editing service is that he offers to do a sample edit, which is a huge help when you’re trying to choose between one editor and another. He also includes two passes of the edit in the final package, which is great for picking up things that got missed the first time through. Ben is probably not as ruthless as some editors at applying his red pen to the passive voice and other minor infelicities, but he’s hot on accuracy and will research extensively until he’s satisfied that what you’ve written isn’t errant nonsense. He even checked my Welsh and I can’t imagine many editors bothering to do that!

Jack Serong
Editor, Great Ocean Quarterly (Australia)
Ben’s become indispensable to Great Ocean Quarterly as our readership grows. We sell our journal principally on the high standard of its writing, and accordingly it’s crucial that every word of it is accurate. Issue after issue, Ben has stepped in with fast and precise copy editing, editorial suggestions and just plain common sense observations; never too technical and never missing a beat. He works flat out until the process is complete, and has saved us repeatedly from deadline pressure with his dedication. He’s now a vital element in our editorial process.

Robin Harvie
Digital Publisher, Aurum Publishing Group
Ben took on the proofreading for Aurum’s eBooks just as we were launching the digital business. I was delighted with the work he did for us – he understood exactly what was needed, was efficient, bang on time with every deadline we asked of him and, most importantly, the quality of the work was top notch.

Amanda Willett
Editor, BBC Learning
I employed Ben as a freelance copy-editor on a large digital project for the BBC, and I worked with him for more than two years. Ben was responsible for proofing and re-writing copy for an extensive website. He was exceptionally professional in his approach to getting the job done, working to very tight deadlines. He is accurate and attentive to the smallest of details and produced work to a very high standard. I would not hesitate to recommend Ben for any editorial job.

Geoff Le Pard
Author, Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle
Ben came my way via a blog I follow and it was serendipity. I needed an editor and Ben is marvellous. He said, ‘Send me your first chapter and I’ll show you what I can do.’ I went through it with a fine tooth comb, all 8 pages and he found 24 suggestions and errors. His standards are exceptionally high. For instance, my novel is set in the 1970s and every cultural reference he checked and rechecked; turns of phrase that might not have been used in the 1970s he checked. However, better by far for a novice to the world of Indie publishing like me, his service included a reformatting element so that when I came to publish on Kindle it was as painless as it could be. Of course, there are glitches – we had an issue with a table of contents, but he sorted it out with me, spending a lot of time to get to the bottom of it. That’s what I like: it’s not just ‘here it is, thanks’ with Ben. He sets out to do the job as perfectly as you want it. Book two? Ben, it’s yours.

… On a technical note, I would add that it [Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle] was almost entirely clear of any typos (and certainly clearer than a lot from major publishing houses) with no obvious formatting issues. Very important as the reader isn’t distracted from the story.

Reader review, Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle,

Rob Molloy
Director of Global TV Content and Sales, Guinness World Records
I worked with Ben for six years. He is an extremely professional editor and writer and has a great overall knowledge of the business of publishing and design. He was always the first person I would go to on his team as he is able to explain everything in very comprehendible terms and then manage and deliver what was asked in a timely and professional manner. Plus he’s got a great sense of humour! I would recommend Ben to anyone considering employing him.

Dylan Hearn
Author, Second Chance
I would heartily recommend Ben to any author looking for a line or copy-editor. I was lucky enough to have Ben as copy-editor on my novel, Second Chance. Despite this being my first novel, Ben remained encouraging while still asking the probing questions every good editor should. He was patient, clearly involved in the story and only growled a little whenever I ignored his advice (which was rare). Just make sure you do your research before mentioning metalwork. He’s a real stickler for these things…

Michael Spilling
Project Editor, Amber Books
Ben has copy-edited and proofread numerous projects for Amber Books over the last few years and I have always found him to be conscientious and accurate in everything he has done for us. His work is neat and carefully prepared and, importantly, he sticks to deadlines. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ben.

Jane Laing
Editorial Director, Quintessence Publishing
Thanks to Ben Way for his magnificently thorough fact checking.

Katie Ford
Director of Digital Content & Marketing, Guinness World Records
I worked with Ben on the development of GWR’s app programme for iPad. Ben was renowned at the company for his attention to detail and the great pride he showed in his work, and I got to experience this first hand on this project. The fusion of technical and creative is of key importance to the success of any digital publishing programme, and Ben’s enthusiasm and drive to make this partnership and project work was second to none. I have no doubt that he will be a valuable asset to any company he joins in the future.

Sarah Uttridge
Project Editor, Amber Books
Ben has worked on a variety of proofreading and editing projects for me and he has always provided a high standard of work. He is conscientious and thoughtful and often has to deal with moving deadlines. I find him reliable and enthusiastic and would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Mr Davies
PE teacher (1986)
Ben has mastered the art of truancy. He's probably in the library.

English (UK)
English (US)
Antiques & Collectibles
Biographies & Memoirs
Computers & Internet
Cooking & Food Wine & Spirits
Education & Reference
Health & wellbeing
Medicine & Nursing & Dentistry
Sports & outdoor recreation
Crime & Mystery
Humor & Comedy
Science Fiction
Young Adult & Teen

Work experience

Managing editor

Guinness World Records
May, 2008 – December, 2010 (over 2 years)

I was responsible for managing Guinness World Records’ team of internal and external editorial freelancers, as well as coordinating the delivery of material from consultants, contributors and designers. I was also tasked with the editorial planning, management and delivery of digital projects, ensuring that the company’s print, TV and online content were turned into compelling apps. Other tasks included:

• Editing or creating content for the main book, GWR Gamers’ Edition (an annual dedicated to video game
world records), marketing brochures and PR material, licensed products (record-breaking kits,
educational books, card games, etc) and any other editorial projects in development

• Contributing around 1000 new or updated records for publication each year

• Working with agencies to make unique apps under my direction, plus editions for Kindle

• Representing the company at adjudications and live events in the UK and around the world

• Supervising the print run in Barcelona each year when on press

Deputy editor

Guinness World Records
June, 2005 – May, 2008 (almost 3 years)

As GWR’s full-time deputy editor, I supported the editor-in-chief in planning, commissioning and editing the annual best-selling book. Working with freelance design agencies, photographers and consultants, I devised innovative and stimulating ways of presenting world record data, making the book fresh and appealing each and every year. Challenges included:

• Responsibility for my pages from concept to printed edition, creating content for GWR’s digital
channels and PR department in the process
• Managing the production of up to 20 foreign-language co-editions and assisting with the in-house
and external editorial requirements of licensees and their products
• Research and development of new technology for GWR covers (such as foils, holograms, lenticular lenses and LEDs), as well as the creative use of QR codes, trading cards, 3D photography and glow-in-the-dark features on select pages
• Deputising for the editor-in-chief at a senior management level when necessary

Freelance editor, sub-editor and copywriter

January, 2002 – June, 2005 (over 3 years)

I freelanced for a number of companies as a sub-editor, editor and writer. My employers included The Daily Telegraph (2003–2005), where I produced two daily broadsheet pages for the TV desk as well as the ‘week ahead’ TV guide. Guinness World Records used me as a proofreader on their 2005 edition, and I worked in-house throughout the 2006 editorial process as a senior sub. Casual employers included the National Maritime Museum (proofreader), Eden Co. (feature writer), MetaWorld/TDK (editorial consultant), Aerospace Publishing (project editor) and IPC Media (sub-editor).

Chief sub-editor/marketing copywriter
September, 2001 – January, 2002 (4 months)

Working with a team of subs on the UK’s biggest women’s-interest web portal, my day-to-day duties involved editing channel homepages, subbing and rewriting features and chasing/approving copy from channel editors. As copywriter for the marketing department, I created ad campaigns for iVillage’s clients (Tesco, Gillette) and designed promotional homepages for special events (such as ‘Race for Life’ fund raisers), as well as timely offers and features.

Senior editor

Digital Channel Partners
June, 2000 – August, 2001 (about 1 year)

I worked with the company’s entertainment and finance clients to help them devise and articulate their web content. This involved editing existing material into a web-friendly format as well as writing original copy and developing multiple style guides. I worked with designers to ensure that copy fitted templates and supported information architects by developing consistent language for navigation and page layout. Achievements included the creation of editorial teams in London and Dublin.

Senior editor

Midsummer Books
May, 1998 – April, 2000 (almost 2 years)

• Sole responsibility for the editorial planning, production and continuity of Midsummer’s highly
successful medical/health title, Inside the Human Body

• Creative and managerial guidance to a team of 20 full-time staff and over 160 specialist authors,
delivering two weekly titles on time and within budget

• Extensive in-theatre experience, photographing surgery and documenting procedures for regular
publication. I worked with surgeons post-operatively to ensure my features were detailed, 100 percent
accurate and properly illustrated with my photographs plus commissioned artwork

• Packaging my titles for numerous foreign markets and assisting with the creation of online editions

Assistant editor/editor, The X Factor Magazine

Marshall Cavendish
October, 1996 – February, 1998 (over 1 year)

• Responsible (as editor) for the design and content of this fortnightly magazine. I was required to write
and sub copy, review products, conduct interviews for publication and attend conferences around the world. Strong journalism skills were essential for fulfilling briefs and gathering credible information from a variety of sources against extremely tight deadlines

• Working with authors, journalists, scientists and photographers to find the latest stories, as well as conducting the magazine’s own ‘paranormal investigations’ and exposés as regular features

• The X Factor was the most internationally successful magazine in its genre and had over one million readers worldwide (December 1997) – the highest rate of subscriptions in the publisher’s history

Multimedia editor, Chronicle of the 20th Century

Dorling Kindersley
March, 1995 – June, 1996 (over 1 year)

• Subbing/writing copy and editing sound and video for a CD-ROM

• Solving problems of hardware management and documenting software bugs

• Meticulous asset inventory, updated twice daily

• Maintaining a consistent, editorially balanced product for a ‘mid-Atlantic’ market

Other freelance and contract work

January, 1994 – January, 2002 (about 8 years)

• Dazed and Confused magazine – contributor/sub-editor

• Comfort Zone – kiosk/video journalist

• Fourth Estate – manuscript proofreader

• – content editor

• Prion Multimedia – sub-editor

• Bliss magazine – sub-editor

• AA Guide to the British Countryside – senior sub-editor


January, 1991 – January, 1995 (about 4 years)

• Macintosh and PC editorial/design DTP (Adobe CS5, Quark, MS Office); HTML/XML coding experience

• CIT certificate, Adobe Premier video editing/post-production, 1995

• BA (honours), grade 2:1, philosophy and sociology, Manchester University, 1991–1994

Ben has 19 reviews

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Justin Kleinle

If only Reedsy would let me give six stars! This has been my second time working with Ben, and even though I thought he couldn't do any better last time he's managed to surpass my expectations once again. Ben is like an encyclopedia: he knew things about swords, architecture, and language that blew my mind. The guy's like a never ending bag of snapple facts! For example, he knew the types of st...

Read more

, May 2018

Thomas Kel

Easy to work with, on time, courteous and professional.

Read more

, May 2018

Sid James

Ben was really helpful and professional and exceeded my expectations, through my first effort at writing a book. The subject was specialist non-fiction and Ben went out of his way to research the subject and challenge some of the content.

Read more

, April 2018

Mike Mendes

Ben is an incredible master of his craft. His attention to detail and his communication with the author is absolutely first class. He gives honest opinions; makes very crisp edits; and has a profound understanding of ensuring that manuscripts have a personality. I fully intend on working with Ben with many of my future projects. I highly recommend going with his services. You will surely not b...

Read more

, March 2018

Benson Hsu

Really helpful and dedicated to the editing process. Provided further review even though he was done with the two agreed revision. Fixed a lot of errors and improved sentence structure. Would definitely recommend him for copyediting!

Read more

, March 2018

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