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Anne Abel Smith – Editor

A keen editor specialising in business and health - I want my authors' books to be the best possible and my authors the least stressed!


So - how can I help? Well, I specialise in non-fiction... assessing a manuscript, discussing the structure; library/archive research, interviewing for information, fact-checking; rewriting or just a tidy-up; editing, proofreading and (finally!) guidance on publication. Five years with a literary agent and publishers, plus many later years as an editor, have given me an interesting and broad skill set!

My experience is a useful mix of research and publishing. I went to university as a (supposedly!) mature student and came out with an arts degree in classics and a science one in psychology. The latter was clearly the more vocational and slowly led me into social policy research for government departments, working as a freelance. Each project taught me research skills such as interviewing and fact-finding, and I built up a useful list of publications, which also gave me experience of being an author myself - and of being edited!

After about 20 years and beginning to feel stale, I returned to London and to publishing. I re-trained as an editor, working on the kinds of reports and books that I had been used to writing - my career had come full circle! I began to work for government organisations like the Care Quality Commission and the National Audit Office, which produce a regular flow of publications, as well as for academic publishers of books in the genres that appealed to me most (see below).

Mostly recently I've become involved in government inquiries as either an editor or a writer - first the Francis report, then the inquiry into child sexual abuse (IICSA) and lastly Windrush.

I enjoy working with authors – especially those who are very skilled in their field but less confident in their writing, and also those who are non-native English speakers. Making a book the best it can be is a team-of-two effort. As editor, I must become attuned to an author’s intentions – not only their overall aim but also the meanings they are trying to convey throughout the text (as a way to achieving that aim). This involves questioning, considering and agreeing – all done in co-operation and with sensitivity. The result should be a publication that not only attracts readers and achieves sales but is also one of which both author and editor are proud!
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Work experience


Jul, 2000 — Present

Research and editorial experience


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The aftermath of the Great War brought the most troubled peacetime the world had ever seen. Survivors of the war were not only the soldiers who fought, the wounded in mind and body. They were also the stateless, the children who suffered war's consequences, an... read more
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Peter C.

Peter C.

Jan, 2024

I asked Anne for a copy and structural edit. I am a first-time author and so I did not know exactly what to expect. Her plan was to copy edit my book and then, with a suitable understanding of the whole thing, she would be in a good position to offer a structural review. The copy edit was a fun experience. I am not a detail-oriented person and so outsourcing perfectionism is fantastic. Apart fr...
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Anne A.
Dear Peter, I am hugely grateful for this very considered review - many thanks indeed. The book deserves to do well and I very much appreciate having had a role in bringing it to fruition. All the ...
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Ron C.

Ron C.

Mar, 2023

Anne was a pleasure to work with. She walked me through the process in a way that was helpful and made me feel like my lack of experience wasn't a problem. I'm very thankful for her services and she'd be my first choice should the need arise.
Dawn P.

Dawn P.

Jul, 2022

Anne has been such a pleasure to work with. Putting my first book in her capable hands has made the process much easier than I expected.
Dmytro N.

Dmytro N.

Apr, 2022

This was my first book. However, as a project manager, I know the value of input from an expert. Everyone on the team has their expertise that they contribute to project success. Anne Able provided the book with a final professional touch. After so many rounds of editing, I didn't expect so many things we overlooked. She caught lots of grammar issues and uniformed the formatting of the whole ma...
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Jan, 2022

Even though this was a short assessment, I felt that my needs weren't addressed even after clarifying. I certainly will be more keener in the future in defining terms and also getting the right fit for my needs.
Anne A.
The client correctly asked for a developmental edit, not a copy-edit, and that is what I delivered. However, in our negotiation, she had repeatedly suggested points for review that I explained wou...
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