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Andrew Jackson – Ghostwriter

With 80+ published books, it's time to turn your author dream into reality with ghostwriting and guidance from this bestselling author.


They say write what you know. When a writing career begins within the walls of maximum security surrounded by serial killers, robbers, and murderers, then you know there's plenty of inspiration to work with. Working inside a highly volatile prison gave me an insight into a world few people see and it has proven incredibly beneficial as shown through more than 80 books.

While ghostwriting is one of those careers often performed in secrecy, I can share that to date, many of my clients have not only become multi-contract clients ordering several series of books but also chart-topping authors on multiple platforms. One client in particular earns a six-figure income a month with a series displaying almost 50k+ reviews at a 4.5-star average.

I love thrillers. From gripping tension to mind-bending twists, these are the bread-and-butter I provide clients with. If blowing your reader's minds apart with fingernail-chewing plot lines and nonstop page-turning suspense then I'm the ghostwriter for you. I've spent time amongst the kinds of characters found in thrillers and I understand what gets a reader's blood pumping.

My schedule is normally booked a couple of months in advance due to current projects, but once confirmed, I provide you with the exact dates I'll be working on your project. What you receive upon completion are various file formats ready for uploading directly to your chosen publishing platform including a PDF for your paperback, as well as an epub ready for Kindle.

I look forward to working with you on your next project :)

Mystery & Crime Thriller & Suspense
English (AUS) English (UK) English (US)

Work experience

Simon King

Jul, 2018 — Present

Started my pen name back in 2018 and have since then published forty books with several hitting bestseller status. With thousands of reviews from hungry fans, I've managed to follow a well-rehearsed plan to deliver engaging stories for fans time and again. Ranging from hard-hitting thrillers to gripping biographies, my work has seen me sell tens of thousands of books all across the world.


Jun, 2018 — Present

Ghostwriting services for several long-term clients and one-off clients creating books in several genres including Legal Thrillers, Psychological Thrillers, Crime Thrillers, Suspense, Mystery, Biographies, Memoirs, True Crime, Paranormal Romance, Temporary Romance, Horror, and Fantasy.

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Tandy B.

Tandy B.

Jun, 2024

Andrew is very professional, reliable, and overall excellent. The timeline was perfect, and he went above and beyond to help out with everything.
biff H.

biff H.

Mar, 2024

Brilliant and thankful. We sailed to the East and insights, very thank you for!
Andrew J.
Excellent client. I loved the work and hope to find this book on the shelves in the very near future :)

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