Andrea Winn

Andrea Winn – Editor

I'm a creative, deadline-driven editor, proofreader, and QA specialist with 22 years' experience in publishing. My favorite vowel is Y.


I worked in medical publishing for 18 years as an editor, proofreader, and QA specialist. I am currently a QA specialist (copy, graphics, UI), editor, and writer for the eLearning component of a SaaS company. I can pull apart any words and rearrange them more efficiently.

My most recently completed projects are:

*Pregnancy and Postpartum Considerations for the Veterinary Team

(editor, project through Reedsy; published November 2023)

* Stanford dissertation on maintaining food sustenance in the Alaska Arctic in a changing climatic environment (proofreader)

* MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology, 4th edition (copyeditor)

* ReNu Advanced Tech Talk (copyeditor, one-off longform ad for boutique eyecare publisher)

* Williams Hematology, 10th edition (copyeditor)

* Lung Cancer: Standards of Care, 1st edition (developmental editor)


I started my career in 2001, editing journals in-house for a large medical publisher. Eventually, we sent our material to freelance editors and proofreaders as we took on more journals, but I still edited the short pieces myself.

As a Book Producer, I edited some of the shorter titles or workbooks myself. My other duties included:

1. Ensuring all material was complete: manuscript, figures, tables, etc

2. Sending out material for editing, proofreading, typesetting, indexing, and printing

4. Regularly communicating with authors/contributors on content, formatting, corrections, approvals

As a multimedia producer, I worked on companion websites for print books (material, scheduling, scoping, author contact, developer relationships).


1. Helped develop a collection of eLabs for students to conduct "hands-on" experiments virtually

2. Collaborated on the creation of hundreds of hi-definition 3-D animations of medical procedures, anatomy and physiology, and pathologies

3. Worked as the primary voiceover narrator for most of the animations

4. Did extensive QA on the publisher's eLearning platform

5. Collaborated with Subject Matter Experts to develop curricula for online medical and nursing courses


As your editor, proofreader, QA specialist, project manager, or whatever you have in mind, I will use all of this experience to keep your project moving, meet your deadlines, and make your product sing the song of your people, as it were.

Contemporary Fiction
Education & Reference Health & Wellbeing Life Sciences Medicine, Nursing, & Dentistry
English (US)

Work experience


Mar, 2020 — Present

Specializing in copyediting and proofreading, print and digital project management, developmental editing, and QA services.

Elsevier, Inc.

Feb, 2014 — Jun, 2019 (over 5 years)

User Acceptance Testing (UAT), web apps
• Collaborative production of hundreds of medical/health professions learning modules using the Canvas learning management system (LMS)
• Storyboard review using comps in MS Word and betas in Canvas LMS
• Problem-solving issues within UAT by exercising a rigorous QA process for both content and functionality; providing documentation of outcomes for stakeholders
• Present solutions to improve product design and functionality based on what is realistic within the budget
• Review testing, UAT, and QA builds before release

Production of 3D hi-def health skills animations
• Create schedules, run calls, manage stakeholder reviews
• Brand wrapping and watermarking the video file
• Voiceover script narration
• Update JavaScript files for script and timing changes
• Extract still images for web and print
• Align video/audio

Manage design and creation of interactive online eLab modules
• Produce a hands-on approach for students to put their skills to use in a virtual lab with videos, exercises, case studies
• Storyboard review (MS Word), wireframe (PPT deck), and visual design (vendor platform), proofing, UX improvements; review fully functional alpha and beta releases

Management of eLearning courses
• Scoping, scheduling, budget, design, technology
• Develop activities, videos, and bespoke features (508 scripts, test banks, animations/videos, images, games)
• Review asset functionality in all browsers, mobile, and tablet

Independent Contractor

Mar, 2005 — Mar, 2017 (about 12 years)

• Copyedit technical and/or medical journals using multiple editing styles (AMA, APA, journal-specific)
• Correct grammar, spelling, overall clarity, insert author queries
• Renumber references when needed, in manuscript and reference list
• Adhere to correct journal reference style
• Correct British to American spelling
• Code manuscript for seamless typesetting of material
• Quick turnaround to meet deadlines
• Close contact with editorial offices to ensure smooth workflow

• American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology
• Blood
• Cell
• Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning
• Journal of Pediatrics
• Journal of Urology
• Molecular Biology
• Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology

Elsevier, Inc.

Mar, 2005 — Feb, 2014 (almost 9 years)

• Managed production of health sciences books
• Scheduled copyediting, art sizing, proofreading, indexing, page proof review by authors
• Reviewed text corrections and layout
• Final check before sending to printer

Elsevier, Inc.

Jun, 2001 — Mar, 2005 (over 3 years)

• Managed production of medical journal manuscripts
• Supervised copyediting, proofreading, typesetting schedules, author review
• Final check before sending to printer

Boulevard (literary magazine)

Aug, 1998 — Aug, 1999 (about 1 year)

• Filtered notable manuscript from unsolicited work sent to be reviewed (est. more than 5000 mss/6 months)—these were all hard copies of stories mailed to the magazine
• Directed reader evaluation of submitted manuscripts by recruiting students from local university graduate writing programs—phone calls, physically dropping manuscript in student mailboxes
• Managed all administration, including keeping the subscription database accurate
• Revised and submitted grant applications to ensure future funding
• Coordinated magazine production, including communicating between typesetters, printers, distributors, etc.
• Acted as the contact between the magazine's editor and new contributing authors
• Collaborated with the editor during assembly, proofreading, and revision of each issue

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Emily S.

Emily S.

Feb, 2023

As a first time author, I had very little idea of how long it would really take me to finish writing a book, so my initial timeline was completely off. Andrea was patient with me as we adjusted our contract timeline at least 8 times throughout our collaboration. She caught my errors, suggested better word choices, helped me brainstorm ways to add more content, and reassured me throughout the ...
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Andrea W.
Thank you so very much, Emily! I'm so grateful for your kind words. Our collaboration could not have been easier or more positive, and that has a lot to do with your own acceptance of and patience ...
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