Ameesha Green

Ameesha Green – Editor

Nonfiction book coach and editor with 13 years’ experience in books that make the world better, such as self-help, philosophy, and business.


I believe that great books can change the world, even long after their author has gone. That's why my mission in life is to help people create life-changing and world-changing books.


I've been a bookworm since my childhood days of naming my teddies after philosophers, which led me to an English Literature and Philosophy degree at the University of Birmingham.

Since then, I've worked in the publishing industry for 13 years, as an in-house editorial executive for an independent publisher, as a freelance editor digital nomad, and as a strategy consultant for the UK's biggest ghostwriting company. Five years ago, I founded The Book Shelf to help aspiring authors bring their nonfiction books to life, taking them from idea to bookshelf.

To date, I've worked on over 650 books with authors around the world, from first-timers to New York Times bestsellers, non-native speakers to TED talkers, and I'm also a judge for the Business Book Awards' wellbeing category.

When it comes to nonfiction, I know what readers want and how to deliver it. As such, I'm proud to have helped authors become multi-category bestsellers, earn thousands for charity, win awards, gain their dream job, and start their own business, and land traditional publishing deals.


Aside from my book knowledge and industry experience, I’m a conscientious individual who believes that we should all strive to make the world a better place for others, be it through our day-to-day actions, how we treat people, or writing a book.

I also travelled the world for a year, exploring different cultures and working from far and wide, and I believe that life is a journey of learning and improvement. My philosophical background translates to deep, critical thinking, so if you choose me as your editor, you’ll get a constructive and honest partner for your book project.


· Coaching: I can help you get started and guide you through the self-publishing process so you’re not on your own, helping you get from idea to bookshelf.

· Critique (editorial assessment): I can give you honest, challenging feedback on your book and comprehensive guidance on how to improve it, giving you the tools to improve your book yourself.

· Content editing (developmental / structural): I can do a “big picture” hands-on edit to improve the book for you, including the structure, content, and message.

· Book proposal: Alternatively, if you’re looking to land a literary agent or publisher, I can help you write a strong nonfiction book proposal and query letter to present your book in the best way.

Together, we'll ensure that your book is the best it can possibly be—compelling, professional, and valuable. So, whether you're a first-time author, a non-native speaker, or anything else, get in touch and let's bring your book to life!


Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Health & Wellbeing Inspirational Philosophy Psychology Self-Help & Self-Improvement Technology
English (UK) English (US)
  • Made in the UK, Sold to the World "Highly Commended"

Work experience


Jan, 2010 — Present

• Nonfiction book coach and editor offering coaching, critique (editorial assessment), content (developmental) editing, copy editing, and proofreading services through myself and my team.
• Main genres are personal development, philosophy, business, and leadership.
• Worked with authors in 22 countries. Recently was awarded "highly commended" in the Department for International Trade's "Made in the UK, Sold to the World" awards.
• Finalists in awards for people development, responsible business, and equality and diversity. Donate 10% of our profits to book charities, and protect 10 acres of land for each project with the Rainforest Alliance.

Packt Publishing

Aug, 2013 — Aug, 2015 (about 2 years)

• Proofread over 400 books and copyedited over 50, many by non-native English writers.
• Copyedited over 20 books for business publisher Impackt Publishing.
• Trained technical editors to improve editorial quality.
• Was responsible for house style guide and all editorial guidelines.
• Assessed and proofread around 1000 blurbs and title information sheets.


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Luísa C.

Luísa C.

Sep, 2023

It was amazing to work with Ameesha!! She helped me improve a lot my book, explained to me about some mistakes I’ve made by not being a native English speaker, gave me great new ideas to add to my book, and she is also such a nice person! I believe we had a good connection, and if I ever write another book I will definitely want her to work with me again! Thank you so much Ameesha!
Sebastian L.

Sebastian L.

Jun, 2023

I have no words. Ameesha was amazing in all fronts. What a patient, attentive, meticulous, and caring author. Indeed, she was very perceptive. I cannot emphasize how, especially as a new author, she made every step of the process so much smoother, and ultimately made my book the best it could be. When it comes to a general critique, think Ameesha.
Sophie B.

Sophie B.

Jun, 2023

Great experience collaborating with Ameesha. She is super professional, responsive and am very satisfied with the quality of her work.
Thomas Willem R.

Thomas Willem R.

May, 2023

I very much enjoyed working with Ameesha. As a first-time author, I badly needed some advice regarding my book proposal and query letter. Ameesha gave me just what I needed in order to further develop them. Ameesha is kind, communicative, punctual and highly perceptive, and I definitely plan to continue working with her on my book. I suggest you do the same!
Giuseppe F.

Giuseppe F.

Feb, 2023

It's a real pleasure working with Ameesha. She's very professional; her comments are always spot-on. Highly recommended.

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