Amanda Rodgers

Amanda Rodgers – Editor

Indexer and proofreader with several years of experience, with special interest in theology, music, and cookbooks.


Why do you need to hire an indexer? Because there is no software that can compile an index the way a human can. For example, say you’re reading a book about the Beatles and you want to know about the making of the film Help!. A simple search-and-find is not going to assist you here; first, you’d have to wade through all the descriptions of people helping each other, then you’d have to weed out the discussions of the song and album of the same name before you found the information you were looking for.

This is where indexers come in. I will read your book page by page to find key concepts, then use professional indexing software to help me organize those concepts so that readers can find them.

My rates depend on the complexity of the text. In order to give you a quote for the project, I will need a brief description of the book, 2-3 sample chapters, the number of typeset pages, and the deadline. We will also discuss your formatting and style preferences. Once the index is complete, I’ll send it to you for review.

I’m also passionate about proofreading! I know from experience that you can read over the text you’ve written a thousand times and still not catch all of the errors. A second pair of eyes is essential if you want your writing to be free of typos and other small mistakes. I’d love to be that person for you.

Proofreading involves looking for things like misplaced capitals, spelling mistakes, or punctuation errors, as well as typesetting errors such as extra spaces between words. When editing, I'll also polish up language usage and flow. I charge per word for these jobs, depending on the text and the amount of work it needs, so please get in touch with me for an estimate.
Biographies & Memoirs Christian Non-Fiction History Music Religion & Spirituality
English (CAN) English (US)
  • Indexing: Theory and Application (University of California-Berkeley)

Work experience


Jan, 2007 — Present


In Listening To The Who, I review all 260+ songs The Who recorded in the studio between 1964 and 2014, album by album, single by single, EP tracks, alternate B-sides, rarities, unreleased songs, and even the entire accursed soundtrack to the Tommy movie.In doi... read more
In this book, I analyze all the music David Bowie released between his debut in 1964 and his death in 2016: every song on every album, every A-side and B-side, and every soundtrack contribution. Without using letter grades, stars, or either of my thumbs, I att... read more

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Stephen A.

Stephen A.

Jun, 2021

Amanda was excellent in every respect - prompt, exceedingly careful and thorough, and responsive to all questions to the very end. Highly recommended and much appreciated.
Amanda R.
Thank you, Stephen! You were a pleasure to work with and I'd gladly collaborate with you again in the future.

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