Alyssa Matesic

Alyssa Matesic – Editor

Passionate book editor who's worked with bestselling authors at Penguin Random House on thrillers, historical fiction, and book club reads.


If you're an aspiring author, I have good news: It IS possible to publish that book you love so much — and feel proud of it. I know how intimidating and downright discouraging the publishing process can feel at times, which is why I offer a unique combination of editorial expertise and industry insight to help you take your story from rough draft to a sparkling diamond in the rough.


I’m a passionate developmental editor dedicated to helping writers feel more confident in their stories and get one step closer to their dream of seeing them published. Between my time at publishing houses, a top-tier literary agency, and editing independently, I’ve worked with 300+ book writers at all stages of their careers — from first-time novelists to New York Times bestselling authors.

With nearly a decade of industry experience, I’ve evaluated and edited hundreds of novels, and I’ve seen what top-notch book publishing looks like at its highest level.

I've held roles at the following:

→ Penguin Random House (Ballantine Books)

→ Macmillan (Henry Holt & Company)

→ The Book Group literary agency

Authors I've worked with are represented by WME, ICM, and Triada, among other literary agencies.


I am a developmental/structural editor — think of me as the first line of defense once you've finished your draft. My feedback will focus on big-picture elements like plotting, pacing, character development, structure, and organization. The goal? Help you tell the best possible version of your story and realize your vision.

My services include:

→ Editorial Assessments
→ Manuscript Makeovers (a comprehensive package including an editorial assessment, a developmental edit, and coaching)
→ Query Reviews (including query letter reviews, synopsis reviews, and sample pages reviews)


It’s critical to ensure the editor you choose has a skillset and background that align with your needs and goals. I truly believe in partnering with writers whose genres and needs sit within my specialties, so I can get you the best possible results.

I offer developmental and structural editing for the following genres:

✓ Thrillers, mystery, and suspense

✓ Contemporary women’s fiction

✓ Historical fiction

✓ Literary fiction

✓ Memoir

✓ Anything that can be devoured in one sitting!

There’s nothing I enjoy more than supporting aspiring authors throughout their book writing journey. When I’m not editing books, you’ll find me sipping an espresso martini, reading about the Titanic, or cuddling my goldendoodle, Luka.

I can't wait to discuss your project!

Contemporary Fiction Historical Fiction Historical Mysteries Literary Fiction Psychological Thriller Romantic Suspense Women's Fiction Young Adult
English (US)
  • Certificate in Book Publishing, New York University
  • BA in English and American Literature, New York University
  • Minor in Creative Nonfiction, New York University

Work experience


Aug, 2018 — Present

Evaluate submissions and provide extensive editorial feedback on client manuscripts for a group of top-tier New York City literary agents, including projects by New York Times bestselling authors. Complete full-novel developmental editing, editorial assessments, and query letter reviews for aspiring authors.

Penguin Random House

May, 2017 — Jul, 2018 (about 1 year)

Independently edited novels from acquisition to publication through multiple rounds of revision. Assisted in editing books by New York Times bestselling authors, composing extensive editorial letters and providing constructive line edits. Evaluated dozens of monthly fiction submissions.

Genres: thriller/suspense, historical fiction, and women's fiction.

The Book Group

Sep, 2015 — Apr, 2017 (over 1 year)

Composed detailed editorial letters for leading literary agents regarding clients’ manuscripts before submission to editors. Independently managed agency's submissions inbox, reviewing hundreds of queries and determining whether to consider them or pass.

Genres: thriller/suspense, historical fiction, women's fiction, and literary fiction.

Macmillan (Henry Holt and Company)

Jun, 2015 — Aug, 2015 (2 months)

Evaluated submissions from agents and wrote editorial letters to strengthen novels prior to publication.

Genres: literary fiction and narrative nonfiction.

Gibson Square Books

Feb, 2015 — May, 2015 (3 months)

Line edited and proofread manuscripts for independent London publishing house, working with writers through rounds of revision.

Genres: humor, thriller, nonfiction, and self-help.

Alyssa has 178 reviews





Lisa O.

Lisa O.

May, 2023

Alyssa delivered everything she promised - and MORE! I got (1) things that were working, (2) things that needed to work, and (3) things that needed clarifying. I would expect this from any reputable editor, but where Alyssa went way beyond expectations was in giving me very concrete, detailed, and thoughtful notes with specific suggestions for how to strengthen my manuscript. If YOU have the o...
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Deepika V.

Deepika V.

May, 2023

This is my second time working with Alyssa and she has done an outstanding job doing developmental and editorial edits for my debut mystery book. Now, for my third book, I couldn't have been more excited for her to do a developmental edit. Alyssa has provided detailed feedback on how to strengthen the plot, and how to develop certain characters more-- essentially making my manuscript stronger. ...
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Karie W.

Karie W.

Apr, 2023

So much more than I expected, so much more! I expected professionalism. I got compassion, encouragement, and detailed, insightful feedback. I've published two books, including with a top 2 book publisher in the world, and I've worked professionally as a writer. Alyssa is the best I've ever worked with. And I don't leave reviews like this ... ever.
Nancy R.

Nancy R.

Mar, 2023

Alyssa's editorial assessment provided the feedback I needed to hear. I knew that my manuscript wasn't quite working but I was not sure how to fix it. She gave me the key to unlock the door. Her suggestions were logical, smart and easily manageable. Alyssa's positive feedback and encouragement gave me the drive to continue to pursue publication of my manuscript. I appreciate her approachability...
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Scott T.

Scott T.

Mar, 2023

Alyssa has been very helpful in my effort to craft a query letter to agents. She is knowledgeable about the publishing industry. Her edits are on target. She is always respectful, prompt, courteous, and sensitive in her provision of feedback. A bonus of working with Alyssa is access to all the wonderful YouTube videos she posts. I highly recommend her!