Rachel Bass

Rachel Bass – Editor

I have 5+ years of experience in editorial at a big 5 publisher, with a specialty in adult SF/F and speculative fiction.


With over five years of experience at Tor Books, and a keen eye for what makes a story work, I'm excited to help you get your book to the best place it can be! I have worked with such authors as Brandon Sanderson, Arkady Martine, T. Kingfisher, Annalee Newitz, A.K. Larkwood, Ryka Aoki, and Jenn Lyons (among others!)

My specialties are adult fantasy and science fiction, with a particular love for character-driven stories, and unique narrative voices. I'm especially drawn to less-explored fantasy settings (i.e. somewhere other than medieval Europe), and am interested in queer characters and narratives in particular. I love witches and magic, folklore/fairy tale fantasy, space opera, time travel, as well as grounded speculative fiction. I have an affection for literary SF/F and LGBTQ+ retellings of classic stories—if you've got Shakespeare influences in your work, I'm all over it! I'm also very open to romance and romantic elements.


"From our very first introduction, Rachel approached my work with such deep respect and thoughtfulness that it felt as if we were old friends. She was able to pick up on so many minute yet pivotal logic gaps in my worldbuilding and character development that, unnoticed, would have detracted from the overall story. She is equal parts editing whiz, book champion, and author advocate. I so dearly loved working with her on The Endless Skies and wouldn't hesitate to work with her again in the future. Thank you, Rachel!"—Shannon Price, author of A Thousand Fires and The Endless Skies

“Rachel’s edits are precise, thoughtful, and interactive in the best way. Both her in-line comments and edit letters are focused, meaningful, and cut through to the heart of the story, character, and theme of the work. Your writing will be better simply by giving her a chance to read it.”—Sarah Henning, author of The Kingdoms of Sand and Sky series

"Rachel is a pleasure to work with - perceptive, thoughtful, and supportive. With a keen eye for detail, as well as a broader awareness of the work’s overall structure, Rachel communicated her ideas honestly and respectfully, always taking the time to explain the reasoning behind her suggestions. Working through her in-line comments was a joy - not only did she deftly identify issues, she also gave me the encouragement I needed to confidently fix them. AFTER THE FOREST is a stronger book because of Rachel. I look forward to working with her again!"—Kell Woods, author of the upcoming After the Forest

Fantasy LGBTQ Fiction Magical Realism Paranormal Romance Romantic Comedy Space Opera Time Travel
English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Jun, 2022 — Present

Tor Books

Jul, 2021 — Jun, 2022 (11 months)

- Received and read science-fiction and fantasy submissions with the goal of curating a unique and interesting editorial list
- Worked directly with authors on editing their work and guiding them through the production and publication process as their editor
- Worked closely with several senior editors and was deeply involved in their submissions, editing processes, marketing conversations, cover decisions, copy writing, and more.

Tor Books

Sep, 2020 — Jul, 2021 (10 months)

Tor Books

Nov, 2016 — Sep, 2020 (almost 4 years)

I started off as the assistant to the associate publisher (now publisher of Tor Publishing Group), and was involved in the acquisition and editing process for numerous books including Arkady Martine's Hugo Award-winning A MEMORY CALLED EMPIRE, and Jenn Lyons' Chorus of Dragons series, as well as assisting on Brandon Sanderson's OATHBRINGER and RHYTHM OF WAR.

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Alex R.

Alex R.

Oct, 2023

Rachel is truly wonderful to work with. Her feedback is thoughtful, thorough, and invaluable. I was stuck in a rut with my work but couldn't see why. She quickly identified the issues there and gave insightful commentary on areas that may need to be rearranged. Because of that, I can now see some of those issues in later parts of this project. She worked on Act 1 of my novel, and I'm 100% keepi...
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Charlotte W.

Charlotte W.

May, 2023

Rachel did copyedits on my dystopian novella. Her work was spot-on across the board. She also helped me to strengthen my transitions between my main story line and some flashbacks. Her feedback dramatically improved the clarity and flow of my story. I highly recommend working with Rachel.
Eric W.

Eric W.

May, 2023

Absolutely loved working with Rachel. She was my first choice, and she did not disappoint. She was very professional and understanding, and I really appreciated all of her notes. Very helpful!
Claudia F.

Claudia F.

Apr, 2023

Rachel works posing questions to the story. I found this very useful to spot where my manuscript needs expansion and clarification and also how I can work on that. Her margin comments helped me to realize how readers would react to my story. I definitely recommend her service.
Esmari L.

Esmari L.

Feb, 2023

I was a little worried going into this because it's my first time working with a pro editor. Rachel gave me great notes that confirmed a few things I suspected and enlightened me on a few others. She was very clear about everything being a suggestion only, and she made sure to note a few things she especially enjoyed. Overall, it's been a great, supportive experience.

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