Gill Donovan

Gill Donovan – Editor

Developmental editor and copy editor specializing in romance and fantasy novels and fast-turnaround work. Experience with Hallmark.


In my editing experience, writers aren't always aware of their strengths. That's why when I edit a manuscript, I don't only note every opportunity for improvement, but also call attention to authors' unique talents—so they can make the most of them! I do thorough edits with clear and supportive explanations that give authors fresh enthusiasm about their projects and empower them to take their stories to the next level.

In developmental edits, I look for opportunities to strengthen characterization, improve pacing, "show" rather than "tell" key elements, ensure believable motivation and story logic, and bring out conflict and emotion for a satisfying story. If a story has a plot hole, I won't just point it out; I'll suggest at least one possible fix!

In copy edits, I point out ways to make dialogue more natural-sounding, flag poor word choices, suggest fixes for awkward or unclear sentences, propose more effective paragraph and section breaks, highlight overused words, correct issues of punctuation, grammar, and syntax, and do much more to make it a smoother read. Like most fiction editors in publishing, I default to the Chicago Manual of Style.

I have an MFA in creative writing and I've taught creative writing workshops at the university level. My experience in journalism has given me a strong attention to detail. I love working with writers and helping them turn the characters, adventures, relationships, and magic in their imaginations into finished books.
Fantasy Romance
English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 2020 — Present

Life comes at us fast, so I specialize in fast-turnaround editing and proofreading through my website. I specialize in romance and fantasy novels and love reading them most, but I've worked on a broad range of projects on the site: book manuscripts of all genres, including biography and other nonfiction; presentation decks; business reports; white papers; academic essays; dissertations; resumes; websites; and articles.

Hallmark Cards

Oct, 2004 — Dec, 2019 (about 15 years)

At Hallmark Cards, I served as Technical Editor at HBC, the company's business-to-business subsidiary, writing, proofreading, and copy editing business, creative, and persuasive writing copy.

National Catholic Reporter

Oct, 1996 — May, 2003 (over 6 years)

At NCR, I wrote and edited news stories and proofread each issue of the newsweekly.

St. John LaLande Catholic School

Aug, 1995 — Aug, 1996 (about 1 year)

I taught English to 6th and 7th graders, as well as electives in Creative Writing and Journalism.

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